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Station NameStation IDCountyMapMost Recent DataReports
2020 bloom response10054354Sauk Map 2020 Details
A210054929Oconto Map 2021 Details
A310054930Oconto Map 2021 Details
A510054931Oconto Map 2021 Details
A610055054Oconto Map 2021 Details
Adams Lake - Deep Hole504001Portage Map 2021 Details
Aerator Hole N - Muskellunge Lake, Vilas County10050662Vilas Map 2020 Details
Alder Lake - Deep Hole643219Vilas Map 2021 Details
Aldridge Lake - Deep Hole443052Oneida Map 2020 Details
Allequash Lake - Shallow End643044Vilas Map 2021 Details
Alma Lake - Deep Hole643047Vilas Map 2021 Details
Alpine Lake - Deep Hole703060Waushara Map 2021 Details
Altoona Lake - Center of Lake183082Eau Claire Map 2021 Details
Altoona Lake - Deep Hole184002Eau Claire Map 2021 Details
Alva Lake - Deep Hole443053Oneida Map 2021 Details
Amacoy Lake - Deep Hole553068Rusk Map 2021 Details
Amber Lake - Deep Hole10021157Oneida Map 2022 Details
Amherst Millpond - Center10040059Portage Map 2021 Details
Amik Lake - Deep Hole643220Vilas Map 2021 Details
Amnicon Lake - Deep Hole163120Douglas Map 2021 Details
Anderson Lake - Deep Hole643042Vilas Map 2022 Details
Anderson Lake - Deepest Spot433364Oconto Map 2021 Details
Annabelle Lake - Deep Hole643444Vilas Map 2021 Details
Anvil Lake - Deep Hole643401Vilas Map 2021 Details
Anvil Lake - Herbicide Monitoring Site - A110053780Vilas Map 2020 Details
Anvil Lake - Herbicide Monitoring Site - A210053781Vilas Map 2020 Details
Anvil Lake - Herbicide Monitoring Site - A310053782Vilas Map 2020 Details
Anvil Lake - Herbicide Monitoring Site - A410053783Vilas Map 2020 Details
Apple River Flowage - Deep Hole493104Polk Map 2021 Details
Archibald Lake - East-Site 2-Deep Hole433035Oconto Map 2021 Details
Archibald Lake - West Basin-Site1433120Oconto Map 2021 Details
Archibald SUB PI L Herbicide Monitoring10054175Oconto Map 2021 Details
Archibald Sub-PI area F10054219Oconto Map 2021 Details
Arkdale Lake (Millpond) - Deep Hole013159Adams Map 2022 Details
Armour Lake - Deep Hole643223Vilas Map 2020 Details
Army Lake Deepest Spot10006652Walworth Map 2022 Details
Arrowhead Lake - Deepest Point In Lake Just Above Dam (#5)013037Adams Map 2022 Details
Ashippun Lake - Deep Hole683297Waukesha Map 2021 Details
Auburn Lake - Deep Hole203060Fond du Lac Map 2022 Details
Augustine Lake - Deep Hole023124Ashland Map 2021 Details
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