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ALMA SCHOOL DISTRICT: Rieck's Lake Education Management Planning

The Alma School District proposes to work with the local schools to continue to study the resources at Rieck's Lake for educational purposes. The project activities include: 1) Continue to develop an environmental curriculum for the sixth grade students at Alma schools, 2) Monitor the vegetation and wildlife at Rieck's Lake, 3) Monitor health of wetlands through a frog count, 4) Work with Tundra Swan Watch volunteers, 5) Work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to do a sampling of the vegetation, 6) Determine impact agriculture and other communities have on the sedimentation of Rieck's Lake, and 7) Inform the community and civic organizations on the finding at Rieck's Lake.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Small Scale Lake Planning
Project ID SPL-019-02
Year Started 2002


  • Information and Education
  • Monitor Targeted Area