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SPIDER CHAIN OF LAKES IMPROVEMENT ASSN: Spider Chain of Lakes AIS Education, Prevention & Planning

The Spider Chain of Lakes Association is sponsoring a project to conduct AIS education and monitoring activities.

Deliverables include AIS monitoring data entered in SWIMS, examples of AIS education & outreach, aquatic plant survey results, and an updated APM plan.

Specific project activities include: 1) Volunteer AIS monitoring; 2) Spring and summer whole lake point intercept aquatic plant surveys; 3) AIS outreach & education; 4) Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APM) update.

Special Conditions: 1) Sponsor shall contact DNR immediately if a new AIS is found; 2) AIS monitoring personnel shall be trained and follow DNR approved protocols; 3) Education materials shall be consistent with the Department\2019s statewide education strategy for preventing and controlling AIS; 4) Monitoring data shall be entered in SWIMS; 5) WDNR\2019s Aquatic Plant Management in Wisconsin guidance shall be followed for point-intercept survey monitoring and aquatic plant management plan development. The NOR Native Plant Protection Strategy shall be integrated into the APM plan.

This scope is intended to summarize the detailed project scope provided in the application and does not supersede those application tasks/deliverables. Data, records, reports, and education materials, including GIS-based maps and digital images, must be submitted to the Department in a format specified by the regional lake coordinator.

Project Type AIS_GRANT - Aquatic Invasives Education
Project ID AEPP49417
Year Started 2017

Final Report and Products