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a lake.
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NameCountyArea (Acres)Max Depth (Feet)LocationWBIC
Ashippun Lake Waukesha9435T8N R17E S15 NW NW854300
Bass Bay Lake Waukesha10423T5N R20E S15 SE NW763200
Beaver Lake Waukesha31346T8N R18E S27 SW NW774400
Big Muskego Lake Waukesha219423T5N R20E S33 NE SE762400
Brown Lake Waukesha1315T5N R18E S30 SW SE768200
Crooked Lake Waukesha5116T7N R17E S23 SW NE826800
Dutchman Lake Waukesha3343T6N R17E S2 NW SE826400
Eagle Spring Lake Waukesha2798T5N R17E S36 NW NE768600
Etter Lake Waukesha104.5T7N R18E S25 NW SE740600
Florence Lake Waukesha2148T8N R17E S36 SW SW775700
Forest Lake Waukesha2217T7N R18E S6 NE NE775800
Fowler Lake Waukesha9750T8N R17E S33 NW SW849400
Garvin Lake Waukesha1736T8N R18E S30 SW SE850700
Golden Lake Waukesha25244T7N R17E S30 SW SW775900
Grass Lake Waukesha308T8N R18E S31 SW NE775200
Henrietta Lake Waukesha237T7N R17E S35 SE SE776600
Hunters Lake Waukesha5436T6N R17E S11 NW SE826300
Lac La Belle Waukesha115445T8N R17E S32 NW NW848800
Lake Denoon Waukesha16755T4N R20E S5 NW NW761300
Lake Five Waukesha10423T9N R19E S32 SW SE777400
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Table Key

  • Area: Acres
  • Max Depth: Feet
  • WBIC: Waterbody Identification Code
  • Region: DNR Region. NE = Northeast. NO = Northern. SC = South Central. SE = Southeast. WC = West Central.