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LAKE RIPLEY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT: Feasibility of Restoring Native, Non-game Fish Pop Study

The Lake Ripley Management District will study the feasibility of restoring several native, nongame fish species in the lake. Because these species have declined to the point of becoming locally extinct, but there are signs of habitat improvement in the lake, there is a reasonable estimate that reintroducing these species could be successful. Conservation aquaculture, or rearing fish for purposes of restoring them in natural habitat, will be investigated, and cover topics such as genetics, disease control and regulatory requirements. The study will also determine the scale of fish rearing that would be required for such an effort. Information about this project will be shared among local partners, via District newsletters, press releases, and at the Wisconsin Lakes Convention.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Small Scale Lake Planning
Project ID SPL-298-13
Year Started 2012


  • Informational Meetings
  • Diagnostic/Feasibility Assessment
  • Develop/Distribute Newsletter
  • Issue News/Media Release

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  • Lake Ripley Management District