The Long Lake P&RD proposes to purchase and install a remote image recording device (I-LIDs) at Morrison-Erickson County Park on Lower Long Lake in Chippewa County, and to conduct a three-year Clean Boats, Clean Waters (CBCW) campaign. Major project elements to include: 1) Acquisition and installation of I-LIDs unit, 2) CBCW outreach and inspections, 3) Water access inventory, 4) Informational materials, 5) Project administration, 6) Final report.

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Every five years, the District updates the lake management plan to record what goals have been met, update information, and create new goals as appropriate. This updated plan is the result of information and comments taken from a few different sources. A survey was given to Long Lake property owners in 2011, to gather information concerning the on-going preservation activities and the conditions considered desirable to be better stewards of the lake. A planning workshop was also held in 2012, led by the Chippewa County Conservationist and WDNR Lake Manager. Twenty LLLPRD members attended the workshop to make their voices heard. Others that have had a hand in the updated plan are WDNR Fisheries and the LLLPRD Board.
Long Lake has been a premier lake that is valued by those who live around and recreate on it throughout the history of Chippewa County, Wisconsin. It is valued for good water quality, natural beauty, peace and tranquility, sense of place, high quality fishing and recreational opportunities by the families who use and enjoy the lake. The Lower Long Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District (LLLPRD) has always been concerned with protecting the quality of Long Lake. It was the main reason for forming the Lake District in 1975. LLLPRD conducted a diagnostic and feasibility study in 1977 which lead to the development of a lake management plan in 1984.
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