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LAKE NOKOMIS CONCERNED CITIZEN'S INC.: Bridge Lake Comprehensive Management Plan Phase I

Lake Nokomis Concerned Citizens is sponsoring a phased large scale lake planning grant to study Bridge Lake in Lincoln County with a study completion date of June 30, 2008. Town of Nokomis is a project partner. The project will focus on developing a Lake Management Plan (LMP) for Bridge Lake. Completion of a LMP will allow for potential Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) cost sharing grants and permits for Eurasian water-milfoil (EWM) control.

Project activities include:

1) Stakeholder participation - kick-off meeting, survey, planning meetings (up to 3), wrap-up meeting, news release, newsletter article, and progress report

2) Water quality sampling (Secchi, P, Chla, DO, temp, N, conductivity, pH, Alk, suspended solids, and Calcium)

3) Aquatic plant community mapping and analysis

4) EWM beds field mapping (August 2007)

5) Fisheries assessment

6) Watershed assessment

7) Develop LMP

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Large Scale Lake Planning
Project ID LPL-1119-07
Year Started 2006


  • Watershed Mapping or Assessment
  • Lake Management Plan Development
  • Comprehensive Planning Studies

Final Report and Products

People/Organizations Involved

  • Lake Nokomis Concerned Citizens Inc