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ANVIL LAKE ASSOCIATION, INC.: Anvil Lake Aquatic Macrophyte Baseline Survey

Anvil Lake Association will conduct an Aquatic Macrophyte Baseline Survey using the point-intercept method. Rake sampling will be supplemented with scuba diving and use GPS mapped points. The littoral zone of this 398-acre lake will be mapped looking for increase bed density or plant distribution, to relate to the sediment core taken earlier.

Activities include: 1. development of a base map and database of Anvil lake sampling points for GPS location throughout the littoral zone. 2. conducting a point-intercept sampling survey of aquatic macrophytes using rake sampling techniques. 3. inventory/identify the existing aquatic macrophytes species and collect and prepare herbarium ready samples of the species collected. 4. map critical macrophyte beds with supplemental scuba diving linked to GPS readings.

Project Type LAKE_GRANT - Small Scale Lake Planning
Project ID SPL-090-05
Year Started 2004


  • Develop/Distribute Newsletter
  • Aquatic Plant Monitoring or Survey
  • Informational Meetings
  • Project Deliverable
  • Aquatic Plant Management Plan

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  • Anvil Lake Association