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Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Awards Contacts

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Awards

15 Year Pin

15 Year Pin
15 Year Pin

The 15 year pin is received by volunteers who have completed 15 years of sampling with Wisconsin's Citizen Lake Monitoring Network. Recipients of this award receive 15-year pins and a certificate signed by Wisconsin's Governor. Congratulations and Thank You.

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2015 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Cary Anderson, Keyes Lake, Florence County
Nancy Beduhn, Ward Lake, Polk County
Richard Bjodstrup, Pretty Lake and Ottawa Lake, Waukesha County
Allen Bluhm, Silver Lake, Forest County
John Breiten, South Turtle Lake, Vilas County
Susan Breiten, South Turtle Lake, Vilas County
Tom Brovold, Robinson Lake, Bayfield County
Steve Byrd, Shell Lake, Washburn County
Thomas Chicilo, Bean Lake, Washburn County
Don Freeman, Pokegama Lake, Barron County
Carla Gerstenberger, Half Moon Lake, Lincoln County
Stanley Gruszka, Lac Sault Dore, Price County
Bob Hammond, Cranberry Lake, Bayfield County
Faith Hasler, Butternut Lake, Price County
John Hasler, Butternut Lake, Price County
William Hoveland, Deep Lake, Washburn County
Twila Kaiser, Lac Courte Oreilles, Sawyer County
Gil Kroll, Powers Lake, Walworth, Kenosha County
Shirley Lemke, Lake Esadore, Taylor County
J. Robert Nicholson, Two Sisters Lake, Oneida County
Dolph Pfefferkorn, Butternut Lake, Forest County
John Selak, Little Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan County
John Stern, Big Cedar Lake, Washington County
Jerry Surprenant, Loon Lake, Burnett County
Andy Tesheneck, White Lake, Langlade County
Orv Torgerson, Barber Lake, Sawyer County
Mary Walters, Ellison Lake, Bayfield County
Jack Wellauer, Teal Lake, Sawyer County
Gerald Wolf, Pine Lake, Forest County

2014 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Roland Alger, Imogene Lake, Vilas County
William Ave'Lallemant, Amik, Pike, Round and Turner Lakes, Vilas and Price County
Bruce Dietzler, Cranberry And Minerva Lakes, Burnett County
Rolf Ethun, Hiawatha Lake, Vilas County
David Frasch, Lower Clam Lake, Sawyer County
Karl Glunz, Friess Lake, Washington County
Wendy Hanneman, Hammil Lake, Bayfield County
Roy Hansen, Johnson Lake, Burnett County
Paul Kapolnek, Benedict Lake, Kenosha County
Ralph Kerler, Little Crawling Stone Lake, Vilas and Iron County
Neal Klemme, Lake Lucerne, Forest County
Tom Koehler, Bass Lake, Lincoln County
June Kons, Little Pine Lake and Deer Lake, Iron County
Gerald Kopstein, Bohner Lake, Racine County
Tim Kramer, Stratton Lake, Waupaca County
Kenn Krouse, Little Newton Lake, Marinette County
John Kudlas, George Lake/Bayfield And Muck Lake, Bayfield and Douglas County
Carol Miller, Bird Lake, Oneida County
Roger Nelson, Lake Tahkodah, Bayfield County
Earl Pankow, Carpenter Lake, Vilas County
Janet Rasmussen, Big Portage, Vilas County
Judy Rollin, Walsh Lake, Forest County
Carl Sundberg, West And North Lakes, Florence County
Jane Swenson, Phantom Lake and Delta Lake, Bayfield County
Jim Thompson, Lake Tomahawk, Oneida County
JoAnne Van Poucke, Person Lake, Douglas County
James Voborsky, Crescent Lake, Oneida County

2013 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

William Ave'Lallemant, Amik, Pike, Round and Turner Lakes, Vilas/Price County
Rolf Ethun, Hiawatha Lake, Vilas County
David Frasch, Lower Clam Lake, Sawyer County
Karl Glunz, Friess Lake, Washington County
Paul Kapolnek, Benedict Lake, Kenosha County
Ralph Kerler, Little Crawling Stone Lake, Vilas/Iron County
Neal Klemme, Lake Lucerne, Forest County
June Kons, Little Pine Lake and Deer Lake, Iron County
Kenn Krouse, Little Newton Lake, Marinette County
Marilynn McNurlin, Granite Lake , Barron County
Carol Miller, Bird Lake, Oneida County
Earl Pankow, Carpenter Lake, Vilas County
Janet Rasmussen, Big Portage Lake, Vilas County
Carl Sundberg, West and North Lakes, Florence County
JoAnne Van Poucke, Person Lake, Douglas County

2012 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Mary Adams, Plummer Lake, Vilas County
Sandra Anderson, Whitefish Lake, Douglas County
Frederick Blake, Unnamed Lake, Washburn County
Bob Denison, Long Lake, Washburn County
Glenn Grage, Namekagon Lake, Bayfield County
Dick Hollar, Pipe and North Pipe Lakes, Polk County
James Leever, Turtle Flambeau Flowage, Iron County
Larry McNurlin, Granite Lake, Barron County
Allan Rosenwald, Stone Lake, Washburn County
Jack Schlaefer, Planting Ground Lake, Oneida County
Donna Schramm, Lake Metonga, Forest County
Les Schramm, Lake Metonga, Forest County
Lee Wiesner, Middle Eau Claire Lake, Bayfield County

2011 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Arlene Borman, Birch Island Lake, Burnett County
Barry Borman, Birch Island Lake, Burnett County
Roger Brinkmeier, Upper Kelly Lake, Waukesha County
Scott Janssen, Windpudding Lake, Oneida County
Jim Judkins, Round Lake, Polk County
Lee Moyer, Lake Helen, Portage County
Ralph Severson, Clear Lake, Burnett County
John Vollrath, Mcdill Pond, Portage County
Ruth Ann Vyncke, Tiger Cat Flowage, Sawyer County
Jeanne Werenicz, Slim Lake, Washburn County
Rick Werenicz, Slim Lake, Washburn County

2010 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

James Brakken, Wiley Lake, Bayfield County
Allen Brandt, Duck Lake, Langlade County
Dorothy Chandler, Pokegama Lake, Vilas County
Philip Chandler, Pokegama Lake, Vilas County
Sue Dufrain, Sand Lake, Sawyer Co.
Don Gillum, Anvil Lake, Vilas County
Nancy Guzzetta, Dead Pike Lake, Vilas County
Pete Guzzetta, Dead Pike Lake, Vilas County
James Heim, Upper St Croix Lake, Douglas County
Richard Johnson, Blue Lake, Oneida County
Roger Kerstner, Marshall Lake, Vilas County
Randy Koehler, Bass Lake, Lincoln County
Joan Laabs, Long Lake, Waushara County
John Laabs, Long Lake, Waushara County
Thomas Macak, Forest Lake, Vilas County
Carol Olson, Lake Desair, Barron County
Roger Perenick, Pearl Lake, Waushara County
Ray Richter, Moose Lake, Sawyer Co.
Donna Rollmann, Found Lake, Vilas County

2009 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Nancy Bartelt, Margaret Lake, Oneida County
Rita Childs, Whitefish Lake, Sawyer County
Robert Drewa, Mann Lake, Vilas County
Everett Grilley, Long Lake Washburn Co.
Howard Guttschow, Gilmore Lake, Washburn County
Francine Marshall, Little Hills Lake, Waushara County
Myrna Mesecher, South Blue Lake, Oneida County
Donald Prehn, Long Lake (Chain Of Lakes), Oneida County
Patricia Prehn, Long Lake, Oneida County
Vern Reigel, South Blue Lake, Oneida County
Ken Sedmak, Town Corner Lake, Marinette County
Russ Tiedemann, Roberts Lake, Forest County
George Wanserski, Lake Hallie, Chippewa County
Jean Weinig, Minong Flowage, Douglas, Washburn County
Joseph Weinig, Minong Flowage, Douglas, Washburn County
John Zwick, Lake Emily, Dodge County

2008 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Nancy Bentz, Beaver Dam Lake Barron, Barron County
William Collard, Ellwood Lake, Florence County
Lou Frase, Long Lake, Chippewa Co.
Tom Hinkes, Hidden Valley Lake, Lafayette County
Ed Jacobsen, Bass Lake, Burnett County
Mary Jacobsen, Bass Lake, Burnett County
John King, Clear Lake, Vilas County
Chloe Mayer, Silver Lake, Kenosha County
Kim Mayer, Silver Lake, Kenosha County
Pat Mayer, Silver Lake
Steve Mayer, Silver Lake, Kenosha County
Tracey Mayer, Silver Lake, Kenosha County
Pat McKearn, Two Island Lake, Chippewa County
Eugene Ohm, Virgin Lake, Oneida County
Roy Rulseh, Mcdonald Lake, Vilas County
Larry Sanderson, Diamond Lake, Bayfield County
Tom Schuler, Thunder Lake, Marinette County
Jackie Stanislawski, Waupaca Chain Of Lakes, Waupaca County
Bob Strobush, Apple River Flowage, Polk County
Barbara Szatkiewicz, Little Bearskin Lake, Oneida County
Henry Szymanski, North Turtle Lake, Vilas County
Tom Tellier, Little Portage Lake, Vilas County
Ron Tschohl, Windfall Lake, Forest County
Howard Unrath, Grass, Pine & Round Lakes (Cloverleaf Chain), Shawano County
Steve Zaborowski, Little Wood Lake, Burnett County
Ted Zaborowski, Little Wood Lake, Burnett County

2007 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Dick Banks, Dad'S Lake, Vilas County
Richard Connolly, Bolger Lake, Oneida County
Sue Connolly, Bolger Lake, Oneida County
Carolyn Dring, Big, West Bay, Mamie & Helen Lakes, Vilas County
Peter Dring, Big, West Bay, Mamie & Helen Lakes, Vilas County
Richard Elgaard, Big Dummy Lake, Barron Co.
Sherm Gardner, Half Moon Lake, Polk County
Bill Green, Myrtle Lake, Vilas County
Dick Gronert, Turtle Lake, Walworth County
Elaine Gronert, Turtle Lake, Walworth County
James Hughes, Kathan Lake, Oneida County
Marv Hunsaker, White Ash Lake, Polk Co.
Muriel Isaacson, Hulls Lake, Taylor County
Paul Mahlberg, Kangaroo Lake, Door County
Nancy Minx, Lost Lake, Vilas County
Peter Minx, Lost Lake, Vilas County
Betty Myers, Blue Lake, Oneida County
Ron Nieman, Lake Noquebay, Marinette County
Rod Olson, Lake Desair, Barron County
Roger Rieckman, Stormy Lake, Vilas County
Russell Schaffenberg, Deer Lake, Burnett County
Tom Shields, Big Portage Lake, Vilas County
Robert Spehr, Island Lake, Bayfield County
Allen Toussaint, Alva & East Horsehead Lakes, Oneida County
Rosemary Toussaint, Alva & East Horsehead Lakes, Oneida County

2006 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Don Bayer, Little Crooked Lake, Vilas County
Jim Cramer, Oswego Lake, Vilas County
Linda Daniels, Upper Nemahbin Lake, Waukesha County
Sue De Ment, Tichigan Lake, Racine County
Alan Depies, Wolf Lake, Fond du Lac County
Philip Erb, Pickerel Lake, Forest County
Norman Erickson, Wolf Lake, Adams County
Richard Firehammer, Bass, Crooked & Gilkey Lakes, Oconto County
Harold Haag, Boot Lake, Rusk County
Bob Jooss, Elizabeth Lake, Kenosha County
Judy Jooss, Elizabeth Lake, Kenosha County
Irene Peplinski, Blue Spring Lake, Jefferson County
Jerome Peplinski, Blue Spring Lake, Jefferson County
Tom Tuttle, Sr., Crab & Little Crab Lakes, Vilas County
David Vogt, Annabelle Lake, Vilas County
Mary Witt, Ghost Lake, Sawyer County

2005 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Ann Ciske, Big Lake, Shawano County
Dick Ciske, Big Lake, Shawano County
Darrell Dorman, Kelly Lake, Oconto County
Reid Hundertmark, Pine And Round Lake, Shawano County
E.T. Juday, Anderson Lake, Vilas County
Jim Klimas, Bond Lake, Douglas Co.
Joy Krubsack, Grass, Pine, Round Lks (Cloverleaf Chain), Shawano County
Toni Pontar, Pigeon And Little Pigeon Lake, Manitowoc County
June Schmaal, Johnson Lake, Vilas County
Otto Schoeneck, Sugar Camp Lake, Oneida County
Earl Sheldon, Jr, Crane Lake, Forest County
Jim Therres, Long Trade Lake, Polk County

2004 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Dianne Brown, Wazeecha Lake, Wood County
Bob Crane, Lake Wissota, Chippewa County
Verene Crane, Lake Wissota, Chippewa County
Robert Damon, Long Lake, Shawano County
Ariel Dickerman, Falk, Gull & Love Lakes, Burnett County
Kent Dickerman, Falk, Gull & Love Lakes, Burnett County
Darlene Fiske, Adelade Lake, Vilas County
Ken Fiske, Adelade Lake, Vilas County
David Grether, Loon Lake, Shawano County
Jack Hafner, Hasbrook Lake, Oneida County
Walt Hallen, Ashippun Lake, Waukesha County
Richard Lathrop, Presque Isle Lake, Vilas County
Candy McMahon, Long Lake, Burnett County
John McMahon, Long Lake, Burnett County
Jim Merkowitz, High Lake, Vilas County
Dave Opsteen, Rose Lake, Langlade County
Patrick Perkins, Bass Lake, Washburn County
Carol Schumacher, Clark Lake, Door County
Paul Schumacher, Clark Lake, Door County
Barb Spees, Lake Huron, Waushara County
Marc Spees, Lake Huron, Waushara County
Robert Tiede, Sissabagama Lake, Sawyer County
Robert Wiethaup, Lake Five, Washington County

2003 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Lisa Conley, Lac La Belle, Waukesha County
Del Dufrain, Sand Lake, Sawyer County
Philip Fritz, Bass Lake, Marinette County
Earl Heider, Rolling Stone Lake, Langlade County
Marie Heider, Rolling Stone Lake, Langlade County
Marj Mehring, Squash Lake, Oneida County
John Sipos, Golden Lake, Waukesha County

2002 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Ruby Braun , White River Flowage, Waushara County
Robert Dauffenbach, Rock Lake, Jefferson County
Leone Elgaard, Big Dummy Lake, Barron County
Norman Flaaten, Rooney Lake, Burnett County
Ron Jacob, Tuttle Lake, Marquette County
Jim Watson, Jr., Swan Lake, Columbia County

2001 recipients of the 15 Year Pin

Jean Adamson, Deer Lake, Polk County
Any Self-Help volunteer will agree there is something special about having the Self-Help Volunteer ID 4 (Volunteer IDs are now 4-5 digits). Jean has clearly earned this volunteer ID through his 15 years of monitoring Deer Lake, and through his dedication and involvement with the Deer Lake Improvement Association. Jean, who monitors with Les Swanson, has taken over 165 secchi readings since he started in 1987!

Robert August, Lake Chetek, Barron County
Lake Chetek, a 770-acre lake in Barron, is used for many recreational activities, including fishing, boating, canoeing, swimming, waterskiing, and sailing. As an owner of a resort, the lake is Robert's livelihood. On a well-used lake like Lake Chetek, having a dedicated volunteer like Robert, who has collected over 15 years of Self-Help data along with his active involvement in the Chetek Lakes Protection Association (CLPA), is invaluable.

Roland Boettcher, Beaver Lake, Washburn County
Since 1986, Roland has been a volunteer on Beaver Lake (T40, R10W, S11) in Washburn. Roland has enjoyed being with Self-Help because it is a great opportunity to do something for the lake and for future generations. In 1992, Roland received the Century Club award for taking over 100 secchi readings. As of the end of 2001, he has taken over 220 secchi readings. Roland is a very dedicated volunteer.

Mary Jane  Bumby, Green Lake, Green Lake County
Mary Jane Bumby, a trained limnologist, probably knows more about Big Green Lake than any other person. She has studied its aquatic plants, plankton, water quality, and watershed for well over 15 years, amassing data on her home computer and sharing it widely. Mary Jane enjoys stalking for impacts of non-point source pollution on Big Green Lake and has noticed that severe impacts can dissappear after only one day, so frequent checks can be important. Mary Jane, a retired biology teacher, has served as Director of the Green Lake Sanitary District and has played lead roles in other organizations such as the Green Lake Association. She is a valuable partner and a tireless Self-Help volunteer. Her efforts should be lauded.

F.D. Cook, Sand Lake, Chippewa and Rusk County
Fred Cook, a retired doctor, has been monitoring Sand Lake since 1986. This lake has also been monitored by volunteer Fred Peter since 1994. Between the two volunteers, a very substantial amount of data has been collected on this lake, which lies on the border of Chippewa and Rusk Counties. Their data shows summer secchi averages ranging between 10 and 17 feet. F.D. Cook knows the value of collecting data over a long period of time (detecting trends in lake water quality requires 8 or more years of data collection). He also knows the importance of sharing his knowledge and love of the lake, as he often takes his grandchild out monitoring with him. F.D. Cook is an outstanding Self-Help volunteer.

Nils and Lois  Dahlstrand, Lake Morris, Waushara County
The Dahlstrands moved to Mt. Morris over 20 years ago, when Nils retired from his work with the USDA (Lois was a teacher). The Dahlstrands have a strong connection with Mt. Morris. In fact, Lois' father and grandfather ran the grist mill there from 1880-1936. Mt Morris is not one lake, but a chain of five small lakes. Nils was key in forming the Mt. Morris Lake Managemant District in 1976, and in 1979, he was elected Lake Commissioner when the association became a district. The Dahlstrands haven't noticed much long-term change on Mt. Morris, other than the tremendous increase in size of boats and motors. Monitoring cleary keeps the Dahlstrands busy. As of the end of 2001, it is clear that they are among the state's most outstanding volunteers, having taken over 850 secchi disc readings since they started. Read more about Nils and Lois in the Self-Help Lake Monitoring Newsletter article Volunteer Pride.

Gordon Dobbs, Pleasant Lake, Walworth County
For the last fifteen years, Gordon has been monitoring Pleasant Lake. In a note, he mentioned that his family thinks he is out fishing when he is monitoring. He may love to fish, but we know that Gordon is a very valuable and enthusiastic volunteer. Gordon has gone beyond monitoring Pleasant Lake's water quality with a secchi disc, and consistently monitors chlorophyll, total phosphorus, purple loosestrife, and eurasian water milfoil. He not only monitors his lake, but also educates others. During the 1995 Annual Lakes Convention, he gave a presentation on his experiences with the lake. Gordon was recognized in 1991 with the Century club award, and at the end of the 2001 season, he has taken an astonishing 449 secchi readings.

Douglas Dunlap, Little Sissabagama Lake, Sawyer County
Douglas has been monitoring Little Sissabagama Lake since 1986. Over the years, he has monitored secchi depth, chlorophyll, phosphorus, temperature, and dissolved oxygen. He has also been a participant in the LoonWatch program for over 15 years. Dan Ryan, the Self-Help Coordinator for Douglas' area has said that the importance of the data Douglas has collected is apparent. Many questions can be answered about Little Sissabagama Lake that the DNR could not answer without his data.

Bill Flader, Witters Lake, Waushara County
Bill Flader is a secchi volunteer on Witters Lake, a shallow 15-acre lake two miles south of Wautoma. Secchi desc depth has fluctuated some from year to year on Witters Lake, with summer averages ranging between 8 and 16 feet. Since starting in 1987, Bill has taken over 117 secchi disc readings, joing the Self-Help Century Club in 1999. Bill is an outstanding 15 year volunteer.

Gary Fredrickson, Prairie Lake, Barron County
Dedicated to doing anything he can to preserve and protect our water resources, Gary has contributed 15 years of outstanding effort to protecting Prairie Lake. Since 1987, Gary has taken over 300 secchi readings on Prairie Lake. Along with being an active Self-Help volunteer, Gary has been very active in the Chetek Lakes Protection Association (CLPA). Gary helps maintain the aerators used on Prairie Lake used to increase oxygen levels to help prevent winter fish kills. CLPA recently developed an excellent website (Exit DNR).

Steven Frey, Cedar Lake and Devil's Lake, St. Croix County
Steven Frey, a dedicated Self-Help volunteer since 1986, monitors Cedar Lake, a shallow (28 feet maximum depth), 1107-acre lake in St. Croix. Summer secchi depth averages between 4 and 7 feet, with weather, especially precipitation, having a definite impact. Steven received the Century Club award in 1992 for taking over 100 readings, and as of 2001, has taken over 200 secchi readings! Steven is an outstanding volunteer.

Don Glaeser, Bullhead Lake, Manitowoc County
Since 1987, Don has been monitoring Bullhead Lake. Don takes secchi, phosphorus, chlorophyll, temperature, and dissolved oxygen readings. Don worked with DNR employees to get one of the first alum treatments done in the state on Bullhead Lake. Don's concerns for Bullhead Lake stem from recent land-use changes in the watershed. He's been concerned about runoff affecting the water quality and fish habitat and is interested in setting up buffers and retention ponds to reduce the threats from runoff and development. Don plays a vital role in protecting Bullhead Lake.

Dale Jalinski, Bear Lake, Oneida County
Dale Jalinski monitors Bear Lake in Oneida, which is 312 acres and 20 feet deep. Dale has been a Self-Help volunteer and Commissioner with the Bear Lake PR District for over fifteen years. Dale is deeply devoted to the welfare and water quality of Bear Lake as well as the residents on the lake. In addition to taking countless secchi readings, he also contributes to the Audubon Society's Weather Friend Calendar.

Gary Kirschnik, Lake Keesus, Waukesha County
Gary is a dedicated volunteer on Lake Keesus, located a few miles from Hartland. Gary monitors two sites on this 237-acre lake, the East and West Basins. Gary feels taht through his participation, Lake Keesus will become a better lake. Gary's 281 secci readings and countless total phosphorus and chlorophyll readings are crucial in understanding Lake Keesus.

Howard Lang, Green Lake, Washington County
Howard Lang is a highly organized and truly dedicated volunteer, on top of being very knowledgeble and interested in what he is doing. Howard has taken secchi readings, as well as temeprature and dissolved oxygen profiles, chlorophyll, and phosphorus readings. Howard also conducted an aquatic plant survey of Green Lake in 1994 and has continuued to do so using his SCUBA experience. His knowledge of aquatic plants was self-taught. Howard has also prepared the Green Lake Property Owners' Association newsletter.

Kevin Mackinnon, Delavan Lake, Walworth County
Kevin Mackinnon has been a model Self-Help volunteer since 1986. Through Self-Help, Kevin monitors secchi depth and zebra mussels. On top of Self-Help, Kevin was co-author of the Delavan Lake Study and was instrumental in the nationally recognized Delavan Lake Rehabilitation project. Trained as an engineer and public administrator, Kevin participated in the Lake Leaders Institute in 1999 and has been active at the Wisconsin Lakes Convention and in NALMS. Kevin's monitoring clearly shows the success of the rehabilitation project. In 1986, Delavan Lake's ummer secchi average was only 4 feet, but in 2001, Delavan Lake averaged 13.3 feet. A remarkable improvement!

Jim March, Goose Pond, Dane County
Jim March, a retired long-time DNR employee with a Ph.D. in Wildlife, has been monitoring Goose Pond since 1986. Over the years, water quality has deteriorated in this small system (17 acres, 10 feet deep). Average summer secchi readings have gone form 6.1 feet in 1986 to half a foot in 2001 (TSI of 87). Jim's data and observations (Very, very green) both confirm that the pond is hypereutrophic. Urbanization and runoff are a continued threat. Clearly for maintaining a fishery, water quality presents a problem. However, many types of wildlife continue to find valuable refuge at the pond. In October 2001, Jim reported that over 500-600 geese were using the pond daily. Jim's persistence and expertise are highly appreciated. Read more about Jim in the Self-Help Lake Monitoring Newsletter article Little Lake, Big Problems.

Boris Marohnich, Whitewater Lake, Walworth County
Boris Marohnich has been a Self-Help volunteer since 1986. Whitewater Lake is a 640-acre kettle lake located in the Kettle Moraine State Forest, just south of Whitewater. Boris has been dedicated to tracking the water quality conditions on this lake. Over the years, the summer secchi averages have been between 4 to 7 feet. Having a long-term record on a well-used lake like Whitewater is important. In 1994, Boris received the Self-Help Century Club award for taking over 100 readings. As of the end of 2001, he has earned the title of one of Wisconsin's most dedicated volunteers, having taken 421 secchi treadings since he started.

Betty Peterson, Bass Lake, Vilas County
A Self-Help volunteer since 1986, Betty Peterson has been an outstanding steward of Bass Lake. Bass Lake is a 266-acre spring lake located near Eagle River. Summer water clarity averages between 7 and 9 feet. According to Betty's lake observations, Bass Lake is a well-used lake for recreation, including boating, swimming, fishing, and more. Along with recieving her 15-year Self-Help pin, Betty also received the Century Club award in 2001 for having taken over 100 secchi readings on Bass Lake. Congratulations Betty!

Gerald Ptaschinski, Sr, Porters Lake, Waushara County
Porters Lake is a 68 acre lake located in Waushara. Clearly, the lake has benefitted from having Gerald Ptaschinski, Sr. monitoring water quality since 1986. Gerald has presented his data to Porters Lake Management District in Wautoma. He also received the Self-Help Century Club award in 1999. Now, Gerald is recieving his 15-year pin to and has taken 138 secchi readings.

Bob Radtke, Weyauwega Lake, Waupaca County
Since 1987, Bob has been monitoring Weyauwega Lake. He monitors secchi depth, total phopshorus, and chlorophyll. Bob has also chaired three phases of the lake management plan. Bob, who operates the Hitching Post Grill and Sports Bar, has also served ten years on the city council and has been active in the VFW, Jaycees, and Tavern League. He has also twice been named Outstanding Member of the Weyauwega Lake Conservation Club. Bob received the Self-Help Century Club award in 1991 and participated in the Lake Leaders Institute in 1998. Along with his interest in collecting secchi and chemistry data, Bob is concerned about PCBs, acid rain, zebra mussels, and purple loosestrife. Bob is an outstanding citizen volunteer.

Tom Rulseh, McDonald Lake, Vilas County
Another model volunteer is Tom Rulseh. Tom has monitored McDonald Lake in Vilas since 1986. He not only monitors secchi, total phosphorus, and chlorophyll, but also milfoil, zebra mussels, and purple loosestrife. McDonald Lake is a 39-acre lake, with summer secchi averages between 12-19 feet. Tom enjoys getting out on the lake and doing something useful towards managing the water quality on McDonald Lake. Tom has been President of the PO Association of McDonald Lake and presents data to the lake association. Self-Help thanks Tom for his dedication.

Kay Scharpf, Franklin Lake, Forest County
Kay has taken secchi readings on Franklin Lake since 1986. She has also monitored chlorophyll, phosphorus, and dissolved oxygen levels on Franklin Lake since 1993. She is a zebra mussel and milfoil monitor, and was the first Loon Ranger signed up in the state of Wisconsin. She has trained countless volunteers in both the secchi and chemistry program and is a mentor to new volunteers. Kay was one of a handful of chemistry volunteers that tested the integrated sampler and temperature meter for use in the program. Kay has established base-ine data for the 892-acre Franklin Lake that has been invaluable.

Elaine Spees, Lake Huron, Waushara County
Elaine Spees started with Self-Help in 1987. As of 1994, she had already taken over 100 secchi disc readings, earning her the Self-Help Century Club award. Lake Huron is a 40-acre lake with summer secchi averages between 15 and 21 feet, indicating that Lake Huron is oligotrophic. In fact, the lake is clear enough that sometimes Elaine's secchi line runs out of rope before the disc dissappears in the water. In 1996, she commented that the water was so clear, they could watch fish swimming near their raft from their deck 60+ feet up the hill. Elaine is an outstanding Self-Help volunteer.

Loren Swanson, Big Hills Lake, Waushara County
Big Hills Lake, a 135-acre landlocked lake in Waushara, is well used. People enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, picnicking, camping, walking, running, and more on Big Hills Lake. Loren first signed up to be a Self-Help citizen volunteer at the Annual Wisconsin Lakes Convention. He started monitoring in 1987, and since then has been monitoring two sites on the lake. In 1998, Loren reached the 100-reading mark and received the Century Club award. Loren is an outstanding volunteer, receiveing his 15-year pin for his dedication.

Phil Valitchka, Little Maiden Lake, Oconto County
Phil says It's been my good fortune since the age of 7 to observe Little Maiden Lake for 45 years. Little Maiden Lake is a 39-acre spring fed lake with clear water that supports nesting loons. When it was announced 15 years ago that there would be a volunteer effort to gather data on Wisconsin Lakes, I decided to participate so that I could learn more about the lake and contribute information to the program. It has been my pleasure since to be on the water through the passing seasons to record the changes in water clarity and to track the fate of the loons. Phil's interest in nature has been supported by his employment as Public Relations Director for Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company in Wausau. His work as chairman of the City of Wausau River Edge Commission has also involved the development of a trail system along the Wisconsin River.

Jim Vennie, Indian Lake, Fish Lake, and Devil's Lake, Dane County
Jim Vennie, a DNR employee, has been sampling several Madison area lakes as a dedicated citizen volunteer for over 16 years now. He applies his tremendous knowledge of lake chemistry and biology to all his endeavors, whether it is volunteering to work on NALMS committees, undertaking monumental tasks of computerizing information, or designing web pages to share valuable informaion. Jim is absolutely dedicated to the principle of developing and sharing knowledge with adults and youngsters alike, and has been appropiately awarded the Secchi Award by NALMS for his outstanding work.

Bill Whyte, Webb Lake, Burnett County
Bill Whyte has been monitoring Webb Lake since 1986, when Self-Help Citizen Lake Monitoring officially began. Bill has been monitoring secchi, total phosphorus, chlorophyll, temperature, dissloved oxygen, and milfoil. The Self-Help 15-year pin is a very special award, but in addition, in 1997, a new Self-Help award had to be created for Bill. Bill was the first volunteer in Wisconsin to have taken over 500 secchi disc readings. Thus, a new award was created- the Pentacentennial Club. To this day, only 6 volunteers statewide have ever received this award. What is even more remarkable is that at the end of 2001, Bill has taken 735 secchi readings on Webb Lake.

Gary Wichgers, Forest Lake, Fond du Lac County
Gary monitors Forest Lake, a small kettle lake with steep wooded hills surrounding it. Over Gary's 15 years, his secchi data appears to indicate that the water clarity in Forest Lake is improving. In 1986 and 1987, summer secchi averages were 13 feet. In 1999, the summer average was 18 feet, and in 2000 the average was 19 feet. Gary has dedicated himself to protecting Forest Lake. In 1995, he received the Self-Help Century Club Award, and has taken 168 secchi readings since he started.

Stanley Young, White Lake, Marquette County
A truly dedicated volunteer since 1986, Stanley monitors secchi, total phosphorus, chlorophyll, temperature, and dissolved oxygen on White Lake. He has taken over 247 secchi readings. Stanley has also been very active in the White Lake Property Owners Association. The Association has worked to improve septic systems and reduce problems due to runoff. Stanley also takes two extra samples per year and sends them to the Task Force Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to be analyzed for many parameters. Read more about Stanley in the Self-Help Lake Monitoring Newsletter article Who are the volunteers in the Self-Help Program?.