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Air Management Program

Facility Information for 438039470 TYCO FIRE PRODUCTS LP
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1 Stanton St
WI 541432542

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Facility Contacts
RoleNameTitleEmailPhone #
LibraryMarinette County Consolidated Public Library Service   
Responsible Corporate OfficialEric BretlDirector of OperationsEric.Bretl@jci.com7157357411
Facility Air Management ContactRYAN SUENNEN ryan.suennen@jci.com7157357411
Facility Air Permit ContactRYAN SUENNEN ryan.suennen@jci.com7157357411
Facility Billing ContactRYAN SUENNEN ryan.suennen@jci.com7157357411

DNR Air Contacts
RolePersonTitleEmailPhone #
DNR Compliance EngineerMichelle FarleyAir Management Engineer-AdvMichelle.Farley@wisconsin.gov9204920342
DNR Facility SupervisorRandall MattyEnvir Engineer SupervisorRandall.Matty@wisconsin.gov9204920126
Air Stack TesterQuin KovarAir Management Engineerquin.kovar@wisconsin.gov6086300429

Permits and Permit Applications
 Permit #TypeApp ReceivedApp. Comp.Public NoticeDecision*StatusPermit Writer
Select438039470-F30FESOP01/02/201901/22/201903/22/202105/06/2021ActiveWard, Nathan C
*Note: “Decision” could mean permit issuance date, permit denial date, registration or general permit coverage granted date, exemption approval date, consent order issuance date, or administrative order issuance date. If “X” is shown here (instead of a date), it means the Department acknowledged the notice of intent to construct and/or operate certain air emission unit(s) but the Department does not intend to evaluate the exemption claim. Please click “Select” next to the permit # for details on the submittal and decision documents.
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Emission Inventory Reports
Dwnld 1995_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 1996_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 1997_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 1998_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 1999_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 2000_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 2001_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 2002_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 2003_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 2004_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 2005_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 2006_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 2007_EmissionSummaryFinal.PDF
Dwnld 2008_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2009_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2010_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2011_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2012_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2013_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2014_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2015_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2016_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2017_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2018_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2019_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf
Dwnld 2020_EmissionSummaryFinal.pdf

Industrial Monitoring Data