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Lake Name:

a lake.
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For information on Lakes in Wisconsin, contact:
Wisconsin DNR Lakes
Division of Water
Bureau of Water Quality

Wisconsin Lake Maps

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NameCountyArea (Acres)Max Depth (Feet)LocationWBIC
Baker Lake Washburn10021T38N R11W S10 NE NE2449800
Balsam Lake Washburn32549T37N R10W S34 SE NE2112800
Balsam Lake Washburn32549T37N R10W S34 SE NE2112800
Bass Lake Washburn18735T40N R10W S17 SE NW2451900
Bass Lake Washburn13231T40N R13W S29 SE SE2451300
Bass Lake Washburn10166T37N R10W S7 NE SW1833300
Bean Lake Washburn10035T40N R10W S22 NE NW2718500
Bear Lake Washburn134887T36N R11W S18 NE NW2105100
Beartrack Lake Washburn5936T42N R13W S18 NW NE2452300
Beaver Lake Washburn8716T40N R10W S11 NW SE2452600
Big Bass Lake Washburn20127T42N R12W S32 SW NW2453300
Big Devil Lake Washburn16674.5T38N R11W S33 SW SE2107500
Birch Lake Washburn36473T37N R10W S25 NW SW2113000
Cable Lake Washburn17924T39N R13W S13 NE SE2456100
Casey Lake Washburn24027T40N R13W S16 SE NE2709100
Chicog Lake Washburn12525T41N R13W S1 SE SE2692200
Chinty Lake Washburn1624T38N R11W S28 SW NW1840700
Chippanazie Lake Washburn5731T41N R10W S13 NE SW2722800
Cloverleaf Lake Washburn3116T41N R13W S9 NE NW2457900
Colton Flowage Washburn4722T42N R10W S6 NE SE2702100
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Table Key

  • Area: Acres
  • Max Depth: Feet
  • WBIC: Waterbody Identification Code
  • Region: DNR Region. NE = Northeast. NO = Northern. SC = South Central. SE = Southeast. WC = West Central.