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Chinese Mystery Snail - Staples Lake

Voucher Specimen At
UWSP Freckmann Herbarium,UWSP Freckmann Herbarium
Verified and Vouchered
Date First Found
Location First Found
it was found at 12 of 12 transects for plant sampling at 1,500ft intervals. dominant vegetation is Elodea canadensis and CLP
Original Extent
Widespread, covering most shallow areas of lake

About Chinese Mystery Snails

Chinese mystery snails and banded mystery snails are non-native snails that have been found in numerous Wisconsin lakes. There is not a lot yet known about these species, however, it appears that they have a negative effect on native snail populations. The mystery snail's large size and hard operculum (a trap door cover which protects the soft flesh inside), and their thick hard shell make them less edible by predators such as rusty crayfish.