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CITY OF AMERY: LMI-Amery Lakes Management Plan Implementation

The City of Amery in partnership with the Amery Lakes District will develop a storm water management plan/ordinance and implement run-off control best management practices in priority (i.e. high nutrient load) sub-watersheds. Specifically, the City will: 1) update existing ordinances and develop a storm water management plan to reduce non-point source pollution; 2) design/build wetland basins and rain gardens at Soldier's Field; 3) design-build rain gardens at Flagpole Park; 4) select and install storm water control (e.g. rain gardens and barrels, shoreline buffers, porous pavement, and/or infiltration trenches) practices at demonstration sites within city limits; 5) develop example storm water education materials that will be applicable to other small cities; 6) inventory and measure in-lake habitat, including undeveloped shoreline and critical areas and develop plans for long-range protection and for measuring success of storm water control BMPs.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Lake Protection Grant
Project ID LPT-308-07
Year Started 2006


  • Stormwater Planning, Implementation
  • Stormwater Planning, Implementation
  • Habitat Restoration - Shoreland
  • Develop/Distribute Brochures/Literature
  • Ordinance Development or Implementation
  • Retention Basin - Create or Improve