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Minong Flowage

Minong Flowage

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Minong Flowage and Nancy Lake, Washburn County - Critical Habitat Designation

Critical Habitat Designation is a program that includes formal designations of areas considered

important to fish and wildlife. Critical Habitat is classified into three categories: sensitive areas,

public rights features, and resource protection areas (uplands within the shoreline zone). These

three elements combine to provide regulatory and management advice to the State of

Wisconsin, counties, local units of governments, and others who are interested in protecting and

preserving these unique habitats for future generations. Critical Habitat Designation occurred on Nancy Lake in Washburn County during 2008. Nancy

Lake is a 772 acre lake with a max depth of 39 feet. Access to Nancy Lake is via two public

boat launches, one on Karling Court and one on Three Mile Road. Critical Habitat Designation occurred on the Minong Flowage in Washburn and Douglas Counties during 2008 and 2009. The Minong Flowage is 1564 acres with a max depth of 21 feet. Access to the Minong Flowage is via three public boat launches, one private launch, and navigable water from Cranberry Lake.

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