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a lake.
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NameCountyArea (Acres)Max Depth (Feet)LocationWBIC
Boot Lake Manitowoc1116T19N R21E S6 SW NW77600
Bullhead Lake Manitowoc7040T19N R21E S19 NW SE68300
Carstens Lake Manitowoc2228T18N R23E S17 SE SE66800
Cedar Lake Manitowoc13721T17N R21E S24 SW NW45100
English Lake Manitowoc4885T18N R23E S7 SE NW68100
Gass Lake Manitowoc624T18N R23E S3 SE SW67100
Harpt Lake Manitowoc3254T21N R23E S17 NE NW84600
Hartlaub Lake Manitowoc3760T18N R23E S10 NW SE67200
Horseshoe Lake Manitowoc2154T17N R22E S20 NE SW64200
Karstaedt Lake Manitowoc426T17N R22E S17 SW SW64300
Kasbaum Lake Manitowoc668T18N R23E S3 NW SE45800
Little Pigeon Lake Manitowoc814.5T18N R22E S33 SW SE63800
Long Lake Manitowoc12738T19N R21E S7 SW SE77500
Pigeon Lake Manitowoc8062T18N R22E S33 SW NE64000
Rockville Flowage Manitowoc766T17N R21E S28 NW NW58400
Schisel Lake Manitowoc1332T19N R22E S13 NW NW72800
Shoe Lake Manitowoc1034T17N R21E S16 NE SW46700
Shoto Lake Manitowoc1211T20N R24E S29 NE SW87300
Silver Lake Manitowoc7343T19N R23E S34 SW NE67400
Spring Lake Manitowoc923T17N R22E S5 SW NE63700
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Table Key

  • Area: Acres
  • Max Depth: Feet
  • WBIC: Waterbody Identification Code
  • Region: DNR Region. NE = Northeast. NO = Northern. SC = South Central. SE = Southeast. WC = West Central.