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HARRY & LAURA NOHR CHAPTER OF TROUT UNLIMITE: Six Mile Branch and Pompey Pillar Project 2015

The Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter of TU will undertake a River Management Grant that protect and enhance water quality and fish habitat for brook and brown trout and forage fishes in mainly critical habitat segments of approximately 7,600 linear feet of Pompey Pillar Creek, and Six Mile Branch.

1. Reduce soil erosion, stream siltation and thermal loading through stream bank sloping and stabilization practices using riprap and vegetation.

2. Increase stream flow rates in the riffles to help increase oxygen for fish spawning using a variety of habitat BMP\2019s such as weirs and log deflectors.

3. Create protective instream habitat areas for trout and other aquatic organism using a variety of habitat BMP\2019s such as cross logs, and deflection rocks and bank hiding areas.

Deliverables: Improved habitat for fish, reductions in stream sediment in the substrate, and increased rock and gravel spawning habitat areas. Bank erosion control. Project final report cooperate effort between the chapter and UW-Platteville Biology Dept. intern. Will give narrative explanation of work completed, and pre- and post- project photographs showing stream and bank habitat. Report to WI TU councils, and newsletter.

Project Type RIVER_GRANT - River Protection Grant
Project ID RM-060-15
Year Started 2015


  • ATTAINS Alternative Restoration Approach