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Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Awards

Century Club

The Century Club is for citizen volunteers who have recorded 100 Secchi readings. These volunteers receive a certificate signed by the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources to commemorate this achievement

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2015 recipients of the Century Club

Fred Anderson, Whitefish Lake, Douglas County
David Baumann, Deer Lake, Polk County
Kent Bradshaw, Two Sisters Lake, Oneida County
Steve Budnik, North Turtle Lake, Vilas, Iron County
Joan Dietzler, Cranberry and Minerva Lakes, Burnett County
Michael Gillette, Grindle Lake, Oconto County
Greg Griswold, Hat Rapids Flowage, Oneida County
John Hughes, Deep Lake, Washburn County
Cindy Katt , Kettle Moraine Lake, Fond du Lac County
Daniel Lucas, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
David Luka, Lake 26, Burnett County
Joseph Mass, Cloverleaf Lakes, Shawano County
Dave Mueller, Otter Lake and Lynx Lake, Vilas County
Carl Pfeiffer, Nelson Lake, Vilas County
Jerry Prokop, Long Lake, Polk County
Jim Radke, Potato Lake, Rusk County
Jim  Shavlik, Yankee Lake, Marinette County
Alex Smith, Poquette Lake, Burnett County
Karen Trembath, Moose Lake, Langlade County
Barbara Van Sickle, Poskin Lake, Barron County
Brian Zalay, Multiple Lakes, Waupaca County

2014 recipients of the Century Club

Tom Best, Little St. Germain Lake, Vilas County
Chelsea Blum, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
David Boyd, Velvet And Flannery Lakes, Oneida County
Ronald Brewster, Ten Mile Lake, Barron County
Linda Daniels, Upper Nemahbin Lake, Waukesha County
Greg De Ment, Tichigan Lake, Racine County
Greg Foster, Mt. Morris Lake, Waushara County
Karen Gundelach, Bass Lake, Bayfield County
Roger Jansen, Round Lake, Waushara County
John Johnson, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Paul Kipping, Rooney Lake, Burnett County
Mike Klink, Lake Chetac, Sawyer County
Lloyd Knope, Loon Lake, Shawano County
Gerald Kopstein, Bohner Lake, Racine County
Gil Kroll, Powers Lake, Walworth/Kenoahs County
Lora Krouse, Little Newton Lake, Marinette County
Dennis McCarthy, Lake Ripley, Jefferson County
Marilynn McNurlin, Granite Lake, Barron County
Louise Pease, Wolf Lake, Fountain Lake, Portage County
Gary Pulford, Lac Courte Oreilles, Sawyer County
Steven Reichel, Plummer Lake, Vilas County
Don Richgels, Spencer Lake, Waupaca County
Noreen Rossa, Townline And Planting Ground Lakes, Oneida County
Elliot Sanders, Little Friess Lake, Washington County
Ralph Severson, Clear Lake, Burnett County
Greg Smith, Lower Spring Lake, Jefferson County
Joseph Smogar, Indian Lake, Oneida County
Gail Sobaski, Fish Lake, Burnett County
Jim Thompson, Lake Tomahawk, Oneida County
Mary Walters, Ellison Lake, Bayfield County

2013 recipients of the Century Club

Tom Best, Little St. Germain Lake, Vilas County
David Boyd, Velvet and Flannery Lakes, Oneida County
Ronald Brewster, Ten Mile Lake, Barron County
Linda Daniels, Upper Nemahbin Lake, Waukesha County
Greg Foster, Mt. Morris Lake, Waushara County
Karen Gundelach, Bass Lake, Bayfield County
Roger Jansen, Round Lake, Waushara County
John Johnson, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Paul Kipping, Rooney Lake, Burnett County
Lloyd Knope, Loon Lake, Shawano County
Gerald Kopstein, Bohner Lake, Racine County
Lora Krouse, Little Newton Lake, Marinette County
Marilynn McNurlin, Granite Lake, Barron County
Gary Pulford, Lac Courte Oreilles, Sawyer County
Noreen Rossa, Townline and Planting Ground Lakes, Oneida County
Ralph Severson, Clear Lake, Burnett County
Mary Walters, Ellison Lake, Bayfield County

2012 recipients of the Century Club

Jerold Bauch, Loon Lake, Ashland County
Steve Braddish, Spider Lake, Sawyer County
Dianne Brown, Wazeecha Lake, Wood County
Diane Capener, Bills Lake, Vilas County
Mike Capener, Bills Lake, Vilas County
Jack Craggs, Oneida Lake, Oneida County
Dave DeAngelis, Lauderdale Lakes, Walworth County
Robert Debruin, Rangeline Lake, Forest County
Judy Doud, Bear Lake, Waupaca County
Denise Gruszka, Lac Sault Dore, Price County
Roger Gustafson, Lake Delta, Bayfield County
Barb Herreid, Tri-Lakes, Adams County
Tom Ittner, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Richard Johnson, Blue Lake, Oneida County
Noel Junkunc, Snipe Lake, Vilas County
Gary Klund, Sand Lake, Barron County
Paul Lehmkuhl, Island Lake, Vilas County
Aida McCabe, Potato Lake, Washburn County
John McCall, Bone Lake, Polk County
Pam McVety, Lake George, Oneida County
Jim Miller, Muskellunge Lake, Oneida County
Susan Sanders, Little Friess Lake, Washington County
Donna Sefton, Blackhawk, Cox Hollow and Twin Valley Lakes, Iowa County
John Selak, Little Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan County
Judy Strobush, Apple River Flowage, Polk County
Carl Sundberg, West and North Lakes, Florence County
Jane Swenson, Phantom Lake & Delta Lake, Bayfield County
Joe Thrasher, Long Lake, Washburn County

2011 recipients of the Century Club

Jack Albers, Legend Lake, Big Blacksmith Basin, Menominee County
Mike Backus, Jordan Lake (West Basin), Adams County
Walt Bates, Black Oak Lake, Vilas County
Dan Bergeron, Big Round Lake, Polk County
James Duke, Wildcat Lake, Vilas County
Mary Gronlund, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Charlie Handel, Delavan Lake, Walworth County
Tom Kielich, White Lake, Marquette County
Donna Leehey, Trego Flowage, Washburn County
PJ Leehey, Trego Flowage, Washburn County
Theodore Ludwig, Tainter Lake, Dunn County
Louise Magnani, Peppermill Lake, Adams County
Matthew Manley, Petenwell Lake, Adams County
Peter Manley, Petenwell Lake, Adams County
John Markee, Pickerel Lake, Oneida County
Yolan Mistele, Towanda Lake, Vilas County
John Plaza, Mud Lake (Ojaski), Barron Co.
Mark Rodenkirch, Green Lake, Washington County
John Rowe, Long Lake, Vilas County
Donna Schramm, Lake Metonga, Forest County
Les Schramm, Lake Metonga, Forest County
Ken Terry, Wildcat Lake, Vilas County

2010 recipients of the Century Club

Gerhard Becker, Kentuck Lake, Vilas / Forest County
Marc Blum, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Jeanne Brown, Minong Flowage, Washburn Co.
Ronald Brown, Minong Flowage, Washburn Co.
Bruce Dietzler, Cranberry And Minerva Lakes, Burnett County
Tom Everson, Burns Lake, Sawyer County
Stanley Gruszka, Lac Sault Dore, Price County
Bob Hammond, Cranberry Lake, Bayfield County
Roger Kerstner, Marshall Lake, Vilas County
Craig McCallum, Monona Bay & Squaw Bay, Dane County
Glen Riess, Hasbrook Lake, Oneida County
Bill Sobaski, Fish Lake, Burnett County
Pete Spaulding, Lauderdale Lakes, Walworth County
Daniel Vertanen, Nelson Lake, Sawyer Co.
Lorna Wilson, St. Croix Flowage, Douglas Co.
Roger Wilson, St. Croix Flowage, Douglas Co.
Paul Wojcik, Hunters Lake, Waukesha County

2009 recipients of the Century Club

Frederick Blake, Unnamed lake, Washburn County
Dorothy Chandler, Pokegama Lake, Vilas County
Mike Gottwald, Lower Eau Claire Lake, Douglas, Bayfield County
Beatrice Holton, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Toivo Kallas, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Tom Koehler, Bass Lake, Lincoln County
Clif Kolberg, Little Saint Germain, Vilas County
Larry McNurlin, Granite Lake, Barron County
Roger Nelson, Lake Tahkodah, Bayfield County
Reed Newlin, Big Stone Lake, Oneida County
Michael O'Sullivan, Spider Lake, Sawyer Co.
Jim Rice, Amik Lake, Vilas County
Robert Siman, Potato Lake, Washburn County
Brian Wade, Long Lake, Washburn County
Jack Wellauer, Teal Lake Sawyer, Sawyer County
Lee Wiesner, Middle Eau Claire Lake, Bayfield County

2008 recipients of the Century Club

Joe Brady, Wilipyro & Samoset Lakes, Bayfield County
Allen Brandt, Duck Lake, Langlade County
Larry Bresina, North Pipe Lake, Polk County
Nancy Dutton, Little Horn, Reservoir Pond, Horn, Explosion, Oconto County
Don Freeman, Pokegama Lake, Barron County
Ron Gebhard, Mccullough Lake And Morton Lake, Vilas County
Don Gillum, Anvil Lake, Vilas County
Wendy Hanneman, Hammil Lake, Bayfield County
Dallas Helm, Amik, Pike, Round & Turner Lakes, Price County
Paul Kapolnek, Benedict Lake, Kenosha County
Neal Klemme, Lake Lucerne, Forest County
June Kons, Little Pine Lake, Iron County
Tim Kramer, Stratton Lake, Waupaca County
Richard McMillan, Beaver Dam Lake, Dodge County
J. Robert Nicholson, Two Sisters Lake, Oneida County
Roger Olson, Lake Nancy, Washburn County
Roy Rulseh, Mcdonald Lake, Vilas County
Jim Schmidt, Lake Magnor, Polk Co.
Ruth Ann Vyncke, Tiger Cat Flowage Sawyer Co, Sawyer County

2007 recipients of the Century Club

Richard Boosted, Spring Lake, Waushara County
Horst Bornscheuer, Hunter Lake, Vilas County
Philip Chandler, Pokegama Lake, Vilas County
Jim Cramer, Oswego Lake, Vilas County
David Dopkins, Spirit Lake, Burnett County
Richard Elgaard, Big Dummy Lake, Barron Co.
Darlene Fiske, Adelade Lake, Vilas County
Ken Fiske, Adelade Lake, Vilas County
Ray Geiger, Long Lake, Manitowoc County
Karl Glunz, Friess Lake, Washington County
Nancy Guzzetta, Dead Pike Lake, Vilas County
Pete Guzzetta, Dead Pike Lake, Vilas County
John Klingbiel, Lake Wisconsin - Harmony Grove, Columbia County
William Meister, Bass Lake, Sawyer County
Jim Merkowitz, High Lake, Vilas County
Carol Miller, Bird Lake, Oneida County
Dave Opsteen, Rose Lake, Langlade County
Earl Pankow, Carpenter Lake, Vilas County
Roger Perenick, Pearl Lake, Waushara County
Janet Rasmussen, Big Portage, Vilas County
Vern Reigel, South Blue Lake, Oneida County
Kitt Siegfried, Lake Wissota, Chippewa County
Russ Tiedemann, Roberts Lake, Forest County
Joanne Van Poucke, Person Lake, Douglas County
Gerald Wolf, Pine Lake, Forest County

2006 recipients of the Century Club

Roland Alger, Imogene Lake, Vilas County
Bob Denison, Long Lake Washburn, Washburn County
Richard Golding, Johnson Lake, Burnett County
Robert Gross, Maiden Lake, Oconto County
Bob Hitt, Edith Lake, Vilas County
John King, Clear Lake, Vilas County
Joe Koschnik, Fawn And Big Saint Germain Lakes, Vilas County
Marie Koschnik, Fawn And Big Saint Germain Lakes, Vilas County
Rich Magnani, Peppermill Lake, Adams County
David Nilles, White Lake, Marquette County
Richard Ross, Lake Nokomis, Deer And Bridge Lakes, Lincoln County
John Russo, Lake Nokomis, Deer And Bridge Lakes, Lincoln County
Raymond Shebesta, Deerskin Lake, Vilas County
Tom Tellier, Little Portage Lake, Vilas County
Craig Walkey, Spider Lake 5, Washburn Co.
Jeanne Werenicz, Slim Lake, Washburn County
Rick Werenicz, Slim Lake Washburn, Washburn County

2005 recipients of the Century Club

Hank Amundsen, Yellow Lake, Burnett Co.
Cary Anderson, Keyes Lake, Florence County
Richard Connolly, Bolger Lake, Oneida County
Alan Depies, Wolf Lake, Fond du Lac County
Patrick Gronlund, Squaw Lake, Saint Croix County
Francine Marshall, Little Hills Lake, Waushara County
Pat McKearn, Two Island Lake, Chippewa County
Gary Peterson, Spooner Lake, Washburn County
Toni Pontar, Pigeon And Little Pigeon Lake, Manitowoc County
Wayne Stroessner, Random Lake, Sheboygan County
Jack Wierzba, Round Lake, Price County
John Zwick, Lake Emily, Dodge County

2004 recipients of the Century Club

Mary Adams, Plummer Lake, Vilas County
Tom Ammend, Long Lake, Washburn County
Sandra Anderson, Whitefish Lake, Douglas County
Verlyn Benoy, Lake Magnor, Polk County
Richard Bjodstrup, Pretty Lake And Ottawa Lake, Waukesha County
Arlene Borman, Birch Island Lake, Burnett County
Barry Borman, Birch Island Lake, Burnett County
Tom Ganfield, Whitewater Lake, Walworth County
Glenn Grage, Namekagon Lake, Bayfield County
James Jana, Fish Lake, Burnett County
Gayland Jensen, Big Butternut Lake, Polk County
Herb Jensen, Okauchee Lake, Waukesha County
Richard Jochem, Lac Sault Dore, Price County
Merle Johnson, Horseshoe Lake, Polk County
Patricia Juday, Anderson Lake, Vilas County
Larry Kochendorfer, Amacoy Lake, Rusk County
Kenn Krouse, Little Newton Lake, Marinette County
Don Krueger, Pigeon Lake, Waupaca County
Paul Kuhn, Two Sisters Lake, Oneida County
Don Macintosh, Grindstone Lake, Sawyer County
David McLaughlin, Lipsett Lake, Burnett County
Dan Mersel, Spider Lake Chain, Sawyer County
Ron Nieman, Lake Noquebay, Marinette County
Roy Redlich, Broken Bow Lake, Vilas County
Ken Sedmak, Town Corner Lake, Marinette County
Bob Strobush, Apple River Flowage, Polk County
Paul Volek, Montgomery Lake, Kenosha County
William Wilcox, Nelson Lake, Sawyer County

2003 recipients of the Century Club

Roger Brinkmeier, Upper Kelly Lake, Milwaukee County
Roger Brinkmeier, Upper Kelly Lake, Oneida County
Robert Bueckers, Little Muskego Lake, Waukesha County
Darrell Dorman, Kelly Lake, Oconto County
Robert Drewa, Mann Lake, Vilas County
Everett Grilley, Long Lake, Washburn County
Dick Hollar, Pipe & North Pipe Lakes, Polk County
Robert King, Eagle Lake, Vilas County
Sally King, Eagle Lake, Vilas County
Randy Koehler, Bass Lake, Lincoln County
Paul Mahlberg, Kangaroo Lake, Door County
Myrna Mesecher, South Blue Lake, Oneida County
Irene Peplinski, Blue Spring Lake, Jefferson County
Otto Schoeneck, Sugar Camp Lake, Oneida County
Tom Tuttle, Sr., Crab & Little Crab Lakes, Vilas County
David Vogt, Annabelle Lake, Oconto County
David Vogt, Annabelle Lake, Vilas County

2002 recipients of the Century Club

Donald Anderson, Upper Turtle Lake, Barron  County
Ron Anderson, Spring Lake, Waushara  County
William Ave'lallemant, Amik, Pike, Round and Turner Lakes, Vilas  County
Nancy Bartelt, Margaret Lake, Oneida  County
Richard Boss, Bone Lake, Polk  County
Rick Bruesewitz, Van Zile Lake, Forest  County
Rita Childs, Whitefish Lake, Sawyer  County
Stanley Drews, Spring Lake, Waushara  County
Jim and Pudge Edinger, Archibald Lake, Oconto  County
Norman Erickson, Wolf Lake, Adams  County
Valeria Hitt, Edith Lake, Vilas  County
James Hughes, Kathan Lake, Oneida  County
Muriel Isaacson, Hulls Lake, Taylor  County
Albert Knuth, Nelson Lake, Vilas  County
Betty Liebert, Bills Lake, Vilas  County
Marj Mehring, Squash Lake, Oneida  County
Robert and Eleanor Mitchell, Upper and Lower       Bucktabon Lakes, Vilas  County
Patrick Perkins, Bass Lake, Wshburn  County
Roger Rieckman, Stormy Lake, Vilas  County
Donna Rollmann, Found Lake, Vilas  County
Tom Shields, Big Portage Lake, Vilas  County
Ron Teclaw, Emma Lake, Oneida  County
Joseph and Jean Weinig, Minong Flowage, Sawyer  County
Mary Witt, Teal Lake, Sawyer  County

2001 recipients of the Century Club

Don Bayer, Little Crooked Lake, Vilas  County
Harold Haag, Boot Lake, Rusk  County
Glen Kreinbrink, Lake Beulah, Walworth  County
Jim March, Goose Pond, Dane  County
Lee Moyer, Lake Helen, Portage  County
Betty Peterson, Bass Lake, Vilas  County
Tom Schuler, Thunder Lake, Marinette  County
Lester Swanson, Deer Lake, Polk  County
George Wanerski, Lake Hallie, Chippewa  County

2000 recipients of the Century Club

Jean Adamson, Deer Lake (Polk Co.) and Range Line Lake (Forest Co.)
Tom Arnison, Paddock Lake, Kenosha  County
Dick Banks, Dad Lake, Vilas  County
Nancy Bentz, Beaver Dam Lake, Barron  County
Bob Biechler, Round Lake, Chippewa  County
John Burmeister, Alpine Lake, Waushara  County
Margaret Caldwell, Fence Lake, Vilas  County
John Callewaert, North & South Twin Lake, Vilas  County
Robert Damon, Long Lake, Shawano  County
Sue De Ment, Tichigan Lake, Racine  County
Del & Sue Dufrain, Sand Lake, Sawyer  County
Leone Elgaard, Big Dummy Lake, Barron  County
John Erwin, Lake Seventeen, Oneida  County
James Evans, Fence Lake & Moss Lake, Vilas  County
Frank Fitzpatrick, Bear Trap Lake & Wapogasset       Lake, Polk  County
William Flader, Witters Lake, Waushara  County
Lou Frase, Herde Lake & Long Lake, Chippewa  County
Martin Gebhardt, Plum Lake, Vilas  County
Don Glaeser, Bullhead Lake, Manitowoc  County
Lloyd Gossell, Butternut Lake, Forest  County
Don Hiller, Little St. Germain Lake, Vilas  County
Ward & Mary Holz, Seven Island Lake, Lincoln  County
Marv Hunsaker, White Ash Lake, Polk  County
Tom Jordens, Potter Lake, Walworth  County
Bob & Janice Kanyusik, Oconomowoc Lake, Waukesha  County
Lowell Keach, Fox Lake, Dodge  County
Bob Kirschner, Crystal Lake, Forest  County
Jim Klimas, Bond Lake, Douglas  County
Tom & Dianne Kraemer, Upper, Middle & Lower Kimball Lakes, Washburn  County
Peter Mikelich, North Lake, Waukesha  County
Betty Myers, Blue Lake, Oneida  County
Eugene Ohm, Virgin Lake, Oneida  County
Rod Olson, Lake Desair, Barron  County
Jerome Peplinski, Blue Spring Lake, Jefferson  County
Fred Peter, Sand Lake, Rusk  County
Fritz Phillip, Bass Lake, Marinette  County
Keith Posto, Pioneer Lake, Vilas  County
John Rageth, Eagle Spring Lake, Waukesha  County
Tom Rulseh, McDonald Lake, Vilas  County
Roy & Nora Ruud, Lower McKenzie Lake, Washburn  County
Dwight Sandman, Ballard, Irving and White Birch Lakes, Vilas  County
Russell Schaffenberg, Deer Lake, Burnett  County
John Schmall, Johnson Lake, Vilas  County
Paul & Carol Schumacher, Clark Lake, Door  County
Peter Scolaro, Herde Lake & Long Lake, Chippewa County
John Sipos, Golden Lake, Waukesha  County
Bob Spehr, Island Lake (Oneida) and Namekagon Lake (Bayfield)
Bill Stute, Squaw Lake, St. Croix  County
Loren Swanson, Big Hills Lake, Waushara  County
Robert Sward, Big Lake, Vilas  County
Ron Tscholl, Bogbrook Lake & Windfall Lake, Forest County
Howard Unrath, Grass, Pine & Round Lakes, Shawano  County
George Venzke, Silver Lkae, Waushara  County
Paul Verboomen, Wheeler Lake, Oconto  County
Rose Marie Ward, Lake Ripley, Jefferson  County
Donald Wegner, Sr., Bear Trap Lake & Wapogasset       Lake, Polk  County
Robert Wiethaup, Lake Five, Washington  County
Chip Wulff, Sunday Lake, Oneida  County