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Welcome to County Deer Advisory Council Application. Enter all the required fields to complete the application process. This form must be completed for every individual who is nominated to serve on the County Deer Advisory Council. Personal information collected will be used for administrative purposes and may be provided to requesters to the extent required by Wisconsin’s Open Records law (ss. 19.31 – 19.39, Wis. Stats.). Please note these appointments are for the three-year cycle, not a three-year term.

Pursuant to Natural Resources Board Order #WM-24-13(3), a County Deer Advisory Council shall be created to seek comments from members of the public on the status of the deer herd at the county level. Each council is made up of specific nominated members who serves at the pleasure of and must be approved by the Secretary of the DNR.
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CDAC Member Responsibilities:
   The County Deer Advisory Councils (CDAC) serve as advisory bodies to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for the following purposes:
  • To gather public opinion on deer population goals, antlerless quotas and herd management strategies.
  • To review and consider scientific metrics on deer herd trends, impacts on habitat and agriculture and human-deer interactions.
  • To provide the department with recommendations on deer population objectives, antlerless harvest quotas and herd management strategies
To be effective, CDAC members must be able to do the following:
  • Attend scheduled CDAC meetings;
  • Speak knowledgeably on the interests of the stakeholder group that they are representing;
  • Network within the stakeholder group they represent to gather and share information for and from CDAC meetings;
  • Work collaboratively with other CDAC members to develop recommendations; and
  • Listen respectfully to citizen comments regarding deer herd management.
   By signing and submitting this application, I am certifying that all of the statements in this document are true and that I understand that a character and background check may be conducted.
I request that my personal information not be disclosed in an open records request pursuant to s. 19.36(7)(b), Wis. Stats., to the extent legally allowed. I understand that should I be appointed to or become a finalist for this council that my personal information cannot be withheld, as defined by s. 19.36(7)(a), Wis. Stats.
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