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Allequash Lake -- Access


Boats Inspected (Boats Inspected:2007=43,2008=34,2009=10,2010=24,2011=6,2013=5,2014=31,2015=17,2016=16,2017=56,2018=395,2019=22,2020=157|)

People Contacted (People Contacted:2007=94,2008=60,2009=24,2010=54,2011=13,2014=64,2015=34,2016=37,2017=114,2018=749,2019=32,2020=293|)

Hours Spent (Hours Spent:2007=15,2008=9,2009=3.50,2010=11.00,2011=4.70,2013=3,2014=20,2015=15,2016=9.50,2017=33.33,2018=289.50,2019=21,2020=101.50|)

Hours Spent - Paid vs. Volunteer (Paid Hours:2008=9,2009=3.50,2010=3.50,2011=4.70,2013=3,2014=20,2015=15,2016=9.50,2017=33.33,2018=288,2019=21,2020=101.50|Volunteer Hours:2008=0,2009=0,2010=7.50,2011=0,2013=0,2014=0,2015=0,2016=0,2017=0,2018=1.50,2019=0,2020=0|)

Note: for the first few years, the Clean Boats form only asked for total hours. Later, most boat inspectors used the newer form which asked for Paid vs. Volunteer.

Allequash Lake has the following aquatic invasive species:
Banded Mystery Snail, Chinese Mystery Snail, Narrow-leaf cattail (Typha angustifolia), Purple Loosestrife