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Clean Boats, Clean Waters - Muskellunge Lake


Boats Inspected (Boats Inspected:2007=302,2008=203,2009=128,2010=121,2011=170,2012=34|)

People Contacted (People Contacted:2007=651,2008=348,2009=274,2010=250,2011=388,2012=81|)

Hours Spent (Hours Spent:2007=343,2008=234.25,2009=228.55,2010=200,2011=125.45,2012=35.45|)

Hours Spent - Paid vs. Volunteer (Paid Hours:2008=0,2009=0,2010=0,2011=0,2012=0|Volunteer Hours:2008=234.25,2009=228.55,2010=200,2011=125.45,2012=35.45|)

Note: for the first few years, the Clean Boats form only asked for total hours. Later, most boat inspectors used the newer form which asked for Paid vs. Volunteer.