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WAUSHARA COUNTY: LCO-Waushara County Lakes Study and Plan (Group A Lakes)

Phase Two of this Lake Planning study will involve up to seventeen Waushara County lakes (Group A) : Alpine Lake, Beans Lake, Bughs Lake, Curtis Lake, Deer Lake, Fish Lake, Little Hills Lake, Irogami Lake, Lake Huron, Long Lake, Marl Lake, Pine Lake, Pleasant Lake, Silver Lake, West Branch Mill P.(White River), White River Fl (Lower Pond), Witters Lake. The goals are to characterize the existing aquatic plant communities, characterize existing water quality, develop tools for relating lake water quality to land use, predict sensitivity of water and habitat quality to future changes in land use, identify critical landscape features, provide a practical summary of these results for use by citizens and county staff, and characterize and map levels of shoreline development and determine any relationships between development and wildlife communities.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Lake Protection Grant
Project ID LPT-427-12
Year Started 2011


  • Aquatic Plant Monitoring or Survey
  • Informational Meetings
  • Data analysis, report production
  • Information and Education
  • Lakes Planning Grant
  • Lakes Protection Grant
  • Project Deliverable