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Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Awards Contacts

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Awards

5 Year Pin

5 Year Pin
5 Year Pin

The 5 year pin is received by volunteers who have completed 5 consecutive years of Citizen Lake Monitoring. These citizen volunteers receive the pin shown above, as well as a certificate signed by the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources.

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2015 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Keith Beren, Lake Beulah, Walworth County
Jim Blum, Turtle Flambeau Flowage, Lake Bastine, Iron County
Roy Bodo, Jerms Lake, Vilas County
Steve Braddish, Spider Lake, Sawyer County
Pat Bryhan, Big Newton Lake, Marinette County
David Bucheck, LaMont Lake, Polk County
Kathy Buss, Fowler Lake, Waukesha County
Gary Clair, Gilbert Lake, Waushara County
Lorna Dreher, Mission Lake, Shawano County
Mike Esler, Horsehead Lake, Oneida County
John Evans, Lake DeNeveu, Fond du Lac County
Mike Fuller, Little Horn Lake, Oconto County
Larry Goffard, Townsend Flowage, Oconto County
Colleen Gorrilla, Crab Lake, Vilas County
Dan Graff, Rice Lake, Barron County
Carl Hansen, Margaret Lake, Oneida County
Heidi Hazzard, Big, Round and Pine Lakes, Polk County
Rachel Heldt, Mable Lake, Lincoln County
Michael Henderson, Lily Lake, Forest County
Richard Hess, Bass Lake, Vilas County
Barbara Hotchkiss, Lower Nemahbin Lake, Waukesha County
William Hoyer, Shunenberg Lake, Bayfield County
Toni Huber, Mudhen Lake, Burnett County
Mark Jacobson, Bear Trap and Wapogasset Lake, Polk County
Larry Johnson, Red Cedar Lake, Washburn County
Larry Johnson, Red Cedar Lake, Barron County
Kathleen Klinnert, Butternut Lake, Forest County
Frederick Knoch, Long Lake, Oneida County
Jessica Kramer, Stratton Lake, Waupaca County
Tim Leithauser, Round Lake, Burnett County
June  Lewandoski, Rosalind Lake, Vilas County
Paul Lewandoski, Rosalind Lake, Vilas County
Sam Lewis, Lake Nancy, Washburn County
John Mann, Eagle Spring Lake, Waukesha County
Doug Meyers, Lake Mallalieu, Saint Croix County
Mary Ann Michalak, Tom Doyle Lake, Oneida County
Steve Moran, Swamp Lake, Oneida County
Janine Myers, Blue Lake, Oneida County
Louise Pease, Wolf Lake and Fountain Lake, Portage County
Lee Rickard, Wapogasset and Bear Trap, Polk County
Michael Ross, Little Green Lake, Green Lake County
Tony Rutter, Little Yellow Lake, Burnett County
Michelle Schacht, Porters Lake , Waushara County
Tom Schwiebert, Lotus Lake, Polk County
Theresa Smiley, Staples Lake, Barron County
Pat Steingruebl, Tabor Lake, Burnett County
Walter Tarmann, Smoky Lake, Vilas County
William Thorn, Sunrise Lake, Oconto County
Bruce Vanden Berg, Halsey Lake, Florence County
Glenn Viggiano, Buskey Bay, Bayfield County
Mike Werdeo, Crystal Lake, Langlade, Forest County

2014 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Robert Agen, Virgin Lake, Oneida County
Dallas Augustine, Hidden Valley Lake, Lafayette County
Mary Baas, Turtle Lake, Walworth County
Bruce Baker, Lake Tomah, Monroe County
Mary Balthazor, Alpine Lake, Waushara County
Bernie Bangert, , Oconto County
Tom Barborich, Trump Lake, Forest County
Tom Best, Little St. Germain Lake, Vilas County
John Bochler, Eagle Lake, Bayfield County
Ken Bonner, Lower Turtle Lake, Barron County
Al Bower, Rock Dam Lake, Clark County
Daniel Boxrud, Kirby Lake, Barron County
Gerald Brillhart, Wintergreen Lake, Price County
John Brinkman, Lake Lorraine, Walworth County
Bill Brundage, Grand Portage (Tank) Lake, Iron County
Steve Budnik, North Turtle Lake, Vilas County
Hal Burnham, Lake Tomah, Monroe County
Robert Carlson, Sand Lake and Little Sand Lake, Barron County
Doug Ceranske, Lake George, Oneida County
Greg Cernjar, Connors Lake, Sawyer County
Dave Christensen, Little Sand, Barron County
Tim Counihan, Archibald Lake, Oconto County
Steve Cuellar, Mirror/Shadow Lakes, Waupaca County
Dave DeAngelis, Lauderdale Lakes, Walworth County
Tristan DeBruin, Rangeline Lake, Forest County
William DeBruin, Rangeline Lake, Forest County
Joan Dietzler, Cranberry And Minerva Lakes, Burnett County
Karen Dixon, Manitowish River (Between Rest And Stone Lake), Vilas and Iron County
Tim Donovan, Yellowstone Lake, Lafayette County
Richard Dvorak, Archibald Lake, Oconto County
Dan Etten, Bass Lake, Barron County
Jim Falkowski, Echo Lake, Iron County
John Farwell, Carlin Lake, Vilas County
Clarence Feucht, Emily Lake, Dodge County
Ron Fields, Crane Lake, Forest County
Jessica Flanery, White Ash Lake, Polk County
Jackie Fruth, North And South Twin, Vilas County
Jim Fruth, North And South Twin Lakes, Vilas County
Carol Fuchs, Tom Doyle Lake, Oneida County
Richard Garrett, Lake Minocqua and Kawaguesaga, Oneida County
Roberta Gast, , Vilas County
Gary Grapentine, Little Arbor Vitae Lake, Vilas County
Barb Grobarchik, Mary Lake, Langlade County
Jim Grumbeck, Hooker Lake, Kenosha County
Steve Halvorsen, Pleasant Lake, Waushara County
Charlie Handel, Delavan Lake, Walworth County
Jeff Hansen, Connors Lake, Sawyer County
Sherry Hansen, Conners Lake, Sawyer County
Paul Harner, Green Lake, Burnett County
CJ Hartman, Storrs Lake, Rock County
Dan Henning, Peppermill Lake, Adams County
Sandy Henning, Peppermill Lake, Adams County
Barb Herreid, , Adams County
Dennis Hinterleitner, Jersey City Flowage, Lincoln County
Nick Homan, Goose Lake, Adams County
Paul Hoppe, Moss Lake, Vilas County
Earl Hoscheit, Upper Turtle-Barron Lake, Barron County
Mike Huber, Mudhen Lake, Burnett County
Tom Ittner, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Duane Jenson, Chequamegon Waters Flowage, Taylor County
Glenn Johnson, Tom Doyle Lake, Oneida County
Onufry Karch, Goose Lake, Adams County
Kurt Klebe, Boot Lake, Oconto County
Charles Kludt, Johnson Lake, Sawyer County
Pamela Knutowski, Horn, Little Horn, Explosion Lakes And Reservoir Pond, Oconto County
Raymond Knutowski, Horn, Little Horn, Explosion Lakes And Reservoir Pond, Oconto County
Jim Krymkowski, Koonz Lake, Shawano County
Mike Lantz, Windigo Lake, Sawyer County
Roxanne Lantz, Windigo Lake, Sawyer County
Austin Leach, Shoe and Wilke, Manitowoc County
Dan Leh, Halfmoon Lake, Polk County
Theodore Ludwig, Tainter Lake, Dunn County
Dan Lynaugh, Deerskin Lake, Vilas County
John Mack, Hilbert Lake, Marinette County
Tom Mahoney, Red Lake, Douglas County
Glenda Mattila, Sandbar Lake, Bayfield County
Michael McAdams, Anderson Lake, Vilas County
Terry McGhee, Dutch Hollow Lake, Sauk County
Ronald Menozzi, Rainbow Lake, Vilas County
Cheryl Mitchell, Black Oak Lake, Vilas County
Rick Moren, Cochran Lake, Vilas County
Forrest Muehlethaler, Big Portage Lake, Vilas County
Joseph Mueller, Wolf Lake, Adams County
Corinna Neeb, Lime Lake, Portage County
Sam Nelson, Black Oak Lake, Vilas County
Linda Novak, Oxbow Lake, Vilas County
Martha Oie, Twin Bear Lake and Half Moon Lake, Bayfield County
Krista Olson, Mcdill Pond, Portage County
Joyce Owens, Alma Lake, Vilas County
Dan Pagel, Blue Lake, Oneida County
Sue Pagel, Blue Lake, Oneida County
Larry Philbrick, Loon Lake, Shawano County
Dennis Poehler, Tri-Lakes, Adams County
Mike Poliak, Booth Lake, Walworth County
Bill Porter, Lake Namakagon, Bayfield County
Gordon Priegel, Lake Delton, Sauk County
Richard Przybyla, Long Lake, Oneida County
Gary Pulford, Lac Courte Oreilles, Sawyer County
Bill Radtke, North Pipe Lake, Polk County
Lewis Raker, Smoky Lake, Vilas County
Grant Reed, Lake Metonga, Forest County
Karl Richter, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Karyl Rosenberg, Tom Doyle Lake, Oneida County
Richard Ross, Lake Nokomis, Deer And Bridge Lakes, Lincoln County
Paul Sandry, Spirit Reservoir, Lincoln County
Karen Schiotz, Conners Lake, Sawyer County
Lona Schmidt, Musky Lake, Bayfield County
Jim Schofield, Connors Lake (Lake Of The Pines), Sawyer County
Mike Schollmeyer, Middle Mckenzie Lake, Burnett County
Robert Schulz, Shishebogama Lake, Vilas and Oneida County
Robert Sengbusch, Becker Lake, Calumet County
Jim  Shavlik, Yankee Lake, Marinette County
Alex Smith, Poquette Lake, Burnett County
Richard Smith, Two Island Lake, Chippewa County
Cathy Snyder, Upper Gresham Lake, Vilas County
Dick Staloch, Tabor Lake, Burnett County
Jim Stoffel, Lone Stone Lake, Oneida, Vilas and Forest County
Thomas Stram, Connors Lake, Sawyer County
Sterling Strause, Wilson Lake, Waushara County
Ginny Suechting, Big Lake, Shawano County
Pete Suechting, Big Lake, Shawano County
Sue Tarmann, Smoky Lake, Vilas County
Joe Thrasher, Long Lake, Washburn County
Karen Trembath, Moose Lake, Langlade County
Richard Upton, Cox Hollow And Twin Valley Lakes, Iowa County
Barbara Van Sickle, Poskin Lake, Barron County
Mike Vandenberg, North Twin Lake, Washburn County
Norm Wetzel, , Vilas and Iron County
Gene Weyer, Hartlaub Lake, Manitowoc County
Gary Zuckweiler, Big Butternut Lake, Polk County

2013 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Roger Anderson, Granite Lake, Barron County
Dallas Augustine, Hidden Valley Lake, Lafayette County
Bernie Bangert, Paya Lake, Oconto County
Tom Barborich, Trump Lake, Forest County
John Bochler, Eagle Lake, Bayfield County
Ken Bonner, Lower Turtle Lake, Barron County
Daniel Boxrud, Kirby Lake, Barron County
John Brinkman, Lake Lorraine, Walworth County
Steve Budnik, North Turtle Lake, Vilas County
Dave Christensen, Little Sand Lake, Barron County
Tim Counihan, Archibald Lake, Oconto County
Steve Cuellar, Mirror/Shadow Lakes, Waupaca County
Dave DeAngelis, Lauderdale Lakes, Walworth County
Tristan DeBruin, Rangeline Lake , Forest County
William DeBruin, Rangeline Lake , Forest County
Joan Dietzler, Cranberry and Minerva Lakes, Burnett County
Tim Donovan, Yellowstone Lake, Lafayette County
Richard Dvorak, Archibald Lake, Oconto County
Jim Falkowski, Echo Lake, Iron County
Ron Fields, Crane Lake, Forest County
Carol Fuchs, Tom Doyle Lake, Oneida County
Gary Grapentine, Little Arbor Vitae Lake, Vilas County
Barb Grobarchik, Mary Lake, Langlade County
Steve Halvorsen, Pleasant Lake, Waushara County
Charlie Handel, Delavan Lake, Walworth County
Jeff Hansen, Connors Lake, Sawyer County
Dan Henning, Peppermill Lake, Adams County
Sandy Henning, Peppermill Lake, Adams County
Barb Herreid, Arrowhead, Camelot, Sherwood Lakes, Adams County
Nick Homan, Goose Lake, Adams County
Glenn Johnson, Tom Doyle Lake, Oneida County
Kurt Klebe, Boot Lake, Oconto County
Charles Kludt, Johnson Lake, Sawyer County
Jim Krymkowski, Koonz Lake, Shawano County
Mike Lantz, Windigo Lake, Sawyer County
Roxanne Lantz, Windigo Lake, Sawyer County
Theodore Ludwig, Tainter Lake, Dunn County
Dan Lynaugh, Deerskin Lake, Vilas County
John Mack, Hilbert Lake, Marinette County
Tom Mahoney, Red Lake, Douglas County
Terry McGhee, Dutch Hollow Lake, Sauk County
Ronald Menozzi, Rainbow Lake, Vilas County
Joseph Mueller, Wolf Lake, Adams County
Sam Nelson, Black Oak Lake, Vilas County
Martha Oie, Twin Bear Lake and Half Moon Lake, Bayfield County
Krista Olson, McDill Pond, Portage County
Joyce Owens, Alma Lake, Vilas County
Dan Pagel, Blue Lake, Oneida County
Sue Pagel, Blue Lake, Oneida County
Mike Poliak, Booth Lake, Walworth County
Bill Porter, Lake Namakagon, Bayfield County
Gary Pulford, Lac Courte Oreilles, Sawyer County
Bill Radtke, North Pipe Lake, Polk County
Karyl Rosenberg, Tom Doyle Lake, Oneida County
Lloyd Rossa, Planting Ground, Oneida County
Paul Sandry, Spirit Reservoir, Lincoln County
Lona Schmidt, Musky Lake, Bayfield County
Jim  Shavlik, Yankee Lake, Marinette County
Alex Smith, Poquette Lake, Burnett County
Sterling Strause, Wilson Lake, Waushara County
Ginny Suechting, Big Lake, Shawano County
Joe Thrasher, Long Lake, Washburn County
Karen Trembath, Moose Lake, Langlade County
Mike Vandenberg, North Twin Lake, Washburn County
Gary Zuckweiler, Big Butternut Lake, Polk County

2012 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Richard Anderson, Arrowhead Lake, Adams County
David Balestri, Half Moon Lake, Polk County
Walt Bates, Black Oak Lake, Vilas County
David Baumann, Deer Lake, Polk County
Nick Baumgart, Frog Lake and Bass Lake, Florence County
Joe Beers, Black Oak Lake, Vilas County
Ken Beier, Alma Lake, Vilas County
Terrie Beier, Alma Lake., Vilas County
Gary Berweger, Moen Lake, Oneida County
Kent Bradshaw, Two Sisters Lake, Oneida County
Roger Brandt, Moen Lake, Oneida County
Ed Burns, Lake Wisconsin, Columbia/Sauk County
Judy Carlson, Moen Lake, Marathon/Oneida County
Doug Ceranske, Lake George, Oneida County
Robert Cropp, Peppermill Lake, Adams County
William Day, Burrows Lake, Oneida County
Thomas Druschke, Perch Lake, Oneida County
Denise Feldmann, South Twin Lake, Washburn County
Tom Feldmann, South Twin Lake, Washburn County
Mary Jo Fleming, Lake Wissota, Chippewa County
Walt Gager, Fourth Lake, Moen Chain, Oneida/Marathon County
Tom Gartner, Stearns Lake, Vilas County
Leslie Gauberti, Fishtrap Lake, Vilas County
Ron Geske, Second and Third Lake, Moen Lake Chain, Oneida County
Mary Goetsch, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Nancy Grapentine, Little Arbor Vitae Lake, Vilas County
Patrick Hayes, Gunlock Lake, Iron/Vilas County
Nick Hebel, White Mound Lake, Sauk County
Ralph Hensel, Silver Lake, Washington County
Chuck Hillman, Big Roche a Cri Lake, Adams County
Sandy Hillman, Big Roche a Cri Lake, Adams County
Victoria Houston, Moen Lake, Oneida County
Debra Jensen, Fawn Lake, Adams County
Jeff Kante, Pine Lake, Waukesha County
Richard Keiser, Pulaski Lake, Rusk County
Ken Kerkhoff, Crooked Lake, Oconto County
Daniel Kirk, Wood Lake, Marquette County
Rebecca Klemme, Lake Lucerne, Forest County
Lora Krouse, Little Newton Lake, Marinette County
Toni Kruse, Lake Chetac, Sawyer County
Dan Kuzlik, Moen Chain, Oneida/Marathon County
Deb La Gesse, Devils Lake, Burnett County
Carole Linn, Cranberry Lake, Oneida County
Terry Liska, Big Silver Lake, Waushara County
Pat Mahoney, White Ash Lake, Polk County
Paul Martin, Boulder Lake, Oconto County
Greg McCrossin, Machickanee Flowage, Oconto County
Marilynn McNurlin, Granite Lake, Barron County
David  Melton, Little Spider Lake, Vilas County
Ellen Mihm, Sand Lake, Rusk County
Bonnie Montgomery, Fifth Lake, Oneida County
Marilyn Moutvic, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Susanne Ohman, Third Lake, Oneida/Marathon County
Dave Owen, Tiger Cat Flowage (Lower Twin Lake), Sawyer County
Ralph Owen, Lake Owen, Bayfield County
Clyde Owens, Alma Lake, Vilas County
James Pederson, Moen Lake, Oneida County
Jim Radke, Potato Lake, Rusk County
Noreen Rossa, Townline and Scattering Rice Lake, Oneida County
Elliot Sanders, Little Friess Lake, Washington County
David Schiotz, Connors Lake, Sawyer County
Thomas Selbin, Big Sand Lake, Burnett County
Roger Smith, Mid Lake, Oneida County
Joe Spitz, Sunset Lake, Vilas County
Dave Sura, Fawn Lake, Adams County
Paul Swanson, Hasbrook Lake, Oneida County
Larry Ten Haken, Lee Lake, Oneida County
Richard Thurow, Round and Grass Lakes, Shawano County
Douglas Toumany, Big Twin Lake, Langlade County
Scott Voigt, Lake Pesobic, Lincoln County
Dave Vold, Tozer Lake, Washburn County
Jack Wade, Lee Lake, Oneida County
Michelle Warber, Parker Lake, Adams County
Robert Warber, Parker Lake, Adams County
Kevin Warning, Lawrence, Fischer and Baker Lake, Langlade County
Nancy Wendt, North Spirit and Spirit Lakes, Taylor/Price County
Shannon Werb, Largon Lake, Polk County
Kathleen Winkler, Moen Lake Chain, Oneida County
Sonny Wreczycki, Rolling Stone Lake, Langlade County
Janet Zamrazil, High Lake, Vilas County
Jim Zamrazil, High Lake, Vilas County

2011 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Ronald Albrecht, Lake Owen, Bayfield County
Barb Ament, Pelican Lake, Oneida County
Jackie Applegate, Big Newton Lake, Marinette County
Mike Backus, Jordan Lake (West Basin), Adams County
Jim Baumann, Odana Pond, Dane County
Richard Beckman, Big Bearskin Lake, Oneida County
Randy Borree, Wilson Lake, Waushara County
Al Boyce, Horsehead Lake, Vilas County
Bob Boyd, Bone Lake, Polk Co.
Jim Brancel, Spider Lake, Iron Co.
Mark Bretl, Pretty Lake, Waukesha County
Sandy Burgermeister, Porters Lake, Waushara County
Tom Burgermeister, Porters Lake, Waushara County
Jim Calabrese, Lower McKenzie Lake, Washburn County
Mike Caveney, Waubeesee Lake, Racine County
Nancy Collyard, Island Lake, Bayfield Co.
Jim Cook, Viola Lake, Burnett Co.
Mary Cook, Viola Lake, Burnett Co.
Randall Curtis, Black Otter, Outagamie County
Willard Danker, Lake Owen, Bayfield County
Lynne Darner, Gilbert Lake, Waushara County
Judy Doud, Bear Lake, Waupaca Co.
Colleen Dowell, Street Lake, Vilas Co.
Jim Ehle, Lake Chetac, Sawyer Co.
Richard Emanuelson, Cranberry Flowage, Douglas Co.
Rosemary Emanuelson, Cranberry Flowage, Douglas Co.
Brian Ewart, Berry Lake, Oconto Co.
Julie Flaskamp, Rice Lake, Barron County
Thomas Flaskamp, Rice Lake, Barron Co.
Michael Fletcher, Marl Lake, Waushara County
William Frisque, Spread Eagle Chain, Florence Co.
Norm Gibbs, Silver Lake, Washburn Co.
John Gorrilla, Crab Lake, Vilas County
Bob Greene, Bear Lake, Forest County
Scott Hagen, Loon Lake, Barron Co.
Gordon Hanson, Balsam Lake, Polk Co.
George Holloway, Little Tamarack Flowage, Baker Lake And Spring Lake, Vilas County
Sue Holloway, Little Tamarack Flowage, Baker Lake And Spring Lake , Vilas County
Dean Johnson, Atkins Lake, Bayfield Co.
Deb Johnson, Big Moon Lake, Barron County
Rollie Johnson, Big Moon Lake, Barron County
Tom Kielich, White Lake, Marquette County
Barbara Klobucar, Lake Owen, Bayfield County
Ferd Klobucar, Lake Owen, Bayfield County
Brian Kuchenbecker, Bullhead Lake, Manitowoc County
Dale Lehmann, Connors Lake, Sawyer Co.
Sandra Lehmann, Connors Lake, Sawyer County
Don Loftus, Lipsett Lake, Burnett Co.
Pamela Mack, Deer Lake, Lincoln County
Joseph Mass, Cloverleaf Lakes, Shawano County
Mike Mauritz, Wilson Lake, Waushara County
John Meier, Lower Kimball Lake, Washburn County
Tim Meyer, Arkdale Lake, Adams County
James Miller, Okauchee Lake, Waukesha County
Mary Miller, Okauchee Lake, Waukesha County
Tom Miller, Balsam Lake, Polk Co, Polk County
Yolan Mistele, Towanda Lake, Vilas County
Mick Mlinar, Porcupine Lake, Florence County
Jim Nelson, Papoose Lake,Vilas County
Timothy Nickels, Harris Lake, Vilas County
William Noennig, Druid Lake, Washington County
Wayne Noffke, Rose Lake, Langlade County
David Nowicki, East Twin Lake, Oneida County
James Nyberg, Big Sissabagama Lake, Sawyer County
Dan Paretsky, Lotus Lake, Vilas County
Joseph Polacheck, Lake Shangri-La, Kenosha County
Dwight Pugh, Hill Lake, Adams County
Chuck Rubow, Upper Eau Claire Lake, Bayfield Co.
Jim Schneider, Bear And Munger Lakes, Oconto County
Jeri Shaw, Unnamed Bog Lake, Vilas County
Charlotte Shover, Little Ripley Lake, Washburn Co.
Dick Shover, Little Ripley Lake, Washburn Co.
Greg Smith, Lower Spring Lake, Jefferson County
Joseph Smogar, Indian Lake, Oneida County
Mary Sorensen, Breakfast Lake, Bayfield Co.
Mark Spease, Lipsett Lake, Burnett Co, Burnett County
Michael Stachowiak, Echo Lake, Barron Co.
Trudy Stachowiak, Echo Lake, Barron Co.
Michael Stadler, North Lake, Waukesha County
Milt Stanze, Balsam Lake, Polk County
Scott Stennes, Mud Hen Lake, Burnett County
Don Strand, Krohns Lake, Kewaunee County
Judy Surprenant, Loon Lake, Burnett Co.
Nancy Tarnow, Gilmore Lake, Oneida County
Jerry Thorne, Diamond Lake, Vilas Co.
Robert Titzler, Spider Lake, Bayfield County
John Van Hoof, Arbutus Lake, Forest County
Logan Van Hoof, Arbutus Lake, Forest Co.
Paige Van Hoof, Arbutus Lake, Forest County
Nick Vento, High Falls And Caldron Reservoirs, Marinette County
Wayne Vyncke, Upper Twin Lake, Sawyer Co.
Thomas Walker, Middle Kimball Lake, Washburn Co.
Kay Wegner, Circle Lily Lake, Vilas County

2010 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Ronald Allison, Big Carr Lake, Oneida County
Dale Anderson, Nelson Lake, Sawyer County
John Anderson, White Sand Lake, Vilas County
Dave Andreasen, Kirby Lake, Barron County
Joyce Andreasen, Kirby Lake, Barron Co.
Herb Archibald, Black Dan Lake, Sawyer Co.
Paul Bartlam, Little Sand Lake, Washburn Co.
Carol Becker, English Lake, Ashland Co.
Mark Blakeslee, Mirror Lake, Sauk County
Denis Boehm, Kathan Lake, Oneida County
Peter Boettcher, Lake Dubay, Portage / Marathon County
John Brunette, Perch Lake, Oneida County
John Burscheid, Lower Kaubashine, Oneida County
Dennis Carlson, Dutch Hollow Lake, Sauk County
Patricia Cicero, Rock Lake, Jefferson County
Ginny Coburn, Tripp Lake, Walworth County
Jack Craggs, Oneida Lake, Oneida County
Michelle DellaMaria , Lake Sharon, Marquette County
Bill Devries, Tahkodah Lake, Bayfield County
James Duke, Wildcat Lake, Vilas County
William Dutton, Little Horn, Lower Reservoir Pond, Horn, Explosion, Oconto County
Robert Ehmke, Lower Gresham Lake, Vilas County
Steve Eichman, Horseshoe Lake, Barron Co.
Sidney Ellenbecker, Lake Dubay, Portage / Marathon County
Richard Engelmann, Katinka Lake, Vilas County
Reesa Evans, Adams County Lakes
Jim Eveland, Upper And Lower Post Lakes, Langlade County
Dewitt Everix, Little Star Lake, Vilas County
Andy Fowler, Pike Lake, Iron County
Marlys Fritzell, Charnley Lake, Iron County
Peter Fritzell, Charnley Lake, Iron County
Jean Gottwald, Lower Eau Claire Lake, Douglas / Bayfield County
Greg Griswold, Hat Rapids Flowage, Oneida County
Richard Grunewald, Lake Dubay, Portage / Marathon County
Gerald Gustafson, Sand Bar Lake, Bayfield Co.
Mary Gustavson, Stone Lake, Burnett Co.
Jack Hahn, Upper And Lower Post Lake, Langlade County
Orvus Helgerson, Silver Lake, Washburn Co.
Bonnie Hensel, Silver Lake , Washington County
Greg Holmes, Blackhawk Lake, Iowa County
Dean Houck, Big Bear Lake, Burnett Co.
Jerry Huffmaster, Mercer Lake, Iron County
Richard Hyde, Bass Lake, Barron Co.
Robert Janssen, Koonz & Beaulieu Lakes, Shawano County
Jim Johnson, Bony Lake, Bayfield Co.
John Johnson, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Keelin Kane, Falk, Gull, Love Lakes, Burnett County
Cindy Katt , Kettle Moraine Lake, Fond Du Lac County
Cary Katzenberger, Wandawega Lake, Walworth County
Amy Klebe, Boot Lake, Oconto County
Mike Klink, Lake Chetac, Sawyer Co.
Gary Klund, Sand Lake, Barron Co.
Lloyd Knope, Loon Lake, Shawano County
Jerry Kort, Spider Lake, Vilas County
Keith Kraft, Lake Five, Washington County
Marjorie Kugler, Bear Trap & Wapogasset Lakes, Polk Co.
Bob Lind, Bear Lake, Washburn/Barron County
Daniel Lucas, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Judith Lucas, Lake Winnebago (713328), Winnebago County
David Luka, Lake 26, Burnett Co., 73060
Donald Madden, Adelaide Lake, Vilas County
John McCall, Bone Lake, Polk Co.
Dave Mueller, Otter Lake And Lynx Lake, Vilas County
David Muench, Bear Lake, Forest County
Reed Newlin, Big Stone Lake, Oneida County
Mark Noesges, Hasbrook Lake, Oneida County
Jeannie North, Balsam & Mud Lakes, Washburn Co.
Otto Novak, Oxbow Lake, Vilas County
Michael O'Sullivan, Spider Lake, Sawyer Co.
Tom Pinter, Middle Genesee Lake, Waukesha County
John Pulver, Big Bear Lake, Burnett County
Bruce Rahlf, Hilts Lake, Lincoln County
Gloria Rahlf, Hilts Lake, Lincoln County
Bernd Rehm, Lake Arbutus, Clark / Jackson County
Ken Resch, Booth Lake, Oneida County
Mary Resch, Booth Lake, Oneida County
Brian Robley, Carstens Lake, Manitowoc County
Mark Rodenkirch, Green Lake, Washington County
Richard Roder, Perch Lake, Oneida County
Bob Roell, Beaver Dam Lake, Dodge County
Susan Sanders, Little Friess Lake, Washington County
Jerome Schaefer, Mercer Lake, Iron County
Donna Sefton, , Iowa County
Robert Sellinger, Big Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan County
Karen Smout, Lake Mildred, Oneida County
Charlie Spencer, Middle Gresham, Vilas County
Jay Stellmacher, Wheeler Lake, Oconto County
Steve Szpak, Whitefish Lake, Oneida County
Tom Teague, Little Pike Lake, Iron County
Ken Terry, Wildcat Lake, Vilas County
Allen Theiler, Lake Mohawksin, Lincoln County
Steve Tobalsky, Pickerel Lake, Lincoln County
Bud Vance, Lauderdale Lakes, Walworth County
Tom Wendt, North Spirit And Spirit Lakes, Taylor / Price County
Alrye Wetterling, Pavlas Lake, Washburn County
Steve Willson, Crystal Lake, Iron County

2009 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Brad Ayers, Somers Lake, Polk Co.
Wayne Besaw, Lake Poygan, Winnebago, Waushara County
Chelsea Blum, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Marc Blum, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
David Blumer, Upper & Lower Vermillion Lakes, Barron Co.
David Boyd, Velvet And Flannery Lakes, Oneida County
Robert Burford, Austin Lake, Burnett Co.
Marsha Camitta, Lac Labelle, Waukesha County
Diane Capener, Bills Lake, Vilas County
Mike Capener, Bills Lake, Vilas County
Raymond Casper, Alpine Lake, Waushara County
Jack Clarke, Pigeon Lake, Manitowoc County
Tom Clausen, Lake Winnebago, Fond du Lac County
Bruce Curtis, Lazy Lake, Columbia County
Dorothy Curtis, Lazy Lake, Columbia County
Susan Davis, Everett Lake, Bayfield County
Paul Dearlove, Lake Ripley Management District, Jefferson County
Robert Debruin, Rangeline Lake, Forest County
Dick Depies, Park Lake, Columbia County
Karen Depies, Park Lake, Columbia County
Cary Farah, Tree Lake, Portage County
Ed Fox, Big And Little Crawling Stone, Vilas County
Donna Gager, Fourth Lake, Moen Chain, Oneida County
Steve Germain, Little Yellow Lake, Burnett Co.
Mary Gronlund, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Dave Growe, Sand Lake, Burnett County
Nancy Growe, Sand Lake, Burnett Co.
Julie Hankes, Sandy Lake, Marquette County
Beck Hilliker, Bear/Munger Lake, Oconto County
Beatrice Holton, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Gerald Huse, Gilmore Lake Washburn Co, Washburn County
Daniel Jones, Explosion Lake, Oconto County
Noel Junkunc, Snipe Lake, Vilas County
Toivo Kallas, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Tom Kartes, North White Ash Lake, Polk Co.
John Klingbiel, Lake Wisconsin - Harmony Grove, Columbia, Sauk County
Clif Kolberg, Little Saint Germain, Vilas County
John Leeb, Leader Lake, Douglas Co.
Heidi Magayne, Perch Lake, Oneida County
Jerry Magayne, Perch Lake, Oneida County
Matthew Manley, Petenwell Lake, Adams, Juneau County
Peter Manley, Petenwell Lake, Adams, Juneau County
Dennis McCarthy, Lake Ripley, Jefferson County
Andy Medzis, Bear Lake, Barron County
Donald Mevis, Fifth Lake, Moen Chain, Oneida County
Al Minar, Nelson Lake, Sawyer County
Dorothy Moe, Bear Lake, Barron Co.
Robert Moe, Bear Lake, Barron County
Rhode Nelson, Legend Lake, Menominee County
James Olson, Long Lake, Bayfield County
Nan Olson, Long Lake, Bayfield Co.
William Olson, Tainter Lake, Dunn County
Jim Onarheim, Moose Lake, Sawyer Co.
Scott Otterson, Cedar Lake, Manitowoc County
Bill Patza, Cranberry Lake, Bayfield County
Carl Pfeiffer, Nelson Lake, Vilas County
John Plaza, Mud Lake (Ojaski), Barron Co.
Kathy Propp, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Leon Radomski, Loon Lake, Florence County
Clair Rasmussen, Rock Dam Lake, Clark County
Fritz Rhyner, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Jessica Rice, Silver Lake, Waukesha, Waukesha County
Jim Ross, Brekke Lake, Waupaca Co.
John Ross, Bass Lake Barron, Barron County
Paul Sager, Birch Lake, Vilas County
Russ Sanderson, White Sand Lake, Vilas County
Bob Schmuck, Kirby Lake, Barron County
Jane Shadick, Perch Lake, Oneida County
Dave Simon, Long Lake, Fond Du Lac County
Bill Sobaski, Fish Lake, Burnett County
Gail Sobaski, Fish Lake, Burnett County
Pete Spaulding, Lauderdale Lakes, Walworth County
Doris Speich, Musser Flowage, Price County
Douglas Stevens, Axhandle Lake, Chippewa County
William Tischendorf, Hancock Lake (Oneida), Oneida County
Rick Tobalsky, Pickerel Lake, Lincoln County
Mary Walczak, Loveless Lake, Polk County
Craig Walkey, Spider Lake 5, Washburn Co.
Jim Wildenberg, Spectacle Lake, Vilas County
Lorna Wilson, St. Croix Flowage, Douglas Co.
Roger Wilson, St. Croix Flowage, Douglas Co.
William Yorkson, Little Yellow Lake, Burnett Co.
Paul Zwick, Lake Emily, Dodge County

2008 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Bill Ahrens, Perch Lake, Langlade County
Joe Altschaefl, Pelican Lake, Oneida County
Kirby Ament, Pelican Lake, Oneida County
Fred Anderson, Whitefish Lake, Douglas Co.
Kenneth Anderson, Duck Lake, Barron County
Lynette Anderson, Lake Of The Falls, First Black Lake, Iron County
Karen Austin, Hay Lake, Bayfield County
Dennis Batchelet, Horsehead Lake, Oneida County
David Benson, Slim Lake, Washburn County
Robert Benson, Slim Lake, Washburn County
Les Berg, Lake Mallalieu, Saint Croix County
Beth Bettenhausen, Island Lake, Rusk Co.
Richard Boosted, Spring Lake, Waushara County
Joe Brady, Wilipyro & Samoset Lakes, Bayfield County
Carl Bruggink, Round, Grass, Pine, Shawano County
Dorothy Busby, Nicaboyne Lake, Burnett Co.
Ken Busby, Nicaboyne Lake, Burnett Co.
April Carroll, Ross Allen Lake, Vilas County
Edward Carroll, Ross Allen Lake, Vilas County
Neil Christenson, Lake Wapogasset & Bear Trap, Polk Co.
Ben Curtis, Hunters Lake, Waukesha County
Jim Dehn, Oak Lake, Burnett County
Paul Didier, Lake Beulah, Walworth County
William Drees, Little Portage Lake, Vilas County
John Durben, Washington Lake & Shawano Lake, Shawano County
Mona Durben, Washington Lake &Shawano Lake, Shawano County
R. Eric Edwards, Parker Lake, Adams County
Bob Garfinkel, White Clay Lake, Shawano County
Larry Ghimenti, Round Lake, Burnett Co.
Andy Greshowak, Deep Lake, Washburn County
Denise Gruszka, Lac Sault Dore, Price County
Karen Gundelach, Bass Lake, Bayfield Co.
Kathy Hyde, Big Bass Lake, Washburn County
Ralph Hyde, Big Bass Lake, Washburn County
Richard Jahns, Killarney Lake, Oneida County
Andy Janik, Beaver Lake, Vilas County
Valerie Jaske, Golden Lake, Waukesha County
Richard Jenks, Phantom Lakes, Waukesha County
Alyson Kapolnek, Lake Benedict, Kenosha County
Art Kastl, Bass Lake, Vilas County
Barbara Katz, Enterprise Lake, Langlade County
Phil Knuf, Coon Lake, Polk Co.
Bill Knutsen, Lake Wapogasset & Bear Trap Lakes, Polk Co.
Thomas Koenen, Shishebogama And Gunlock Lake, Vilas County
Annette Kruger, Echo Lake, Barron Co.
Bill Lindsay, Stone Lake, Iron County
Aida McCabe, Potato Lake, Washburn Co.
Larry McCabe, Potato Lake, Washburn Co.
Joe McDaniel, Lake Tomah, Monroe County
Richard McMillan, Beaver Dam Lake, Dodge County
Pete Medtlie, Silver Lake, Wild Rose Area, Waushara County
Robert Messinger, Butternut Lake, Forest County
Richard Meyer, Slim Lake, Washburn County
Bruce Meyers, Clear Lake, Sawyer Co.
Scott Miller, Lake Beulah, Walworth County
Bob Mott, Pelican Lake, Oneida County
Connie Muench, Moose Lake, Waukesha County
Jerry Nelson, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Rick Nelson, Lake Ruth, Bayfield County
John Neste, Spooner Lake, Washburn County
Jim Nielson, Lyman Lake, Douglas Co.
Wayne North, Balsam Lake & Mud Lake, Washburn County
Mariette Nowak, Swift Lake, Walworth County
Susan Nowicki, East Twin Lake, Oneida County
John Olson, Red Cedar Lake, Barron Co.
Joyce Olson, Red Cedar Lake, Barron Co.
Donna Perry, Fuller Lake, Oneida County
Robert Pierce, Little Bateau (Bass)Lake, Vilas County
Bob Polkinghorn, Johnson Lake, Burnett County
Tom Rehfeldt, Spring Lake(12-40-9W)Sawyer, Sawyer County
Ron Rosencrans, Deep Lake, Washburn County
John Rowe, Long Lake, Vilas County
Doris Rusch, Red Cedar, Jefferson County
Pat Schloerke, Lower Spring Lake, Jefferson County
Steve Sheets, Goose Pond, Dane County
Gene Soderbeck, Big Wood Lake, Burnett County
Jim Speck, Silver Lake, Washburn Co.
Alfred Speich, Musser Lake, Price County
Jack Stefan, Tiger Cat Lake, Sawyer Co.
Mike Stege, Sylvan Lake, Barron Co.
Phil Taugher, Lake Beulah, Walworth County
Richard Thiede, Hewitt And Long Lake, Iron County
Alex Watras, Carlin Lake, Vilas County
Larry Wehrheim, Druid Lake, Washington County
Wilbur Werling, Big Crawling Stone Lake, Vilas County
Leroy Wold, McGraw Lake, Burnett Co.
Win Zimmerman, Deerskin Lake, Vilas County
Jennifer Zorr, Copper Lake And Unnamed Lake (Black Ghost), Lincoln County
William Zorr, Copper And Unnamed Lake (Black Ghost), Lincoln County

2007 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Ronald Anders, Beulah Lake, Walworth County
Rodney Andreasen, Hulls Lake, Taylor County
Jerold Bauch, Loon Lake, Ashland County
Dan Bergeron, Big Round Lake, Polk County
Mary Jo Bonner, Lower Turtle Lake, Barron County
Richard Boyer, Archibald Lake, Oconto County
Phil Brown, MD, Spider Lake (Big Spider Basin), Sawyer County
Tom Bugel, Lake Placid, Sawyer County
Armin Burri, Big Moon Lake, Barron County
Carol Christensen, Big Lake, Vilas County
Sarah Clanton, Sunset Lake, Portage County
Sally Crnich, Paddock Lake, Kenosha County
Sondra Dunne, Beaver Dam Lake, Ashland County
Nancy Dutton, Little Horn, Upper Reservoir Pond, Lower Reservoir Pond, Horn, Explosion, Oconto County
M. Lee Eklund, Deep Lake, Washburn Co.
Tom Erickson, Vance Lake, Vilas County
Jim Evans, Harris Lake, Vilas County
David Field, Upper Kaubashine, Oneida County
Wayne Gibson, Crystal Lake, Douglas Co.
Hugh Gilgenbach, Side Hollow Lake, Vernon County
Roger Gustafson, Lake Delta, Bayfield County
Stan Hall, Archibald Lake, Oconto County
Steve Helmers, Hunter Lake, Sawyer County
Donald Hoppe, Lake Julia, Oneida County
Bob Horswill, Armour Lake, Vilas County
John Hughes, Deep Lake, Washburn County
Larry Kahl, Poskin Lake, Barron County
Bill Kerr, Tahkodah Lake, Bayfield County
Paul Kipping, Rooney Lake, Burnett County
Sara Klein, Sevenmile Lake, Oneida County
William Krause, Big Ripley Lake, Washburn County
John Kugler, Bear Trap & Wapogasset Lakes, Polk County
Donna Leehey, Trego Flowage, Washburn County
Pj Leehey, Trego Flowage, Washburn County
Paul Lehmkuhl, Island Lake, Vilas County
Larry Matheny, Teal River Flowage, Sawyer County
Raylene Matheny, Teal River Flowage, Sawyer County
Frederick Mathwig, Boulder Lake, Oconto County
Craig Mccallum, Monona Bay & Squaw Bay, Dane County
Jennifer Mcdermot, Berry Lake, Oconto County
Michael Mcdermot, Berry Lake, Oconto County
Pam Mcvety, Lake George, Oneida County
Richard Mertes, Pleasant Lake, Walworth County
Cindy Meyer, Heidmann Lake, Kewaunee County
Sandra Nelson, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Richard Nilson, Bean Lake, Washburn County
Ralph Nystrom, Jackson Lake, Namakagon Lake (Northeast Basin), Bayfield County
Gary Pahl, Clear, Chain, Mccann, & Island Lakes, Rusk County
Steven Reichel, Plummer Lake, Vilas County
Robert Reinert, Bean Lake, Washburn County
Jim Rice, Amik Lake, Vilas County
Glen Riess, Hasbrook Lake, Oneida County
Raymond Rinehart, Muskellunge Lake, Vilas County
Steven Schielke, Crystal Lake, Sheboygan County
Larry Schulze, Big Newton Lake, Marinette County
Patricia Schulze, Big Newton Lake, Marinette County
Kitt Siegfried, Lake Wissota, Chippewa County
Diane Stewart, Lake Tahkodah, Bayfield County
Tom Tuttle, Jr., Little Crab Lake, Vilas County
Mary Jo Vance, Pleasant Lake, Waushara County
Dennis Vander Werff, Fox Lake, Dodge County
James Willems, Lower Reservoir Pond, Oconto County
Steven Wineland, Glen Lake, Marinette County
Clyde Wishart, Namekagon Lake (Garden), Bayfield County
Paul Wojcik, Hunters Lake, Waukesha County
Brad Zepplin, Mead Lake, Clark County
Dwight Ziegler, Horn Lake, Oconto County

2006 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

John Annin, Black Oak Lake, Langlade County
Paul Ashbaugh, Papoose Lake, Vilas County
Bob Barofsky, Presque Isle Lake, Vilas County
Jeanette Boettcher, Otter Lake, Vilas County
Jeanne Brown, Minong Flowage, Washburn Co.
Ronald Brown, Minong Flowage, Washburn Co.
Jeff Burke, Van Vliet Lake, Vilas County
Paul Callaghan, Stone Lake, Washburn County
Jim Czajkowski, Upper & Lower Devils Lakes, Barron County
Greg De Ment, Tichigan Lake, Racine County
Roger Dreher, Wilipyro & Samoset Lakes, Bayfield County
Tom Ehrsam, North Lake, Waukesha County
Clyde Eilo, Galilee & Caroline Lakes, Ashland County
Joan Fahning, Ike Walton Lake, Vilas County
Tom Ganfield, Whitewater Lake, Walworth County
Ray Geiger, Long Lake, Manitowoc County
Michael Gillette, Grindle Lake, Oconto County
Mike Gottwald, Lower Eau Claire Lake, Bayfield County
Robert Gross, Maiden Lake, Oconto County
Dixie Gruenewald, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Gerald Gruenewald, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Ed Grzejka, Hasbrook Lake, Oneida County
Ken Holdmann, Duck Lake, Vilas County
Philip Hollman, Pickerel And Crane Lakes, Forest County
Geoff Iverson, Williams Lake, Marquette County
Jerry Kabelowsky, Pike Lake, Washington County
Jim Kohel, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Bill Lambrecht, Stone Lake, Vilas County
Decker Lardner, Harris Lake, Vilas County
Louise Magnani, Peppermill Lake, Adams County
Barbara Mcdermid, Deep Wood Lake, Langlade County
Linda Mctaggert, Windigo Lake, Sawyer County
Wendy Metzler, Lee Lake, Oneida County
Jim Miller, Muskellunge Lake, Oneida County
Tom Moutvic, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Bart Mueller, Upper Eau Claire Lake, Bayfield County
Mark Muschinski, Rice Lake, Walworth County
David Nilles, White Lake, Marquette County
Roger Olson, Lake Nancy, Washburn County
Alan Pearson, Freedom Lakes, Polk County
Lee Peterson, Little Dummy Lake, Barron Co.
Roger Reas, Schnur Lake, Price County
Gail Richter, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Kenneth Richter, Horseshoe Lake, Manitowoc County
Donna Rowell, Perch Lake, Oneida County
Sam Rowell, Perch Lake, Oneida County
Carol Seehafer, Deep Wood Lake, Langlade County
Kent Shifferd, North Twin, Washburn County
Rise Sieben, Kasbaum Lake, Manitowoc County
Roger Sieben, Kasbaum Lake, Manitowoc County
Jim Skomski, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Charles Smith, Lake Thompson, Oneida County
Judy Strobush, Apple River Flowage, Polk County
Nick Taloff, Lee Lake, Oneida County
Vincent Wagner, Scattering Rice Lake, Vilas County
Donald Walloch, Hilbert Lake, Marinette County
Bob Wellhoefer, Silver Lake, Barron County
Linda West, Windigo Lake, Sawyer County
Barry Winrich, Rinehart Lake, Portage County

2005 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Cary Anderson, Keyes Lake, Florence County
Ron Anderson, Spring Lake, Waushara County
Jack Arthur, Lake Nebagamon, Douglas Co.
David Basten, Big Wood Lake, Burnett County
Richard Bjodstrup, Pretty Lake And Ottawa Lake, Waukesha County
Joann Blanda, Winter Lake, Sawyer County
Joe Blanda, Lake Winter, Sawyer County
Allen Bluhm, Silver Lake, Forest County
Harold Brandt, Lake Esadore, Taylor County
Lori Brandt, Lake Esadore, Taylor County
John Breiten, South Turtle Lake, Vilas County
Susan Breiten, South Turtle Lake, Vilas County
Jack Brokaw, Island Lake, Washburn County
Tom Brovold, Robinson Lake, Bayfield County
Tom Brovold, Robinson Lake, Douglas County
Joseph Burger, Spirit Lake, Price County
Joseph Burger, Spirit Lake, Taylor County
Steve Byrd, Shell Lake, Washburn County
Thomas Chicilo, Bean Lake, Washburn County
Ernie Chiodo, Lake George, Kenosha County
Gregg Clark, Leigh Flowage, Oconto County
Earl Cook, Bass Lake (Patterson) Wasburn Co.
Jeff Darton, Pickerel Lake, Oneida County
Bruce Dietzler, Cranberry And Minerva Lakes, Burnett County
Bill Doering, Tiger Cat Flowage, Sawyer County
Daryl Dvorak, Horsehead Lake, Oneida County
Gene Falendysz, Lake Koshkonong, Rock County
Patsy Fittipaldi, Beartrap & Wapogasset Lakes, Polk County
Don Freeman, Pokegama Lake, Barron County
Ron Gebhard, Mccullough Lake And Morton Lake, Vilas County
Gary Geurts, Beaver Lake, Vilas County
Patrick Gronlund, Squaw Lake, Saint Croix County
Jeff Guidinger, Old Taylor Lake, Waupaca County
Joyce Hagen, Lake Metonga, Forest County
Warren Hagen, Lake Metonga, Forest County
Bob Hammond, Cranberry Lake, Bayfield County
Jon Harkness, Cranberry Lake, Bayfield County
Faith Hasler, Butternut Lake, Price County
John Hasler, Butternut Lake, Price County
Jerry Heine, North Lake, Waukesha County
Brian Holmes, Shallow Lake, Washburn Co.
Joan Holzbach, Long Lake, Shawano County
Robert Holzbach, Long Lake, Shawano County
Sharon Johnson, Dowling Lake, Douglas County
Chuck Jorgensen, Moose Lake, Sawyer County
John Joswiak, Lake Tomahawk, Oneida County
Donald Kenney, Hill Lake, Adams County
Marty Ketterer, Snipe Lake, Vilas County
Wes Klages, Gilbert Lake, Waushara County
Donna Klinner, Lake Esadore, Taylor County
Joe Koschnik, Fawn And Big Saint Germain Lakes, Vilas County
Marie Koschnik, Fawn And Big Saint Germain Lakes, Vilas County
Gil Kroll, Powers Lake, Kenosha County
Paul Kuhn, Two Sisters Lake, Oneida County
Shirley Lemke, Lake Esadore, Taylor County
Jim Maack, Staples Lake, Barron County
John Markee, Pickerel Lake, Oneida County
Berty Miller, Ludden Lake, Iowa County
Dave Miller, Perch Lake (Bass), Sawyer County
Bud Mohns, Mckinley And Three Johns Lakes, Forest County
Jim Moore, Montgomery Lake, Florence County
Mark Mosey, Tainter Lake, Dunn County
J. Robert Nicholson, Two Sisters Lake, Oneida County
Robert Olson, Big Mckenzie Lake, Washburn County
Carol Paretsky, Lotus Lake, Vilas County
Dennis Perry, Lac Court Oreilles, Sawyer County
Gary Peterson, Spooner Lake, Washburn County
Dolph Pfefferkorn, Butternut Lake, Forest County
Becky Polgar, Lake Nancy, Washburn County
Duane Pratt, Siskiwit Lake, Bayfield County
Hoyt Ritter, Mercer Lake, Iron County
Judie Rivers, Island Lake, Sawyer County
Roger Rivers, Island Lake, Sawyer County
Betty Roe, Ham Lake, Burnett Co.
Howard Roe, Ham Lake, Burnett County
Greg Schauer, Butternut Lake, Price County
Sharon Schauer, Butternut Lake, Price County
Karen Schoephoester, Bobidosh Lake, Vilas County
Ron Schoephoester, Bobidosh Lake, Vilas County
Wayne Schroeder, Shishebogama And Gunlock Lake, Vilas County
Marc Spees, Lake Huron, Waushara County
John Stern, Big Cedar Lake, Washington County
Jerry Surprenant, Loon Lake Burnett Co, Burnett County
Jim Thompson, Lake Tomahawk, Oneida County
Orv Torgerson, Barber Lake, Sawyer County
Daniel Vertanen, Nelson Lake, Sawyer Co.
Judy Wagner, Spring Lake, Waukesha County
Jack Wellauer, Teal Lake Sawyer, Sawyer County
William Wilcox, Nelson Lake, Sawyer Co.
George Wisdom, Sweet, Shuenberg, & Lester Lakes, Bayfield County
Gerald Wolf, Pine Lake, Forest County

2004 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

David Ahmann, North Placid Twin Lake, Vilas County
Jack Albers, Legend Lake, Big Blacksmith Basin, Menominee County
Roland Alger, Imogene Lake, Vilas County
Hank Amundsen, Yellow Lake, Burnett County
Donald Barnes, Pickerel Lake, Bayfield County
Kelly Barnes, St Croix Flowage, Douglas County
Charlotte Barr, Fish Lake, Rusk County
James Barr, Fish Lake, Rusk County
Gerhard Becker, Kentuck Lake, Vilas County
Nancy Beduhn, Ward Lake, Polk County
Verlyn Benoy, Lake Magnor, Polk County
Richard Boss, Bone Lake, Polk County
James Brakken, Wiley Lake, Bayfield County
Arland Delvaux, Ranch Lake, Oconto County
Ingemar Ekstrom, Turtle Lake, Bayfield County
Tom Everson, Burns Lake, Sawyer County
Allen Fritz, Little Friess, Washington County
Mary Gingras, Pulaski Lake, Rusk County
Terry Gingras, Pulaski Lake, Rusk County
Gary Glutn, White Potato Lake, Oconto County
Jill Graf, Moccasin Lake, Vilas County
Stanley Gruszka, Lac Sault Dore, Price County
Leroy Hall, Spectacle Lake, Vilas County
Wendy Hanneman, Hammil Lake, Bayfield County
Stewart Hanrahan, Stearns Lake, Vilas County
Roy Hansen, Johnson Lake, Burnett County
Jim Hendrickson, Horse Lake, Polk County
Beverly Hill, Bass Lake T39 Sec23, Burnett County
Robert Hill, Bass Lake T39 Sec23, Burnett County
Bill Houterman, Lake Windsor, Dane County
William Hoveland, Deep Lake, Washburn County
John Ireland, Legend Lake (Big Blacksmith Basin), Menominee County
James Jana, Fish Lake, Burnett County
Lowell Kamke, Machickanee Flowage, Oconto County
Lori Killian, Wood Lake, Marquette County
Dale Knutson, Okauchee Lake, Waukesha County
Tom Koehler, Bass Lake, Lincoln County
Gerald Kopstein, Bohner Lake, Racine County
Tim Kramer, Stratton Lake, Waupaca County
Tony Kubek, Smoky Lake, Vilas County
John Kudlas, George Lake And Muck Lake, Bayfield/Douglas County
Barbara Laib, Sawyer & Jessie Lakes, Langlade County
Michael Laib, Sawyer & Jessie Lakes, Langlade County
Anne Luensman, Windfall Lake, Sawyer County
Fritz Luensman, Windfall Lake, Sawyer County
Dan Mersel, Spider Lake Chain, Sawyer County
Neil Miller, Mud Hen Lake, Burnett County
John Murray, Big Sand Lake, Barron County
Roger Nelson, Lake Tahkodah, Bayfield County
Dan Nordall, Seven Island Lake, Lincoln County
Gail Nordlof, Clear Lake, Rock County
John Okerstrom, Johnson Lake, Burnett County
Donald Overend, Hemlock Lake, Barron County
Jode Peck, Johnson Lake, Burnett County
Blake Pluemer, Elk Lake, Price County
Jerry Prokop, Long Lake, Polk County
Mary Quilling, Lake Tahkodah, Bayfield County
Tess Radecke, Bony Lake, Bayfield County
Charlotte Rader, Mcclaine Lake, Sawyer County
Charles Scherer, Legend Lake, Big Blacksmith Basin, Menominee County
Jim Schmidt, Lake Magnor, Polk County
John Selak, Little Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan County
Jane Swenson, Phantom Lake, Bayfield County
Steve Teclaw, Emma Lake, Oneida County
Andy Tesheneck, White Lake, Langlade County
Rae Renee Towne, Legend Lake, Big Blacksmith Basin, Menominee County
Wayne Towne, Legend Lake, Menominee County
James Voborsky, Crescent Lake, Oneida County
Mary Walters, Ellison Lake, Bayfield County
Ann Weigel, Fenner Lake, Adams County
Jack Wierzba, Round Lake, Price County
James Williams, Blockhouse Lake, Price County
Robert Yuhas, Kentuck Lake, Vilas County

2003 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Carol Alcoe, Ole Lake (Spider Lake Township), Sawyer County
Ursprung Alvin, Lac Court Oreilles, Sawyer County
Helen & Robert Anderson, Matthews Lake, Washburn County
William Ave'lallemant, Amik, Pike, Round & Turner Lakes, Price & Vilas County
Nass Barb & Rick, Kusel Lake, Waushara County
Wagner Becky, Cedar Lake, Manitowoc County
Harold & Helen Blumer, Vermillion (Lower), Barron County
Nate Booth, Birch Lake, Vilas County
Norm Bratteig, Lost Land Lake & Wilson Lake, Sawyer County
Larry Bresina, Pipe & North Pipe Lakes, Polk County
Wade Brian, Long Lake, Washburn County
John Buecksler, Round Lake, Burnett County
David Clark, North Spirit And Spirit Lake, Price County
Thomas Clark, Walsh Lake, Forest County
James Collins, Namekagon Lake, Bayfield County
Daren Daily, Wilson Creek Flowage, Price County
Jane Daily, Wilson Creek Flowage, Price County
Marion Dambach, Spider Lake, Iron County
Tom Dambach, Spider Lake, Iron County
Robert Degen, Lac Court Oreilles, Sawyer County
Pankow Earl, Carpenter Lake, Vilas County
Harvey Ernst, Lake Muskesin, Vilas County
Leroy Fallos, Lower Sugarbush Lake, Vilas County
David Frasch, Lower Clam Lake, Sawyer County
Swanson Gerald & Alberta, Johnson Lake, Sawyer County
Helen German, Matthews Lake, Washburn County
Carla Gerstenberger, Half Moon Lake, Lincoln County
Sandra Gertz, Crystal Lake, Douglas County
Karl Glunz, Friess Lake, Washington County
Lloyd Glynn, Little Spider Lake, Vilas County
George Gollan, Lac Court Oreilles, Sawyer County
Pendergrass Gordy, Matthews Lake, Washburn County
Dallas Helm, Amik, Pike, Round & Turner Lakes, Price County
Bob Hynek, Shawano Lake, Shawano County
Rasmussen Janet, Big Portage, Vilas County
Zanski Jeff, Squaw Lake, Vilas County
Selak John Paul, Little Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan County
Van Poucke Joni, Person Lake, Douglas County
Twila Kaiser, Lac Court Oreilles, Sawyer County
Ralph Kerler, Little Crawling Stone Lake, Vilas County
Neal Klemme, Lake Lucerne, Forest County
Janet Knutson, Finger Lake, Vilas County
June Kons, Little Pine Lake, Iron County
Kenn Krouse, Little Newton Lake, Marinette County
Theodore Lang, Oneonta Lake, Marinette County
White Laurie & Bob, Rock Lake, Jefferson County
Al Leidinger, Moose Lake, Waukesha County
Rich Magnani, Peppermill Lake, Adams County
Wittig Marilyn & Bob, Wild Rice Lake, Vilas County
Carol Miller, Bird Lake, Oneida County
Vick Peter, Runge Hollow Lake, Vernon County
Shebesta Ray, Deerskin Lake, Vilas County
Mitchell Robert & Eleanor, Upper & Lower Buckatabon Lakes, Vilas County
Murwin Sally & Tom, Minocqua Lake, Oneida County
Steiskal Tom & Eva, Friendship Lake, Adamsy County
Rollin Tom Clark & Judy, Walsh Lake, Forest County
Stroessner Wayne, Random Lake, Sheboygan County
Schneider Wilma, Amik, Pike, Round & Turner Lakes, Price County

2002 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Mary Adams, Plummer Lake, Vilas County
Jim Allen, Dorothy Lake, Oneida County
Tom Ammend, Long Lake, Washburn County
Sandra Anderson, Whitefish Lake, Douglas County
Del Baumgartner, Lost Lake, Forest County
Keith Beaver, Upper Eau Claire Lake , Bayfield County
Frederick Blake, Unnamed Lake, Washburn County
Sandra Brusewitz, Viola Lake, Burnett County
Russell Cassens, Patten Lake, Florence County
Jake Cihla, Boom Lake, Oneida County
Bob Denison, Long Lake, Washburn County
David Dopkins, Spirit Lake, Burnett County
Eugene Ehlinger, Tenmile Lake, Barron County
Charles Elling, Largon Lake, Polk County
Rolf Ethun, Hiawatha Lake, Vilas County
Dave Furstenberg, Mirror and Shallow Lakes, Waupaca County
John Gedart, Tiger Cat Flowage, Sawyer County
James Gehm, Rose Lake, Langlade County
Richard Golding, Johnson Lake, Burnett County
Glenn Grage, Namekagon Lake, Bayfield County
James Hands, Deep Lake, Washburn County
Bob Heinrich, Pickerel Lake, Lincoln County
Dick Hollar, Pipe and North Pipe Lakes , Polk County
William and Dolores Hornickel, Long Lake, Fond du Lac County
Dan Houston, Feely Lake, Iron County
Scott Janssen, Windpudding Lake, Oneida County
Richard Jochem, Lac Sault Dore , Price County
Patricia Juday, Anderson Lake, Vilas County
George Kalt, Tambling Lake, Vilas County
Paul Kapolnek, Benedict Lake, Kenosha County
Twila Kaspar, Alpine Lake, Waushara County
James Knuth, Armour Lake, Vilas County
James Leever, Turtle Flambeau Flowage , Iron County
Robert Luft, Cedar Springs Lake, Waushara County
Alex Martin, Crab Lake, Vilas County
Larry McNurlin, Granite Lake, Barron County
Wally Mercer, Planting Ground Lake, Oneida County
John Mitchler, Mercer Lake, Oneida County
Mark Mueller, Loon Lake, Washburn County
Carol Olson, Lake Desair, Barron County
Mary Platner, Alma and Moon Lakes, Vilas County
Gary Raash, Pickerel Lake, Lincoln County
George Rasmussen, Cochran Lake, Price County
Dennis Reinert, Booth Lake, Oneida County
Allan Rosenwald, Stone Lake, Washburn County
John and Helen Rossmiller, Pardee Lake, Iron County
David Ryks, Pigeon Lake, Bayfield County
Richard and Mary Sadenwasser, Kelly Lake, Bayfield County
Arnold and Pauline Sawatske, Horsehead Lake, Vilas County
Les and Donna Schramm, Lake Metonga, Forest County
Sue Siepmann, Crooked Lake, Waukesha County
John Spittell, MD, Sand Lake, Burnett County
Steve Strieter, Hartlaub Lake, Manitowoc County
Carl Sundberg, West and North Lakes, Florence County
Dick Tews, Lipsett Lake, Burnett County
Joe Ulrich, Alma Lake, Vilas County
Arlen Wanta, Turtle Flambeau Flowage, Iron County
Joe Weix, Pesobic Lake, Lincoln County
Ronald Welhaven, Island Lake, Bayfield County
Mike Wenzel, Dorothy Lake, Oneida County
Steve and Mona Wiechmann, Little Star Lake, Vilas County

2001 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Max Anderson, Black Hawk Lake & Yellowstone Lake, Iowa County
Roger Benson, Road Lake, Lincoln County
Barry and Arlene Borman, Birch Island Lake, Burnett County
Roger Brinkmeyer, Upper Kelly Lake, Milwaukee County
Bob Bueckers, Little Muskego Lake, Waukesha County
Tricia and Liz Daniels, Upper Nemahbin Lake, Waukesha County
Kip Decker, Twin Island Lake, Vilas County
Allen Dornfield, Balsam Lake, Polk County
Sue Dufrain, Sand Lake, Sawyer County
Don Hassler, Lake Five, Washington County
Jim Judkins, Round Lake, Polk County
Tom Katisch, Range Line Lake, Vilas County
David Klohs, Bass Lake, Barron County
Tom and Diane Kraemer, Upper, Middle and Lower Kimball Lake , Washburn County
Mike Kuczek, Birch Lake, Oneida County
Bob Lee, Birch Island Lake, Burnett County
Betty Liebert, Bills Lake, Vilas County
William Meister, Bass Lake, Barron County
Robert Mitchell, Upper and Lower Buckatabon Lake, Vilas County
Lee Moyer, Lake Helen, Portage County
John Newel, Mermaid Lake, Vilas County
Carol Olson, Lake Desair, Barron County
Don Osborn, Upper Gresham Lake, Vilas County
Charles Otter, Little Long Lake, Forest County
Patti Rageth, Eagle Spring Lake, Waukesha County
Lance Reasor, Long Lake, Bayfield County
George Rohde, Lake Chetac, Sawyer County
Steve Sams, School Section Lake, Marquette County
John Saunders, Ham Lake, Sawyer County
Robert Schaper, Little Ripley Lake, Washburn County
Patsy Schroeder, Lake Owen, Bayfield County
Ralph Severson, Clear Lake, Burnett County
Bob Siman, Potato Lake, Washburn County
Daniel Skolaski, Verna Lake, Vilas County
Les and Diana Solin, Lake Minnesuing, Douglas County
Len Susa, Lower Nemahbin Lake, Waukesha County
John Vollrath, McDill Pond, Portage County
Ruth Ann Vyncke, Tiger Cat Flowage, Sawyer County
Bob Weerts, Birch Island Lake, Burnett County
Rick and Jeanne Werenicz, Slim Lake, Washburn County

1998-2000 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Richard Ahern, Big Bear Lake, Burnett County
Elmer Althaus, Cranberry & Minerva Lakes, Burnett County
Donald Anderson, Upper Turtle Lake, Barron County
Tom Arnison, Paddock Lake, Kenosha County
Robert Baker, Lac Du Lune , Vilas County
Ronald Barbieri, Kangaroo Lake, Door County
Nancy Bentz, Beaver Dam Lake, Barron County
Bob Biechler, Round Lake, Chippewa County
Randy & Polly Bigler, Long Lake, Waushara County
Marilyn Bland, Grenquist Lake, Polk County
Marilyn Bland, Upper Nemahbin Lake, Waukesha County
Cynthia Boettcher, Green Lake, Washington County
Albert Bohman, Long Lake, Langlade County
Horst Bornscheu, Hunter Lake, Vilas County
Allen Brandt, Duck Lake, Langlade County
Wendy Braun, Beaver Dam Lake, Dodge County
George Breien, Strum Lake, Trempealeau County
Paul Brenner, Maple Lake, Vilas County
Patrick Buckley, Hunters Lake, Waukesha County
John Callewaert, Manuel, North Twin and South Twin Lakes, Vilas County
Charles Card, Lake Wissota, Chippewa County
Ron & Donna Cate, Gilbert Lake, Waushara County
Philip & Dorothy Chandler, Pokegama Lake, Vilas County
Rita Childs, Whitefish Lake, Sawyer County
Anne Cogswell, Diamond & Price Lakes, Bayfield County
William Collard, Ellwood Lake, Florence County
Warren & Nancy Cook, Kirby Lake, Barron County
Katherine Dailey, Sand Lake, Barron County
William Dillenbeck, Katinka Lake, Vilas County
Richard Divilbiss, Teal River Flowage, Sawyer County
Robert Drewa, Mann Lake, Vilas County
Peter & Carolyn Dring, Big, Helen, Mamie, West Bay Lakes, Vilas County
Jim & Pudge Edinger, Archibald Lake, Oconto County
Donald & Leone Eichten, Loveless Lake, Polk County
George Engelbrecht, Camp 12 Lake East , Vilas County
John Evans, Bishop Lake, Forest County
Roschelle Fallos, Lower Sugarbush Lake, Vilas County
Laura Fernelius, Beaver Dam Lake, Dodge County
Norman Flaaten, Rooney Lake, Burnett County
Charles Frankenthal, Catherine & Long Lakes, Vilas County
Lou Frase, Herde and Long Lakes, Chippewa County
Michael Funk, Blue Mountain Lake, Waupaca County
Lois Gardner, Lake Content, Vilas County
Robert Gayheart, Pine & Round Lakes, Shawano County
Don Gillum, Anvil Lake, Vilas County
Frank Greb, Sevenmile Lake, Oneida County
Everett Grilley, Long Lake, Washburn County
Harry Griswold, Little Spider Lake, Oneida and Vilas County
Howard Guttschow, Gilmore Lake, Washburn County
Pete & Nancy Guzzetta, Dead Pike Lake, Vilas County
Gene Haffely, Big Roche-A-Cri Lake, Adams County
Robert Hanneman, Waubeesee Lake, Racine County
Glenn Haupt, English Lake, Manitowoc County
James Hayes, Big Arbor Vitae Lake, Vilas County
James Heim, Upper St. Croix Lake, Douglas County
Linda Helke, Scattering Rice Lake, Vilas County
Michael Helminski, Lawrence Lake, Marquette County
Karl & Aggie Hettwer, North and South Twin Lake , Vilas County
Kristofer & Kathleen Hill, Sumach Lake, Vilas County
Ronald Hine, Towanda & Little St. Germain Lakes, Vilas County
Bob & Valeria Hitt, Edith Lake, Vilas County
Arthur Horton, Muskellunge Lake, Vilas County
Kenneth Houden, Stearns Lake, Vilas County
Lloyd & Darlene Hovorka, Friendship Lake, Adams County
Penny Huss, Arbutus Lake, Forest County
Robert Illian, Rock Dam Lake, Clark County
Leo Jackson, Long Lake, Oneida County
Frank Jager, Jessie and Sawyer Lakes, Langlade County
Harry Jensen, South Blue Lake, Oneida County
Herb & Carol Jensen, Crooked Lake & Okauchee Lake, Waukesha County
Glen Johnson, Yellow Lake, Burnett County
Richard Johnson, Blue Lake, Oneida County
Roger Kerstner, Marshall Lake, Vilas County
Robert Kesselhon, Papoose Lake, Vilas County
George King, Bear Lake, Barron County
John King, Clear Lake, Vilas County
Robert & Sally King, Clear and Eagle Lakes, Vilas County
Larry Kochendorfer, Amacoy Lake, Rusk County
Randy Koehler, Bass Lake, Lincoln County
Todd Kohlhepp, Coon Fork Lake, Eau Claire County
David Kranjac, Lower Red & Shawano Lakes, Shawano County
Tom & Elaine Kraus, North Lake & Upper Phantom Lake, Waukesha County
Benjamin & Mary Kregel, Amik Lake, Vilas County
Kristy Krueger, Arbutus Lake, Forest County
John Kujawa, Mud Hen Lake, Burnett County
John & Joan Laabs, Long Lake, Waushara County
Levin Lake, North Lake, Sawyer County
Jan Lang, North Nokomis Lake, Oneida County
Vivian Langer, Maiden Lake, Oconto County
Harley Leitzke, Little Green Lake, Green Lake County
Paul Lenfestey, Silver Lake, Barron County
Larry Lindgren, Iron Lake, Bayfield County
Vern Long, Grass Lake, Shawano County
George Lunde, Ward Lake, Polk County
Thomas & Chris Macak, Forest Lake, Vilas County
Robert Maglish, Diamond Lake, Vilas County
Charlie Marks, Green Lake, Green Lake County
Francine & Jessica Marshall, Little Hills Lake, Waushara County
Edwin Marshman, Silver Lake, Forest County
Charles Maves, Little Green Lake, Green Lake County
Steve, Kim, Tracey & Chloe Mayer, Silver Lake, Kenosha County
Don McIntosh, Grindstone Lake, Sawyer County
Pat McKearn, Two Island Lake, Chippewa County
David McLaughlin, Lipsett Lake, Burnett County
William McLeish, Lake Wisconsin, Sauk County
Jerome & Sharon McNellis, Oconomowoc Lake, Waukesha County
Harold Medinger, Bolton Lake, Vilas County
Victor Melichar, North Twin Lake, Washburn County
Myrna Mesecher, South Blue Lake, Oneida County
Fred Meurer, Laurel & Planting Ground Lakes, Oneida County
Scott Mohr, Ahmeek Lake, Bayfield County
Wayne Morris, Erickson Lake, Vilas County
John Mueller, Clear Lake, Sawyer County
Bruce and Reta Nagle, Lake Mary, Kenosha County
Dick Nowak, Long Lake, Lincoln County
Phillip Offerdahl, Clair Lake, Vilas County
Eugene Ohm, Virgin Lake, Oneida County
Norbert Oleinik, Lake Julia, Oneida County
Jim Otto, West Horsehead & Wind Pudding Lakes, Oneida County
Bob Paneitz, Manitowish Lake, Vilas County
Carolyn Parker, Roach Lake, Vilas County
Roger Perenick, Pearl Lake, Waushara County
John Pernsteine, Mead Lake, Clark County
Fred Peter, Sand Lake, Rusk County
Orval Polzin, Brekke Lake, Waupaca County
Keith Posto, Pioneer Lake, Vilas County
Donald & Patricia Prehn, Long Lake, Oneida County
Vern Reigel, South Blue Lake, Oneida County
Ray Richter, Moose Lake, Sawyer County
Rebecca Ritzer, Heart Lake, Vilas County
Bob Robinson, Musser Lake, Price County
Donna Rollman, Found Lake, Vilas County
Russell Romanelli, Pleasant Lake, Waushara County
Richard Rudolph, Big, Church Pine and Wind Lakes , Polk County
Ray Rydberg, Granite Lake, Barron County
Larry Sanderson, Diamond Lake, Bayfield County
John Scheffler, Loon Lake, Florence County
Tom Schuler, Thunder Lake, Marinette County
Peter Scolaro, Herde and Long Lakes, Chippewa County
Ken Sedmak, Town Corner Lake, Marinette County
Ken Sedmak, Town Corner Lake, Marinette County
Don & Nancy Shaner, South Twin Lake, Washburn County
Lon Sherman, High Lake, Vilas County
Ken Speich, Rock Dam Lake, Clark County
William Spencer, Long Lake, Waushara County
William Spencer, Marinuka Lake, Trempealeau County
Jackie Stanislaws, Knight, Manomin, Marl, Orlando and Pope Lakes, Waupaca County
Don & Peg Stary, Long Lake, Polk County
James Stege, Spring Lake, Barron County
Norman Stieber, Lee Lake, Oneida County
Larry Stonecipher, Circle Lily Lake, Vilas County
John Stonelake, Enterprise Lake, Langlade County
Richard & Gayle Strand, Little Star Lake, Vilas County
Bob Strobush, Apple River Flowage, Polk County
Bill Stute, Squaw Lake, St. Croix County
Barbara Szatkiewicz, Little Bearskin Lake, Oneida County
Henry Szymanski, North Turtle Lake, Vilas County
Dale Taylor, Allequash Lake & Little John Lake , Vilas County
Tom Tellier, Little Portage Lake, Vilas County
Dave Theesfeld, North Turtle Lake, Vilas County
Russ Tiedemann, Roberts Lake, Forest County
James Tiry, Rock Dam Lake, Clark County
Richard Toebe, Mason Lake, Marquette County
Richard Toebe, Jordan Lake, Adams County
Ron Tschohl, Bogbrook & Windfall Lakes, Forest County
Howard Unrath, Grass, Pine and Round Lakes, Shawano County
John & Toni Urdahl, Windigo Lake, Sawyer County
Jim Vonasek, Stella Lake, Vilas County
George Wanserski, Lake Hallie, Chippewa County
Joseph & Jean Weinig, Minong Flowage, Washburn County
Brandon Westphal, Rice Lake - Barron Co. and Mud Hen Lake
Tom Wilson, Fairchild Pond, Eau Claire County
Margie Winter & Goodrich High School Environmental Club, Lake Winnebago, Winnebago County
Jim Wrath, Silver Lake, Forest County
Sharry Wuest, Whitefish Lake, Vilas County
Robert Young, Puckaway Lake, Green Lake County
Steve Zaborowski, Little Wood Lake, Burnett County
Ted Zaborowski, Little Wood Lake, Burnett County
John Zwick, Lake Emily, Dodge County

1997 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Ray Bagemehl, Rinehart Lake, Portage County
Dick Banks, Dad Lake, Vilas County
John Bardos, Island Lake, Vilas County
Nancy Bartelt, Margaret Lake, Oneida County
Bernhard Bartz, Crane Lake, Forest County
Bill Bauer, Medicine Lake, Oneida County
John and Elizabeth Blohm, Cedar Lake, Waupaca County
Norb and Kathleen Brossmer, Echo Lake, Iron County
John Buell, Bass Lake, Lincoln County
Sharon Bufton, Parker Lake, Adams County
Will and Joan Byram, Alder Lake, Vilas County
Margaret Caldwell, Fence Lake, Vilas County
Richard and Sue Conolly, Bolger Lake, Oneida County
Lawrence Crement, Fawn and Spider Lakes, Sawyer County
John Erwin, Lake Seventeen, Oneida County
Glenn Ganta, Lazy Lake, Columbia County
Sherm Gardner, Half Moon Lake, Polk County
Martin Gebhardt, Plum Lake, Vilas County
Bill Green, Myrtle Lake, VIlas County
Dick and Elaine Gronert, Turtle Lake, Walworth County
Eric and Sue Henderson, Big Fork and Found Lakes, Vilas County
Bob Holland, Whitewater Lake, Walworth County
Ward and Mary Holz, Seven Island Lake, Lincoln County
James Hughes, Kathan Lake, Oneida County
Marv Hunsaker, White Ash Lake, Polk County
Ed and Mary Jacobsen, Bass Lake, Burnett County
Al Jacobson, Red Lake, Douglas County
Les Jacobson, Benson Lake, Vilas County
Ken Jain, Fall Creek Pond, Eau Claire County
Tom Jordens, Potter Lake, Walworth County
Lars Karner, Castle Rock Lake, Juneau County
John Krueger, Lake Thompson, Oneida County
Richard Lillie, Fenner Lake, Adams County
Delores Link, Star Lake, Vilas County
Paul Mahlberg, Kangaroo Lake, Door County
Shirlee Martinson, Lake Wisconsin, Sauk County
Larry Mattes, Voyageur Lake, Vilas County
John Meyer, Heidmann Lake, Kewaunee County
Peter and Nancy Minx, Lost Lake, Vilas County
Charles Modersohn, Taineter Lake, Dunn County
Jean Morris, Blueberry Lake, Sawyer County
Betty Myers, Blue Lake, Oneida County
Rod Olson, Lake Desair, Barron County
George Pagnucco, Lost Land Lake, Sawyer County
Mel Paulson, Johnson Lake, Burnett County
Ralph Paulson, Scout Lake, Milwaukee County
Joseph Power, Boot Lake, Vilas County
Roy and Denise Redlich, Broken Bow Lake, Vilas County
Roger Rieckman, Stormy Lake, Vilas County
Paul Rogers, Wood Lake, Burnett County
Dwight Sandman, Ballard, Irving and White Birch Lakes, Vilas County
Russell Schaffenberg, Deer Lake, Burnett County
Tom Shields, Big Portage Lake, Vilas County
Bob Spehr, Island and Namekagon Lakes, Bayfield County
Dick Stoll, Deer Lake, Oneida County
Lester Swanson, Deer Lake, Polk County
Tom Swift, Lac La Belle , Waukesha County
Ron Teclaw, Emma Lake, Oneida County
Allen Tesch, Amy Bell Lake, Washington County
Barb Thompson, Neshonoc Lake, La Crosse County
Allen and Rosemary Toussaint, Alva and East Horsehead Lakes, Oneida County
Paul Volek, Montgomery Lake, Kenosha County
James and Rose Marie Ward, Lake Ripley, Jefferson County
Janice Watras, Carlin Lake, Vilas County
Warren Yahr, Planting Ground Lake, Oneida County

1996 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Don Bayer, Little Crooked Lake, Vilas County
Susan Beese, Pearl Lake, Waushara County
Dan and Lou Ann Conway, Moody Lake, Oconto County
Kevin Cooper, Silver Lake, Washington County
Linda Daniels, Upper Nemahbin Lake, Waukesha County
Chris and Sue De Ment, Tichigan Lake, Racine County
Alan Depies, Wolf Lake, Fond du Lac County
Herbert Dutton, Diamond Lake, Bayfield County
Philip Erb, Pickerel Lake, Langlade County
Norman Erickson, Wolf Lake, Adams County
Dick Firehammer, Bass, Crooked and Gilkey Lakes, Oconto County
Douglas Fogle, Carstens Lake, Manitowoc County
Martha Gleisner, Crystal Lake, Waukesha County
Ron and Mary Good, Minocqua Lake, Oneida County
Harold Haag, Boot Lake, Rusk County
Don Hiller, Little St. Germain Lake, Vilas County
Terry Kroening, East Alaska Lake, Kewaunee County
Bill and Jean LaRue, Holcombe Flowage and Long Lake, Chippewa County
Doug McCreadie, Middle McKenzie Lake, Burnett County
Doug Pagel, Alma Lake, Vilas County
Ed and Ginny Phebus, Bearskin Lake, Oneida County
Milford Place, Namekagon Lake, Bayfield County
John Rageth, Eagle Spring Lake, Waukesha County
Roy and Nora Ruud, Lower McKenzie Lake, Washburn County
Dick Schneider, Upper and Lower Phantom Lakes, Waukesha County
Karl Schubert, Machichkanee Flowage, Oconto County
Marc Schultz, Lake Onalaska, La Crosse County
Gerry Smith, East and West Witches Lakes, Vilas County
John Stuart, Little Yellow Lake, Burnett County
Tom Tuttle, Sr., Crab Lake and Little Crab Lake , Vilas County
Paul Verboomen, Wheeler Lake, Oconto County
Barry and Beverly Wilson, Marl Lake, Waushara County
Mary Witt, Teal Lake and Teal River Flowage , Sawyer County
Ralph Zenisek, Long Lake, Washburn County

1995 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Vincent Beder, Wallace Lake, Washington County
Frank Borkowicz, Muskellunge Lake, Vilas County
Ron Boyden, Big Trade Lake, Burnett County
Julia Buehler, Fish and Pine Lakes, Waushara County
Robert and Shirley Chernowski, Rock Lake, Vilas County
Jim Christianson, Rost Lake, Oconto County
Ann Ciske, Big Lake, Shawano County
Dick Ciske, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Carol Coates, Maple Lake, Oneida County
Rose Conlan, Lake Poygan, Winnebago County
Darrell Dorman, Kelly Lake, Oconto County
Larry and Trina Franks, Balsam, Hemlock and Red Cedar , Barron County
Homer Fratt, Stratton Lake, Waupaca County
Bob Hill, Legend Lake, Menominee County
Harvey Holler, Lee Lake, Oneida County
Reid Hundertmark, Pine and Round Lakes, Shawano County
Nick Jacob, Bohner Lake, Racine County
Bob and Judy Jooss, Elizabeth Lake, Kenosha County
E.T. Juday, Anderson Lake, Vilas County
Jim Klimas, Bond Lake, Douglas County
Jack Knuse, Katherine Lake, Oneida County
Albert Knuth, Nelson Lake, Vilas County
Glen Kreinbrink, Eagle Spring Lake and Lake Beulah , Walworth County
Vicki Kwasny, Oak Lake, Washburn County
Jerry Lyons, Point Lake and Rooney Lake , Burnett County
Larry and Jo May, Long Lake, Washburn County
Harry Mogge, Long Lake, Washburn County
George Paine, M.D., Lac Courte Oreilles , Sawyer County
Dick Peters, Lake Pygan, Winnebago County
John Reichling, North and South Turtle Lakes , Vilas County
June Schmall, Johnson Lake, Vilas County
Otto Schoeneck, Sugar Camp Lake, Oneida County
James Seabloom, Stone Lake, Washburn County
Tom Simonson, Silver Lake, Columbia County
Larry Smith, Ranch Lake, Oconto County
Donald Snow, Ahmeek Lake, Bayfield County
Greg Spinner, George Lake, Kenosha County
Jim Therres, Long Trade Lake, Polk County
Robert and Mary Thiede, Leader Lake, Douglas County
Ken Woldt, Lake Windsor, Dane County
Reuben and Judith Zettler, Chain, Clear, Island and McCann Lakes, Rusk County

1994 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Tom Brooks, Silver Lake, Waukesha County
Dianne Brown, Wazeecha Lake, Wood County
Janet Bur, Grenquist Lake, Polk County
Gary Claus, Little Arbor Vitae Lake, Vilas County
Bob and Verene Crane, Lake Wissota, Chippewa County
Robert Damon, Long Lake, Shawano County
Kent and Ariel Dickerman, Falk, Love and Gull Lakes, Burnett County
Roy Dietz, Spirit Lake, Burnett County
Robert Faltz, Long Lake, Vilas County
Ken and Darlene Fiske, Adelade Lake, Vilas County
Ed and Bernice Gollwitzer, Bass and Glisezinski Lakes, Oneida and Portage County
David Grether, Loon and Lower Red Lakes, Shawano County
Doug Griesbach, Wood Lake, Marquette County
Inge Grosso, Morton Lake, Vilas County
Jack Hafner, Hasbrook Lake, Oneida County
Rob Hagge, Katherine Lake, Oneida County
Del Halfmann, Axhandle Lake, Chippewa County
Walt Hallen, Ashippun Lake, Waukesha County
Joe Heitz, Upper Gresham Lake, Vilas County
Donald and Pauline Hermes, Eagle Lake, Racine County
Clifford Jarvela, Gilmore Lake, Washburn County
Allen Kapke, Columbus Lake, Oneida County
Lowell and Lucile Keach, Fox Lake, Dodge County
Tom Kromer, Loon Lake, Barron County
Don Krueger, Pigeon Lake, Waupaca County
Bob Martini, Green Bass Lake, Oneida County
John and Candy McMahon, Long Lake, Burnett County
Jim Merkowitz, High Lake, Vilas County
Richard Michels, Druid Lake, Washington County
Paul Moriarty, Little Wood Lake, Burnett County
Dave Opsteen, Rose Lake, Langlade County
Patrick Perkins, Bass Lake, Washburn County
Moody Plunkett, Bass and Spencer Lakes, Waupaca County
Loren Roethlisberger, Halfmoon Lake, Oconto County
Russ and Dorothy Sawallish, Lac Sault Dore , Price County
John Schneider, Crystal Lake, Sheboygan County
Paul and Carol Schumacher, Clark Lake, Door County
David Smith, Thunder Lake, Oneida County
Kenneth Smith, Range Line Lake, Forest County
George Stall, Hasbrook Lake, Oneida County
Harry Starke, Julia Lake, Oneida County
Robert Tiede, Sissabagama Lake, Sawyer County
Bob and Dan Underly, Tree Lake, Portage County
George and Peggy Wiede, Long Lake , Fond du Lac County
Robert Wiethaup, Lake Five, Washington County
Gerald Williams, Point Lake, Burnett County
Bob Wilson, Archibald Lake, Oconto County

1993 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Art Andreson, Duck Lake, Vilas County
Gerald Berg, Bone Lake, Polk County
Robert Brenckle, Fox Lake, Dodge County
William Colianni, Cross Lake, Kenosha County
Lisa Conley, Lac La Belle , Waukesha County
Nancy Daley, Sand Lake, Barron County
Del and Sue Dufrain, Sand Lake, Sawyer County
Philip Fritz, Bass Lake, Marinette County
Roy Genskow, Mondeaux Flowage, Taylor County
Lloyd and Josephine Gossell, Butternut Lake, Forest County
Steve Grant, Lake Kegonsa, Dane County
Earl and Marie Heider, Rolling Stone Lake, Langlade County
Ed Holbach, Lake Monona, Dane County
Muriel Issacson, Hulls Lake, Taylor County
Jeff Jackson, Lake Wausau, Marathon County
George Knox, Spider and Clear Lakes, Sawyer County
Albert Korecky, Anvil Lake, Vilas County
Elaine LaFond, Waubeesee Lake, Racine County
Richard Lathrop, Presque Isle Lake, Vilas County
Paul Lundskow, Sunset Lake, Vilas County
Marv Lutz, Planting Ground and Round Lakes, Oneida County
Don Mevis, Pine Lake, Marquette County
William Minnich, Big St. Germain Lake, Vilas County
Ed Molter, Otter Lake, Chippewa County
Allan Mussehl, Comstock Lake, Marquette County
Ernest Nelson, Cedar and Squaw Lakes, St. Croix County
Elmer Pankau, Bass Lake, Oconto County
Joseph Promersberger, Fawn, North and Spider Lakes, Sawyer County
Ed and Alice Przybyla, Alva Lake, Oneida County
Mark Radzak, Minong FLowage, Washburn County
Alvin Sachs, Mary Lake, Langlade County
Maynard Silver, Tombeau Lake, Walworth County
John Sipos, Golden Lake, Waukesha County
John Stephen, Center Lake, Kenosha County
Robert Sward, Big Lake, Vilas County
Ed Trochlell, English Lake, Manitowoc County
Jack Weil, Spider Lake, Sawyer County
Otis Wendt, Little Green Lake, Green Lake County
Robert Wheeler, Pretty Lake, Waukesha County
James Wissing, Fox Lake, Dodge County
Jerry Young, Poplar Lake, Waukesha County

1992 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Ruby Braun, White River Flowage, Waushara County
Rick Bruesewitz, Van Zile Lake, Forest County
Dan Bucher, Pike Lake, Marathon County
John Burmeister, Alpine Lake, Waushara County
Tom Butcher, North Twin Lake and Pike Lake , Polk County
Robert and Fran Dauffenbach, Rock Lake, Jefferson County
Cameron Davis, Long Lake, Vilas County
Harvey Ebert, Rice Lake, Polk County
Ron Edwards, Green Lake, Green Lake County
Marilyn Foust, Lake Butte des Morts , Winnebago County
Clark Hanson, Random Lake and Lake Ellen , Sheboygan County
Jack Houghton, Horsehead Lake, Oneida County
Ron Jacob, Tuttle Lake, Marquette County
Gary Johncox, Tichigan Lake, Racine County
Richard Medla, Pike Lake, Washington County
Glen Nordin, Shell Lake, Washburn County
Gary Pavloski, Nugget Lake, Pierce County
Leonard Pilak, Big Muskego Lake, Waukesha County
Ken Prose, Balsam Lake, Polk County
Robert Spear, Mud Hen Lake, Burnett County
Barb Spees, Lake Huron and Mud Lake , Waushara County
Bernard Tangney, Rice Lake, Walworth County
Jerry Warczak, Eagle and Island Lakes, Marinette County
Jim Watson, Jr., Swan Lake, Columbia County
Chip Wulff, Sunday Lake, Oneida County

1991 recipients of the 5 Year Pin

Jean Adamson, Deer Lake, Polk County
Jim Agnini, Spectacle Lake, Vilas County
Randy Arndorfer, School Section Lake, Waukesha County
Robert August, Lake Chetek, Barron County
Jim Beardsley, Bear Lake, Barron County
Jack Bell, White Lake, Marquette County
Tom Bergs, Long Lake, Oneida County
Barb Boettcher, Moccasin and Spirit Lakes, Oneida County
Roland Boettcher, Beaver Lake, Washburn County
Byron Burman, Apple River Flowage, Polk County
F.D. Cook, Sand Lake, Rusk County
Marcel Cools, Bass Lake, Vilas County
Nils and Lois Dahlstrand, Lake Morris, Waushara County
Gordon Dobbs, Pleasant Lake, Walworth County
Dick and Sue Downing, Gilbert Lake, Waushara County
Douglas Dunlap, Little Sissabagama Lake, Sawyer County
John Eiring, Bass Lake, St. Croix County
William Flader, Witters Lake, Waushara County
Gary Fredrickson, Prairie Lake, Barron County
Steven Frey, Cedar Lake, St. Croix County
Shirley Gajewski, Tug Lake, Lincoln County
Ed Girzi, Lake Nebagamon, Douglas County
Don Glaeser, Bullhead Lake, Manitowoc County
Wilfred Gries, Bullhead Lake, Manitowoc County
Martin and Joyce Haavisto, Indian Lake, Oneida County
Al Habeck, Black Otter Lake, Outagamie County
Douglas Hall, Beauregard Lake, Douglas County
O.K. Hedlund, Middle Eau Claire Lake, Bayfield County
W.C. Hoeppner, Wood Lake, Burnett County
Fred Homan, Big, Wind, Church Pine Lakes, Polk County
Harold and Martha Ibach, Oconomowoc Lake, Waukesha County
Bill Jaeger, Two Sisters Lake, Oneida County
Dale Jalinski, Bear Lake, Oneida County
Alan Janssen, Crescent Lake, Oneida County
Harold Kane, Long Lake, Fond du Lac County
Casey Kendziorski, Forest Lake, Fond du Lac County
Bob Kirschner, Crystal Lake, Forest County
Gary Kirschnik, Lake Keesus, Waukesha County
Rudy Kohta, Deerskin Lake, Vilas County
George Koller, Spring Lake, Oneida County
Norman Kratz, McCaslin Lake, Marinette County
Dennis and Anna Krubsack, Grass, Pine and Round Lakes , Shawano County
Fred Kruger, Big McKenzie Lake, Burnett County
John Kuglitsch, Johns Lake, Waushara County
Howard Lang, Green Lake, Washington County
Kenneth Lehner, Lake Lucerne, Forest County
David Lemke, Hulls Lake, Taylor County
Dennis Lorentz, Silver Lake, Barron County
Kevin Mackinnon, Delavan Lake, Walworth County
Jerry Majerus, Mirror Lake, Sauk County
James March, Goose Pond, Dane County
Boris Marohnich, Whitewater Lake, Walworth County
Charles McClellan, Fish Lake, Burnett County
Ed Michels, Pewaukee Lake, Waukesha County
Bert Moline, Afterglow Lake, Vilas County
Alfred Moris, Lower Turtle Lake, Barron County
Jim Murphy, Beans Lake, Waushara County
Donald Neumann, Boot Lake, Oconto County
Neal Olkives, North Spirit Lake, Price County
Louis Ottmer, Jr., Big and Little Cedar Lakes, Washington County
Ted Peters, Lake Geneva, Walworth County
David Picard Carrol, Clear, Madeline and Whitefish Lakes , Vilas County
Leo Pokryfke, Tenmile Lake, Barron County
John Porter, Silver Lake, Barron County
Joe Procknow, Road Lake, Lincoln County
Gerald Ptaschinski, Sr., Porters Lake, Waushara County
Bob Radtke, Weyauwega Lake, Waupaca County
Robert Ramlow, Big Twin Lake, Waushara County
George Rock, Pickerel Lake, Langlade County
Roy Rulseh, McDonald Lake, Vilas County
Tom Rulseh, McDonald Lake, Vilas County
Kay Scharpf, Franklin Lake, Forest County
Jack Schlaefer, Lower Kaubashine Lake, Oneida County
Ed Schnaith, Sand Lake, Burnett County
Victor Smith, Wilson Lake, Iron County
John Soper, Long Lake, Waushara County
Elaine Spees, Mud Lake and Lake Huron Lake, Waushara County
Sandy Stephen, Red Cedar Lake, Barron County
Bernard Strobach, Spirit Lake, Price County
Loren Swanson, Big Hills Lake, Waushara County
Phil Valitchka, Little Maiden Lake, Oconto County
Ruth Van Prooien, Bear Lake, Oneida County
James Vennie, Devils, Fish, Indian and Wingra Lakes, Dane County
Orval Vierck, Patrick Lake, Adams County
Bill Whyte, Webb Lake, Burnett County
Harold Willemsen, Pelican Lake, Oneida County
Stan Wilson, Enterprise Lake, Langlade County
Stanley Young, White Lake, Marquette County