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Doing Boat Inspections / Education on Little Sand Lake

Doing Boat Inspections / Education on Little Sand Lake

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SAND LAKE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT: Sand & Little Sand Lake Aquatic Plant/Lake Mgt. & Education Project

Sand Lake Management District is sponsoring project to complete a comprehensive lake management plan with an aquatic plant emphasis for Sand and Little Sand Lakes. The final deliverable will be a single lake management plan that includes methodologies, results, and management alternatives discussion with an implementation plan.

The specific project tasks include: 1) Spring and summer aquatic plant point-intercept surveys on both lakes and Eurasian watermilfoil bed mapping on Sand Lake; 2) Expanded water quality monitoring on both lakes and DO/temp meter purchase; 3) Shoreline inventory survey and determining corresponding near-shore runoff coefficients; 4) Watershed evaluation in partnership with Barron County SWCD; 5) Lake user education, including implementation of Clean Boats Clean Waters, AIS monitoring, a lake fair, and new boat landing signage; 6) Sociological survey of riparians and local community.

Project Type AIS_GRANT - Aquatic Invasives Education
Project ID AEPP-203-10
Year Started 2009


  • Monitor Water Quality or Sediment
  • Shoreland Monitoring, Assessment, Inventory
  • Lake Management Plan Development
  • Watercraft Inspections Clean Boats, Clean Waters

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  • Sand Lake Management District