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TOWN OF CAREY: Gile Flowage Watershed Comprehensive Plan - Phase I

The Town of Carey will sponsor a project which has been proposed jointly by the towns of Carey and Pence. This project will work towards a long-term comprehensive plan for the Gile Flowage and the Gile Flowage watershed. This phase of the project will result in (all items listed on page 9 of the approved proposal): 1. An environmental inventory of the Gile Flowage and its watershed based on a review and search of existing data and will recommend areas where additional data is needed. 2. A report indicating shoreland protection issues and potential areas for restoration. 3. Base planning maps of the Gile Flowage 4. A review and assessment of existing land use regulations and management plans. 5. A survey of land owners and report with the findings of the survey. 6. A written lake history. 7. A plan for sharing results of the project. 8. A lake organization for the Flowage. 9. A Phase I - preliminary plan for the watershed of the Gile Flowage as part of larger smart growth planning efforts. 10.A steering committee of stakeholders meeting regularly. (Future phases will allow more detailed data collection on the Gile Flowage.) This phase is to look at what is available, develop a framework and begin the process of bringing diverse stakeholders together. The Department will receive hard copies and electronic (pdf format) versions of all reports, publications and other written materials. In addition, there will be an executive summary detailing all items in proposal not described in other reports.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Large Scale Lake Planning
Project ID LPL-900-04
Year Started 2003


  • Watershed Mapping or Assessment
  • Project Deliverable
  • Lakes Planning Grant
  • Informational Meetings
  • Social Survey of Residents or Users
  • Comprehensive Planning Studies

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