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HYSLOP FOUNDATION, INC: (319) Hawthorn Hollow Tractor Road Storm Water Diversion Project

The Hyslop Foundation, Inc. will, through contractors and their own activities repair and re-grade the approximately 540 feet long \2018Tractor Road\2019 located in the Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum. Associated with this activity, they will install a storm water treatment swale adjacent to the Tractor Road, install two foot-bridges over the swale, and initiate and finalize associated hardscaping and landscaping necessary to restore and stabilize the construction site. All of the aforementioned activities will be completed by November 15th, 2016, with a final written or electronic report on the project delivered to DNR by December 31st, 2016. Additionally, a video documentary of the road and swale construction, with visualization of before and after performance, will be filmed. A copy of the video, along with written documentation of associated outreach activities, will be provided to the DNR on or before June 15th, 2017.

Project deliverables include: 1.) A re-graded Tractor Road per R.A. Smith National\2019s December 31st, 2015 plan. 2.) A constructed storm water swale per R.A. Smith National\2019s December 31st, 2015 plan. 3.) Two foot-bridge crossings of the newly constructed swale. 4.) Project landscaping and site stabilization. 5.) A final written or electronic project report provided to DNR; and 6.) A video documenting the project, with written documentation of outreach activities, provided to DNR.

Project Type RIVER_GRANT - River Protection Grant
Project ID RM06416
Year Started 2016


  • ATTAINS Alternative Restoration Approach