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SILVER LAKE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT: Silver Lake Comprehensive Study

The Silver Lake District proposes to conduct a project for the appraisal of lake conditions to include: 1. A line transect plant survey of submergent and emergent aquatic plants with subsequent mapping and focus on invasive species. 2. A water quality appraisal including trophic condition identification, lake profiling, and summarization of volunteer water clarity data. 3. Groundwater flow analysis including flow volume and direction 4. Conduct watershed appraisal to include defining watershed, land use/cover types, and identification of nutrient loads via export coefficients. 5. Conduct a property owners survey Note: the funding of sediment coring and analysis as indicated in the original project proposal is being denied. This aspect is not clearly defined and the applicability of core data to management decisions is questioned. This scope is intended as a summary only. Required specific project components are included in the grant application project description.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Large Scale Lake Planning
Project ID LPL-980-05
Year Started 2004


  • Map Invasive Species
  • Watershed Mapping or Assessment

People/Organizations Involved

  • Silver Lake Management District, Waushara County