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LAKE PEWAUKEE SANITARY DISTRICT: ACQ-Land Acquisition for Gluth Property

The Pewaukee Lake Sanitary District (PLSD) will use this grant to pay for the recent purchase of the Gluth property, located in the City of Pewaukee. The parcel is 32 acres, including 26 acres of wetland and 6 acres of upland woods and prairie. The parcel is primarily located in the shoreland zone of Pewaukee Lake. A tributary to Pewaukee Lake runs through a portion of the parcel. The PLSD will manage the invasive species (primarily buckthorn) through yearly cutting and herbicide treatment. The prairie will be expanded by mowing and seeding. The prairie will also be maintained by periodic controlled burns. The parcel will be used as an educational classroom by the local school district. Posts will be installed on the perimeter of the property to prevent filling of wetlands by adjacent landowners. A trail will be maintained on the property for controlled access. The existing house will be removed by 2015 and the existing garage will be used to store equipment used on the parcel. The PLSD hopes to install habitat improvements on the Pewaukee Lake Tributary to improve northern pike spawning. All maintenance and improvement activities will be the responsibility of the PLSD in accordance with the submitted Land Management Plan, dated July 23rd, 2012.

Exact details for all deliverables are described in the project description of grant application.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Lake Protection Grant
Project ID LPT-443-13
Year Started 2012


  • APM Chemical Permit Request
  • APM Mechanical Permit Request
  • Shoreland Ordinance
  • Land Acquisition
  • Lakes Protection Grant
  • Aquatic Invasive Species Removal
  • Land Acquisition
  • Habitat Restoration - Shoreland
  • Habitat Restoration - Upland
  • Information and Education

People/Organizations Involved

  • Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District