Becky Creek, Rusk, 2369600


The lower reach of Becky Creek is on the 303d list since it is currently a WWFF stream with the potential to be a coldwater stream. Extensive pasturing of the stream over many years on one property is the primary problem. Pasturing and floodwater transport of gravel has obliterated the former stream channel. There is also uncertainty about the natural capability of the lower end of the stream to support a coldwater community. The assessment project will be overseen by Craig Roesler. Assessment will include: - establishment of 3-4 reference point to allow photographic documentation of channel re-development 2+ times per year in the impaired channel segment - thermistor deployment at 2 sites in the stream above and below the impaired channel segment - fish surveys above and below the impaired channel segment - a one time summer survey of streamflow and water temperature at multiple points along the stream -macroinvertebrate samples above and below the impaired channel segment


Since Becky Creek is on the 303d list, we need to either restore the lower reach of Becky Creek to a coldwater stream or determine that it does not have the natural ability to acheive this state. Pasturing of the impaired segment has been eliminated but redevelopment of a narrowed channel for low flow conditions is needed. Channel observations over time will indicate if this can be naturally acheived or if additional measures are needed.

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'After a full and complete review, EPA finds that the TMDL for Becky Creek satisfies all of the elements of an approvable TMDL. This document addresses 1 TMDL for 1 waterboy for 1 pollutant addressing 2 impairments from the 2004 Wisconsin 303d list.'
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Becky creek was listed as impaired in 1998(e. coli) and 2004 (sediment) but since that time, the stream has been found to meet or exceed expectations and is proposed for delisting in 2012.