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For information on Lakes in Wisconsin, contact:
Wisconsin DNR Lakes
Division of Water
Bureau of Water Quality
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Clean Boats, Clean Waters: Reporting Your Data

Tips for Reporting Data

What if the landing I need isn't listed? What if I'm not sure which one to pick?
You can select a landing and click "Show Map" to see where it is located. Otherwise, contact us at to have a landing added or to suggest a better description for the landing.
Recording Time Spent

We recommend entering just 1 entry / date / landing in the database. Total everything for the day. If you want to keep track of specific people and how many hours they worked, you can do that separately for your own records, or include the information in the comments area.

Say John and Joe, both volunteer inspectors, worked the morning shift, 6/11/2007 8 AM - 11 AM (12 boats inspected). Jane and Jill, both paid inspectors, worked the PM shift 6/11/2007 1 PM - 4 PM (5 boats inspected)

On the first page in SWIMS, enter:

  • Start Date: 6/11/2007
  • Start Time: 8 AM
  • End Date: 6/11/2007
  • End Time: 4 PM
  • Data Collectors: John, Joe, Jane and Jill
  • Comments: John and Joe (8 AM - 11 AM). Jane and Jill (1 PM - 4 PM)

Then, on the second page, where you fill in the results, enter:

  • Total Hours by volunteer inspectors: 6
  • Total Hours by paid inspectors: 6
  • Total Hours Spent at Landing: 12
  • Number of Boats Inspected: 17