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BOULDER JUNCTION: Town of Boulder Junction 2020 CBCW


Statistics below are for the landing as a whole, not just the project.
LandingStation IDBoats Inspected 2020Boats Inspected 2021Boats Inspected 2022Details
Allequash Lake -- Access1001845815700 Details
Boulder Lake -- Boat Ramp1001871110800 Details
High Lake -- Boat landing on Hwy B1001881417400 Details
Lake Laura - Access off Deerfoot Road10019936100 Details
Little John Lake -- Ramp100187469500 Details
Mann Lake -- Ramp100188255500 Details
Trout Lake - HWY M and North Campground Access1001880910400 Details
Trout Lake -- South Access1001880819800 Details
Upper Gresham Lake -- Access1001864725800 Details
White Sand Lake -- Access at Near Cth K100186167500 Details