Flambeau River Flowage Sediment Monitoring - NOR16_10


Sediment testing of the Flambeau River Flowages downstream from Park Falls in 1989 found high concentrations of mercury and heavy metals present. Twenty years have passed since this was done. In recent years the Flambeau Mine near Ladysmith has been operated and Dairyland Flowage upstream of Ladysmith was drawn down in 2008. Significant mercury concentrations were present in the Dairyland Flowage at the time of drawdown and may have been partially transported downstream. There are 7 flowages to assess (Upper P.F., Lower P.F., Pixley, Crowley, Big Falls, Dairyland, Ladysmith, Thornapple). A single core from the deepest spot in each flowage would be collected and partitioned into 4 segments. Samples would be tested for a range of metals and related parameters.


The objective is to update our knowledge of mercury and heavy metal contamination in the Flambeau River flowages. This information can be used to assess concerns related to future flowage drawdowns or other actions which could mobilize these contaminants.


A report will be produced.

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Sediment samples from 7 flowages were collected in April of 2010. More current data will be useful for future management of these contaminated sediments and allow any changes in sediment chemistry in the last 20 years to be identified.
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Sediment Remediation Phase 2 - Extent Assessment
Assessment of the extent of metal sediment contamination in Flambeau River Flowages.