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Drain Campaign 2018

The Drain Campaign returns Friday, June 1 to Sunday, June 3, 2018! WDNR staff and partners will be sharing the message with anglers at boat landings around the state to drain livewells and ice their catch. Did you know that the simple acts of draining your livewell and icing your catch help prevent the spread of invasive species and protect Wisconsin’s great fishing? The campaign encourages the use of ice as a safe and legal alternative to keep fish fresh during transport. In fact, many anglers already prefer this method, since draining water stops bacterial growth and makes fish taste better. To help anglers, we will be offering free ice packs during the campaign weekend at select boat landings. Transporting water away from a lake or stream can contribute to the spread of invasive species because some disease, animals and plants can get caught in motors, livewells and buckets. They could be there even if you can’t see them – larvae are often microscopic. Draining water trapped in your watercraft and equipment ensures not only that you are an active part of the solution to invasive species, but also that you are following Wisconsin law, which prohibits their transport of between water bodies. So make sure to drain your catch whenever you fish to help protect Wisconsin’s waters and fisheries for generations to come.

Joe Bucher Kyle Cherek

Pro angler Joe Bucher [exit DNR] and Wisconsin Foodie chef and host Kyle Cherek [exit DNR] are teaming up with the state to help raise awareness among anglers that draining livewells and buckets containing their catch can stop the spread of invasive species to more lakes and rivers.

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