GOLDEN SANDS RC&D: Weevil Rearing 2&3


Golden Sands RC&D proposes to continue it Milfoil Weevil Mass Rearing Study, building on past work on the Holcombe Flowage in Rusk and Chippewa Counties, and expanding its studies to Perch Lake Wissota in St. Croix County, and the Minong Flowage in Douglas and Washburn Counties. Major project elements to include: 1) Volunteer group training, 2) Weevil acquisition, rearing, and release 3) Sample collection and analysis, 4) development of a comprehensive biological control manual, and 5) Final report.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Research Grant
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
2184900 Holcombe Flowage
Grant Awarded
2488300 Perch Lake
Grant Awarded
2152800 Lake Wissota
Grant Awarded
2692900 Minong Flowage
Project Deliverable
Final Report
Develop/Distribute Brochures/Literature
Development of a comprehensive biological control manual
Train Volunteers
Rearing and release of Milfoil beetles
Aquatic Invasives Research
GOLDEN SANDS RC&D: Weevil Rearing 2&3, Acquisition, rearing and release of milfoil weevils