Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Watercraft Inspection Results - Rainbow Flowage -- Access Nr Rainbow Lake Rd

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IDInspector Name(s)Start DateEnd DatePaid HoursVolunteer HoursHours SpentLandingStation IDCountyEnteringLeavingContacted YesContacted NoWilling YesWilling NoUsed Past 5 Days - YesUsed Past 5 Days - NoPeople ContactedConfident Strongly AgreeConfident AgreeConfident DisagreeConfident Strongly DisagreeData EnteredComments2012-2013: Contacted 0 Times2012-2013: Contacted 1-2 Times2012-2013: Contacted 3-4 Times2012-2013: Contacted 5 Times2012-2013: Waterbodies 1-22012-2013: Waterbodies 3-42012-2013: Waterbodies 52010-2013: Inspect and Remove Plants - Yes2012-2013: Remove Plants Animals - Yes2012-2013: Remove Plants Animals - N/A2012-2013: Drain Water from Boat - Yes2012-2013: Drain Water from Livewell - Yes2012-2013: Drain Water from Livewell - N/A2012-2013: Dispose of Bait - Yes2012-2013: Dispose of Bait - N/A2012-2013: Took no steps2012-2013: Didn't Ask About Prevention Steps2012-2013: Aware of Laws - Yes2012-2013: Aware of Laws - No2012-2013: Aware of Laws - Unsure
295393050MADELINE MATHES7/12/2021 2:30 PM7/12/2021 5:00 PM2.5002.50Rainbow Flowage -- Access Nr Rainbow Lake Rd10019148Oneida020220110000012/01/2021 00000000000000000000
276991400Madeline Mathes6/16/2021 12:00 PM6/16/2021 4:00 PM404Rainbow Flowage -- Access Nr Rainbow Lake Rd10019148Oneida052350149000006/24/2021 00000000000000000000