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HARRY & LAURA NOHR CHAPTER OF TROUT UNLIMITE: 2017 Blue River and Borah Creek Projects

To reduce stream bank erosion, stream siltation, and improve fish habitat in the Blue River, one unnamed tributary of the Blue River, and in Borah Creek. Approximately 3000 feet of banks will be sloped in the Blue River corridor with some bank stabilization (riprap and/or seeding and mulching at key erosion points along the corridor. A variety of instream fish habitat structures will be installed, including lunkers, stream barbs, deflectors, backwater hooks, weirs, and root wads. Bank sloping and stabilization will also occur on approximately 1/8 mile of Borah Creek, and in the unnamed tributary WBIC: 1213500. UWP students will monitor the Blue River before and after project implementation, and results will be presented at TU\2019s annual meeting. TU will provide a final project report to members, USFWS, and TUDARE.

Deliverables: Project plans developed by NRCS will identify locations to slope and protect streambanks, and placement of streambank structures. Project will reduce bank erosion and stream siltation, increase habitat for cold water species. Post-implementation project results will be shared via reports and presentations developed by UWP students and TU.

Project Type RIVER_GRANT - River Protection Grant
Project ID RM06817
Year Started 2017


  • Control Streambank Erosion
  • Habitat Restoration - Instream
  • Habitat Restoration - Shoreland

Final Report and Products