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TURTLE FLAMBEAU FLOWAGE TRADE LAKE PROPERTY: Turtle Flambeau Flowage Water Quality Monitoring

The Turtle Flambeau Flowage/Trude Lake Property Owners Association is sponsoring a grant to evaluate the present and historical water-quality or the flowage; to develop a spatial and temporal description of the water-quality throughout the Flowage; and determine if the Flowage water-quality has changed since monitoring began. Information will be used to better understand the flowage water quality and provide background information to aid in the development of the assessment/appraisal report. Project goals include: 1) Determine the current water quality and trophic status of the Flowage and provide data describing its condition in comparison with historical and existing self-help data; 2) Systematically evaluate the water-quality data being collected as part the WDNR Citizen Monitoring Program; 3) Assemble and summarize existing data to help provide a description of how the water quality in the Flowage has fluctuated; 4) Provide information on initial results and further study recommendations to Association members, TFFTL user groups, and the general public; 5) Develop an assessment/appraisal report outlining additional data collection needs (if justified) and steps for creation of a comprehensive management plan (through a diagnostic feasibility study). Project deliverables include: 1) an assessment/appraisal report documenting water quality results and priority issues identified by association members (from a separate study); 2) A compilation of aquatic plant species found in the TFFTL and a habitat characterization; 3) An analysis and summary of existing land use; 4) A group of articles highlighting water-quality work will be compiled and made available to the public; 5) evaluation summary of existing vs. historical water quality.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Large Scale Lake Planning
Project ID LPL-1300-09
Year Started 2009


  • Monitor or Assess Watershed Condition
  • Monitor Water Quality or Sediment
  • Information and Education
  • Data analysis, report production
  • Watershed Mapping or Assessment
  • Project Deliverable

People/Organizations Involved

  • Turtle-Flambeau Flowage & Trude Lake Property Owne