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The Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District will hire a contractor to analyze plant survey data collected in the summer of 2011, update the aquatic plant management plan and add two elements to the lake management plan. The final report will contain the following elements: 1) Results of the points sampled, including sediment type found and maximum rooting depth; 2) Results of a general lake survey to map general plant beds, map localized plant beds, map species distribution and a list of plant species found; 3) a table denoting number of sites found for each plant species, overall % frequency, % relative frequency, average density, and relative density; 4) maps showing the lake wide point intercept density for each exotic aquatic plant and the top 5 native aquatic plants; 5) results of the study of possible water level manipulation for the benefit of fish spawning; 6) identification of additional offloading sites with a discussion of feasibility; 7) identification of wetlands and critical sites for future acquisition; 8) results of the water chemistry comparison between the east and west basins of Lake Pewaukee; 9) a discussion of alternatives for aquatic plant management; 10) results of a flow quantification study for stream inlets into Pewaukee Lake; and 11) a summary of 3 public meetings to discuss the update of both the aquatic plant management plan and the lake management plan.

Two paper copies and one electronic copy of the final plan will be provided to the department. Exact details for all deliverables are described in the project description of grant application.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Large Scale Lake Planning
Project ID LPL-1526-13
Year Started 2013


  • Map Invasive Species
  • Watershed Mapping or Assessment
  • Informational Meetings
  • Lake Management Plan Development
  • Lakes Planning Grant
  • Aquatic Plant Management Plan

People/Organizations Involved

  • Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District