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LAKE POYGAN SPORTSMAN'S CLUB: RES-Page's Slough Carp Barrier Project

The Lake Poygan Sportsman's Club will build and install a mechanical carp barrier and rock berm at the mouth of Pages Slough, Lake Poygan. The rock berm will be approximately 300 feet in length with a fifty-foot base and 6 foot top deck. A ramp walk will be installed within the berm for access. This walk will be 50 feet in length and 24 feet wide. The mechanical barrier will be constructed of metal sheet piling and panels. A gated access will be built into the barrier for boats. The mechanical barrier will be approximately 100 feet in width. All materials and design will conform to the CH 30 permit requirements as issued by the WI DNR. The design will be reviewed and approved by Winnebago County Land and Water Conservation Dept.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Lake Protection Grant
Project ID LPT-232-04
Year Started 2003


  • ATTAINS Alternative Restoration Approach
  • Carp Barrier
  • Lakes Protection Grant

Final Report and Products

People/Organizations Involved

  • Lake Poygan Sportsmen's Club