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LAKE RIPLEY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT: RES-Hoard-Curtis Scout Camp Lkshore Rest.

Lake Ripley Management District proposes to undertake a shoreline stabilization and restoration project at the Hoard-Curtis Scout Camp shoreline on Lake Ripley, Jefferson County. They will install riprap off-shore of the existing shoreline (DNR permit already issued), plant aquatic plants inland of that riprap, and do upland seeding (to supplement previously completed plug plantings) after invasive weed and brush removal.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Lake Protection Grant
Project ID LPT-365-11
Year Started 2010


  • Protect Riparian or Shorelands
  • Habitat Restoration - Shoreland
  • Habitat Restoration - Shoreland

Final Report and Products

People/Organizations Involved

  • Lake Ripley Management District