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a lake.
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Wisconsin Lake Maps

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NameCountyArea (Acres)Max Depth (Feet)LocationWBIC
Patsy Lake Bayfield513T47N R7W S20 NE NW2770600
Perch Lake Bayfield6977T45N R7W S5 SE SW2770700
Perry Lake Bayfield4925T43N R7W S17 NE NW2730800
Phantom Lake Bayfield4635T46N R7W S6 SW NE2771200
Physa Lake Bayfield925T45N R7W S6 NE NE2771300
Pickerel Lake Bayfield8938T44N R9W S5 NE NE2489200
Picture Lake Bayfield508T44N R7W S31 NE SW2489300
Pigeon Lake Bayfield20026T45N R8W S34 NE NE2489400
Pike Lake Bayfield1923T47N R8W S21 SE SW2904000
Planorbis Lake Bayfield730T45N R7W S5 NW SW2771700
Pond Lake Bayfield740T45N R8W S14 NE NE2771800
Pond Lake Bayfield285T44N R8W S17 SW SW2750900
Porcupine Lake Bayfield7133T44N R6W S17 NW SW2896600
Pre-emption Creek Pond Bayfield313.5T44N R6W S11 NE SW2895700
Price Lake Bayfield7016T43N R7W S8 NW SE2491300
Priest Lake Bayfield3244T45N R9W S19 SE SE2491400

Table Key

  • Area: Acres
  • Max Depth: Feet
  • WBIC: Waterbody Identification Code
  • Region: DNR Region. NE = Northeast. NO = Northern. SC = South Central. SE = Southeast. WC = West Central.