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Environmental Improvement Fund (EIF) Forms and publications

Find forms for the Environmental Loans programs: applications, requests for disbursement, certifications, checklists, etc.

Solutions to PDF issues

Some browsers use a PDF viewer that does not support dynamic PDF forms. In particular, Chrome and Safari are generally defaulted to their own PDF viewers rather than Adobe Reader. Using Internet Explorer will usually resolve the issue; otherwise two solution options are:

  1. Reconfigure your browser [exit DNR] to work with the Adobe Reader or Acrobat plug-in; or
  2. Save a copy of the form to your computer and then open it using Adobe Reader [exit DNR].

Forms for both environmental loan programs

Form Revised Title
PDFAuthorization Certificate 8/19 Online Submittal Authorization Certificate  Note: Starting in SFY 2021, the designated consultant's authorization will stay in effect until the municipality revokes it.
PDF8700-201 4/19 EIF Federal Equivalency Projects Assurances and Certification
PDF8700-215 2/19 Request for Disbursement for Financial Assistance Programs
PDF8700-245 10/16 EIF Force Account Certification
PDF8700-257 3/15 Contract Utilization of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) EIF
PDF8700-280 1/11 EIF Project Acceptance Certification
PDF8700-294 8/10 EIF DBE Good Faith Certification
PDF8700-294_a 4/15 EIF DBE Contacts Worksheet
PDF8700-357 2/15 EIF Green Project Reserve (GPR)

Clean Water Fund Program (CWFP) forms

Form Revised Title
Submit online yearly Notice of Intent to Apply (ITA)
Submit online yearly Priority Evaluation and Ranking Formula (PERF)
Submit online yearly Wastewater Treatment Projects CWFP Financial Assistance Application
Submit online yearly Stormwater/Urban Runoff Projects CWFP Financial Assistance Application
PDF8700-249 2/15 Interest Rate Subsidy Application CWFP - Small Loans Program (SLP)
PDF8700-310 5/07 Wastewater Collection System Operation and Maintenance Manual Certification Checklist
PDF8700-311 12/06 Wastewater Treatment Facility Operation and Maintenance Manual Certification Checklist
PDF8700-341 2/18 CWFP Fiscal Sustainability Plan (FSP) Certification
PDF8700-361 4/19 CWFP Use of American Iron and Steel (UAIS) Certification
PDF8700-375 5/19 CWFP Cost and Effectiveness Certification

Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (SDWLP) forms

Form Revised Title
Submit online yearly Notice of Intent to Apply (ITA)
Submit online yearly Priority Evaluation and Ranking Formula (PERF)
Submit online yearly SDWLP Financial Assistance Application
PDF8700-356 4/19 SDWLP Use of American Iron and Steel (UAIS) Certification
PDF8700-365 7/17 SDWLP Environmental Review
PDF8700-366 6/18 Request for Disbursement for Private LSL Financial Assistance Program

Federal forms

Form Title
PDF6100-4 [exit DNR] DBE Subcontractor Utilization Form

(See also, EIF DBE Contacts Worksheet Form 8700-294a)

State forms

Form Title
PDFW-9 [exit DNR] Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification


Visit the department's publication directory.

Publication Revised Title
PDF PUBL-CF-029 2011 ARRA - Success for Wisconsin's Municipalities and Clean Water Infrastructure
PDF PUB-RR-539 2013 The Financial Resource Guide for Cleanup and Redevelopment

Procurement Guide for Local Governments Receiving Grants (State or Federal) from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The Procurement Guide [PDF] for local governments provides information on bidding requirements for public construction projects funded with state or federal grants or loans. The DNR strongly suggests local units of government work with an attorney to ensure the applicable state and federal laws are complied with and satisfied.

Informational Paper

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau Informational Paper on the Environmental Improvement Fund (EIF) describes background about the separate financing programs (CWFP & SDWLP) for local governments; financial assistance criteria; components of the loan programs; special provisions; and program administration.

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Last revised: Wednesday September 18 2019