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a lake.
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NameCountyArea (Acres)Max Depth (Feet)LocationWBIC
Alva Lake Oneida19943T37N R7E S10 SE NE968100
Atkins Lake Oneida1503T37N R12E S31 NW NW1578400
Bass Lake Oneida6021T36N R5E S18 NE SW969700
Bass Lake T37n R09e S30 Oneida18420T37N R9E S31 NW NW1580300
Bear Lake Oneida29520T38N R5E S24 SW SW1527800
Bearskin Lake Oneida40326T37N R6E S1 SW NE1523600
Big Carr Lake Oneida20975T38N R7E S9 SW SW971600
Big Fork Lake Oneida66337T39N R11E S28 SE SE1610700
Big Lake Oneida84527T38N R11E S15 SW SW1613000
Big Stone Lake Oneida60757T38N R11E S3 NW NE1612200
Birch Lake Oneida19827T38N R7E S31 SW SE1523800
Bird Lake Oneida9740T38N R7E S7 NW SE972000
Blue Lake Oneida44149T39N R6E S29 NW SE1538600
Bolger Lake Oneida11545T39N R6E S27 NE SE973000
Boom Lake Oneida36530T37N R9E S31 SW NE1580200
Booth Lake Oneida20434T39N R5E S6 SE SE1537800
Bridge Lake Oneida41915T36N R6E S35 SE SE1516800
Brown Lake Oneida9223T38N R8E S16 SE NE973700
Buckskin Lake Oneida64222T39N R4E S11 NE NE2272600
Buffalo Lake Oneida10527T39N R7E S12 SW SW974200
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Table Key

  • Area: Acres
  • Max Depth: Feet
  • WBIC: Waterbody Identification Code
  • Region: DNR Region. NE = Northeast. NO = Northern. SC = South Central. SE = Southeast. WC = West Central.