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Grant TitleYear AwardedDetails
SAND LAKE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT: HLK- 319 Match - 2016-2017 Sand Lake Land Improvement Projects2016 Details
SAND LAKE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT: LMI-Sand Lake Wash Repair & Agricultural BMP Project2015 Details
SAUK COUNTY: LCO-Sauk County Shoreland Ordinance Revision Project2010 Details
SAWYER COUNTY: ACQ-Nelson Lake, Big Island Land Acquisition1999 Details
SAWYER COUNTY: LCO-Lake Classification Implementation2000 Details
SAWYER COUNTY: LCO-Sawyer County Shoreland Zoning Ordinance2010 Details
SHAWANO COUNTY: ACQ-Kluck Land Acquisition on Wilson Lake2001 Details
SHAWANO COUNTY: LCO-Shawano County Lake Classification Study2000 Details
SHAWANO COUNTY: LCO-Shawano County Shoreland Ordinance Revision Project2010 Details
SHAWANO COUNTY: LMI-Shawano Lake Diagnostic Feasibility Study2005 Details
SHEBOYGAN COUNTY: ACQ-Gerber Lakes Land Acquisition - Hayes Property1996 Details
SHEBOYGAN COUNTY: LCO-Sheboygan Co- NR 115 Ord Devel2010 Details
SILVER LAKE ASSOCIATION: LMI-Waterfront Lots Water Quality Improvements2012 Details
SILVER LAKE PRESERVATION ASSOCIATION: HLK-Silver Lake Healthy Lakes Grant2017 Details
SILVER LAKE PROTECTION & REHABILITATION DIST: RES-Silver Lake Restoration - Phase I1995 Details
SOKAOGON CHIPPEWA COMMUNITY: Zebra Mussel DF Study2003 Details
SOUTHWEST BADGER R C & D: LMI-Yellowstone Lake Watershed Improvement1998 Details
SPIDER CHAIN OF LAKES IMPROVEMENT ASSN: HLK-Northern Waters Env. School Healthy Spider Lk Project2016 Details
SQUASH LAKE ASSOC: HLk-Squash Lake Healthy Lakes Initiative2015 Details
ST. CROIX COUNTY: ACQ-St. Croix County Perch Lake Acquisitioin II1997 Details
ST. CROIX COUNTY: ACQ-St. Croix County Perch Lake Acquisition1997 Details
ST. CROIX COUNTY: LCO-Bass Lake Ordinance Enhansement - County Zoning Position1995 Details
ST. CROIX COUNTY: LCO-Shoreland Ordinance Revision2011 Details
ST. CROIX COUNTY: LMI-St. Croix LiDAR2013 Details
ST. CROIX COUNTY: RES-St. Croix Co Homestead Parklands on Perch Lake1999 Details
STAR PRAIRIE LAND PRESERVATION TRUST: ACQ-Cedar Lake (Menke) Acquis. Costs2005 Details