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ASHLAND COUNTY: LCO-Lakes Classification & Protection Guide Booklet

Ashland County will prepare a property owners guide for developing, managing, and protecting shorelands within the county. This guide will provide information about governmental regulations and standards, building and site construction, water supply and waste disposal, and shoreland buffers and protection. Other resource issues to be covered in this guide include:

1. A laymans overview of watershed management;

2. An overview of Ashland County's surface waters, to include outstanding and exceptional resource waters;

3. What to look for when purchasing shoreland property;

4. Guidelines for landscaping and managing your shoreland property;

5. Impervious surfaces;

6. Shoreland lighting; and

7. Aquatic habitat protection

This guide will be distributed to all lake associations, county real estate offices, local government regulatory agencies, and to persons inquiring or applying for shoreland land use permits.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Lake Protection Grant
Project ID LPT-206-03
Year Started 2002


  • ATTAINS Protection Approach
  • Develop/Distribute Brochures/Literature
  • Lakes Protection Grant