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Statistics below are for the landing as a whole, not just the project.
LandingStation IDBoats Inspected 2020Boats Inspected 2021Boats Inspected 2022Details
Bois Brule River -- Canoe Landing10019724000 Details
Bois Brule River -- Copper Range Campground10020185000 Details
Bois Brule River -- Highway 13 Canoe Landing10019066000 Details
Bois Brule River -- Mouth Access10019105000 Details
Gile Flowage -- Access10019467000 Details
Gile Flowage -- Boat Access10020042000 Details
Gile Flowage -- County Trunk Hwy C- Boat Landing263174000 Details
Saint Louis River -- Arrowhead Fishing Pier Access10019117000 Details