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JEFFERSON CO LWCD: Rock Lake Shoreland and Shallows Survey

Jefferson County Land & Water Conservation Department will undertake and survey of the shoreline and shallow areas of Rock Lake. Initially, the LWCD will work the department and with UW Stevens Points experts to determine final survey methodology. The survey will identify properties in need of erosion control or other conservation practices, and encourage those riparians to take part in future outreach and assistance. The survey will document existing habitat or habitat problems around the shoreline, as well as prepare for a Healthy Lakes grant application. Pre- and post-survey communications with riparians and the public will draw attention to the issue of shoreline habitat protection and improvement. A final report will document the outreach that occurred, and include raw and summarized data from the project.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Small Scale Lake Planning
Project ID SPL-349-15
Year Started 2015


  • Shoreland Monitoring, Assessment, Inventory

Final Report and Products