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PINE LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSN: Pine Lake Management Plan Phase II

The Pine Lake Property Owners Association proposes to finish development of a comprehensive lake management plan for Pine Lake. The study will take place in two phases. This is phase two of the study and will include the following: 1) complete the surface water sampling component of the study initiated in phase one; 2) collect and analyse samples from 60 private wells located within the Pine Lake groundwater watershed to provide information on the deeper groundwater discharging into the lake; 3) calculate nutrient and water budgets; and 4) conduct a fish population comparison using data collected in phase one and historic DNR data. Results from both phase one and phase two will be summarized in a final report that will describe the water quality and physical lake characteristics, its watershed and associated land uses, water and and nutrient budgets and modeling results, and interpretation of the data as well as recommendations.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Large Scale Lake Planning
Project ID LPL-739-01
Year Started 2001


  • Hydrologic Budget Development
  • Lake Management Plan Development
  • Nutrient Budget Development
  • Comprehensive Planning Studies

Final Report and Products

People/Organizations Involved

  • Pine Lake Property Owners Association