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JEFFERSON CO. PARKS DEPT.: Rock River Shoreline Restoration

Jefferson County Parks Department will undertake a shoreline restoration project at Rock River Park to protect it from further erosion and to provide an improved shoreline fishing and outdoor experience for park users. Work is to include removing current fabric, regrading to allow for correct slope, installing filter fabric, field stone rip rap and native plant vegetation with the rock and or/behind the rip rap. Maintenance of the native vegetation within the rip rap above the Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) is a condition of the grant. Jefferson County Parks Department's maintenance plan for Rock River Park will include no mowing/trimming/removal of the native vegetation. Potential future additions of shore fishing piers/platforms at the site that may require adjustment of the native vegetation will be coordinated with Fisheries Management.

Project deliverables are as follows: 1.) Shoreline restoration completed on 208 feet of river shoreline on the Rock River and the Rock River Park, 2.) Erosion control including planting and maintaining native vegetation within the rip rap above the Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM). 3.) Rock River Park's maintenance plan will include a provision for maintenance of native vegetation within the project area.

Project Type RIVER_GRANT - River Protection Grant
Project ID RM-054-13
Year Started 2012


  • Habitat Restoration - Shoreland
  • Control Streambank Erosion
  • ATTAINS Alternative Restoration Approach