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BIG CHETAC CHAIN LAKE ASSOCIATION: Curly Leaf Pond Weed Reduction Project - 3 Year Project

Big Chetac Chain Lakes Association is sponsoring a 3-yr project to implement approved activities from the Big Chetac Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan.

Project deliverables include GIS data and maps of areas monitored, aquatic plant and turion monitoring results, examples of AIS education and outreach, AIS monitoring data in SWIMS, management/treatment summaries.

Specific project activities include: 1) Curly-leaf pondweed chemical & manual control; 2) Pre-post treatment aquatic plant monitoring; 3) Turion monitoring; 4) Planting native aquatic plants; 5) AIS education & monitoring.

Project Type AIS_GRANT - Aquatic Invasives Control
Project ID ACEI-133-13
Year Started 2013


  • Monitor Pre and Post Treatment
  • APM Mechanical Permit Request
  • Project Deliverable
  • Project Deliverable
  • APM Chemical Permit Request
  • Monitor Invasive Species
  • Information and Education
  • Map Invasive Species

Final Report and Products

People/Organizations Involved

  • Big Chetac And Birch Lakes Association
  • Alex Smith