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DNR Watercraft Inspections - Vilas County


Statistics below are for the landing as a whole, not just the project.
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LandingStation IDBoats Inspected 2020Boats Inspected 2021Boats Inspected 2022Details
Allequash Lake -- Access10018458000 Details
Ballard Lake -- Landing10020337000 Details
Big Arbor Vitae Lake -- Boat Landing At Big Arbor Vitae Dr10007671000 Details
Big Arbor Vitae Lake -- Boat Launch10018777000 Details
Big Lake -- Hwy K Access10018839000 Details
Big Muskellunge Lake -- Boat Ramp Off Cth N10018779000 Details
Big Saint Germain Lake -- Boat Ramp10018761000 Details
Big Sand Lake -- Boat Launch10018812000 Details
Boot Lake -- Access at West side of lake off Beaver Tr.10018654000 Details
Brandy Lake -- Access10018822000 Details
Carrol Lake -- Carroll Lake Access10019097000 Details
Clear Lake -- Access at W Side Of Lake Off Clear Lake Rd10018649000 Details
Clear Lake -- Access Nr Camp Road10018621000 Details
Hunter Lake - Access off Hunter Landing Road10019934000 Details
Irving Lake -- Boat Ramp10019911000 Details
Island Lake -- Access Off Boat Landing Rd10018710000 Details
Kentuck Lake -- Access Nr Tuttle Rd10018823000 Details
Kentuck Lake -- Ramp Off Kentuck Landing Rd10018804000 Details
Little Arbor Vitae Lake -- Boat Launch10018657000 Details
Little John Lake -- Ramp10018746000 Details
Little Saint Germain Lake -- Boat Ramp10018834000 Details
Long Lake -- Access Off Boat Landing Rd10018665000 Details
Madeline Lake -- Access10018920000 Details
Mann Lake -- Ramp10018825000 Details
Muskellunge Lake - Access off Muskie Landing Road10018666000 Details
North Twin Lake -- Access at Near State Hwy 1710018728000 Details
Palmer Lake - Access off of Palmer Lake Road10018840000 Details
Papoose Lake -- Access at S End Of Lake10018643000 Details
Pickerel Lake -- Ramp10018079000 Details
Pioneer Lake -- Access10019862000 Details
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